First time

One evening with my ex-girlfriend, she had convinced me to watch Phantom of the Opera, in the promise
that I could choose that to watch afterwards. We watched the film on my sofa, and it was better than I expected,
although I'd have preferred something else. She then asked what I'd like to watch, and I said I'd have a think
over dinner. We had some food, then I told her we'd go upstairs to see what films I had on my PC. As she looked,
I opened up one of the many files that contained my favoured porn. It was an encasement video, where a woman
dressed herself up in pantyhose then played with herself. I put this on and studied my ex for her reaction.
She started looking at me and the screen, waiting to see what would happen. As the woman on screen began to
undress, she started to laugh and said if I wanted to watch some porn thats no problem. I said "Keep watching."
As the woman on screen started to put some tights on, my ex started to rub my thigh and cock getting me even
more aroused than I had been. The woman had put her tights on, and now picked up a second pair. "Whats she
doing with those?" my ex asked.

As the female on screen began to pull the tights over her head, my ex looked at me wondering what she was upto.
"Are you into this?" she asked. "Very much so" I replied, as I started to kiss her neck. With the nylon
covering her torso, the woman picked up a stocking and pulled it on her head covering her face. She then started to
to feel herself, then make herself comfortable on a bed and produce a dildo. My ex was intrigued, and kept watching. "So this is what you wanted me to watch? I was expecting Star Wars, but this isn't so bad..." "No I replied, this isn't what I wanted to watch." "So why is this on? I'm confused." "I want to watch you covered in tights playing with yourself as I rub my cock and enjoy the show" I said. She looked at me. "I suppose I'd better keep my promise"
she stated. She left the room, and I heard her go downstairs. Soon after, I heard her coming back up and she
entered the door clutching a handful of her pantyhose. "Hope this is as good as the on one you downloaded" she
said winking at me.

She took her jeans and top off, revealing her very chubby body. She slid her bra and knickers off and stood before
me naked. I continued to slowly rub my raging cock as she picked up the first pair of tights. She rolled them up her
arm, then leant down and carefully placed her foot inside, rolling them up her calf. She repeated this on her other
leg, and then slowly pulled them across her thick juicy thighs. Her legs were now a shiny tan colour, and looked
amazing. I continued to stroke my knob, and she picked up a second pair of pantyhose. This time, they were black.
She pulled them over her arms, and then wondered which way to best make a hole. I stood up seeing her confusion,
and ripped a hole in between where the legs should have been and then kissed her passionately. I sat back down,
returning my hand to my throbbing dick and let her pull the tights over her head and enjoy seeing her trying to contain
her chubby body in the tights. Her meatyness looked terrific in the shiny dark nylon, and I felt my cock throb even
harder She then picked up the last pair, which were purple coloured tights. She rolled her arm into them and then
placed it over her head, and pulled it down. Her face was now a distorted purple shiny feature, and she smiled at me as
I beckoned her over.

I stood her in front of me, and began to explore her fat curves with my hands, loving the feel of the nylon against my palms and seeing the sight of her fat but shiny form was incredibly sexy. I dragged her onto my lap where she sat down with either leg either side of me, better for my hands to feel her large bottom, small breasts and arms. I kissed her through her nylon mask, trying to f***e my tongue through but enjoying the sensation of having everything I touch was the nylon I was turned on by immensely. She then got off, and started to kiss my cock through her mask, rubbing it against her cheeks and head and then easing my bellend against the nylon that covered her mouth. I reached down to rip a hole for my meat to slide into her mouth, and she pushed her head down so my cock was deep down her throat. I groped her head pushing it down as far as her throat would let her, and she pulled back up still not quite able to contain the full length of my shaft in her sweet greedy mouth. I held her head in place as I continuously thrusted upwards, fucking her face in excitement at having this encased fat beautiful slut in front of me.

After a few minutes, she sat up and I ripped a hole so she could sit on my cock and bounce on my throbbing meat. She did so while wrapping her nylon clad arms around my neck adn kissing me, thrusting each others tongues into our mouths. She rode me until she started to scream, at which point I threw her off me and bent her over the couch to fuck her from behind. Her ass looked fantastic as it shined in the light, and I gave it a good stroke before forcing my cock between her fat arse cheeks and penetrating her tight little pussy. She gasped again and moaned. "Fuck me hard" she requested, and I did not disappoint. I rammed my cock in and out of her as hard as I've ever done, and she sooned orgasmed and curled up into a ball, unable to gather her senses as she cried in ecstacy. I slowly stroked her body again, and she looked at me telling me to "cum on her face". She found her composure and knelt in front of me, rubbing my cock with her pantyhose clad hands until I felt the spunk rush from my manhood and cover her purple face with my manjuice. she licked up what was left on my cock, then wiped the rest into her nylon
face as she looked at me smiling.

"Can we watch this one again?" she teased, as she stood up to embrace me, kissing me passionately.
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1 year ago
Incredabul story ayI cam twice and I'm Still hard
1 year ago
Awesome and very exiting. Nice way to get a GF to dress up:-)
2 years ago
great story