Caught in stairwell

My wife and I like to take some risk of being caught having sex in hotels we stay in, when we travel. We find it exciting to take the risk, but we always wait until at least 1:00 a.m. in the morning to risk such a venture. Last month, we noticed that the stairwell was located right next to our room, so we decided to sneak out of our room, with the door to our room propped open so we could get back in, and proceed to the stairwell. My wife is very attractive, 5'7, 130 lbs. 34C, 24, 32 with a shaved pussy and beautiful eyes...I had her masturbating on the railing by making her rub her pussy back and forth until she orgasmed. Just as she started to orgasm, the door at the top of the stairwell came flying open, with 2 huge black security guards standing at the top of the stairs.

The bl**d drained out of both our faces since they were between us and our room door, and we, of course, were caught. They first asked if my wife was okay, and that she was in the stairwell under her own control. She said she was, that I was her husband, and we were just doing a truth or dare...she pleaded with them to let us just go back to our room, due to our embarrassment...they agreed...but on one condition. That they accompany her back to the room, totally naked, and that I watch while they did whatever they wanted to her.

We both objected, but they threatened to call the police...the one guard clicked on his radio to let us know they were serious, so we agreed.

They first slung her over their shoulder like she was a piece of meat, and then proceeded back to our room. They advised her that they were now going to inspect her body so for her to get on all fours on the bed. She did as she was told and then then proceeded to, very gently, start to feel her up...each hole was examined and prodded, and her nipples pulled. She was then told to take their clothes off and to tell me that she was now OWNED by them. She did so and then they went to work on her. She was made to lay spread eageled on the bed and masturbate to orgasm. Then she was made to do 69 with both of them, DP'ed, spanked, and the most humiliating thing for me was to watch them make her kiss them. After 2 hours of this, they dressed and left. I don't think we were ever so turned on!
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9 months ago
3 years ago
I'm trying to convince my wife to relive this incident again at the same hotel...I'm confident the security guards would be happy to oblige...but this time I would like to take photos for you all...please write and encourage Donna to do this for us...I think your encouragement might be the trick...
3 years ago
Funny! the last time I stayed in a hotel someone was banging in the corridor, wss it you??
3 years ago