Tribute to Azndoll999 Part 2

Part 2:
After depositing their generous loads of protein into Suki's mouth, the men pulled their pants back up, and told Suki to follow them as they walked back out into the night club's main room. Suki was in a trance, her mind unable to think clearly as it shifted in and out of reality. When she stumbled into the dance floor of the club, shocked and startled clubbers all turned to look at her. They could not believe what they're seeing! This gorgeous Asian girl was standing in the middle of the club with her short skirts pulled above her hips, exposing her firm ass and dripping wet pussy. Her ripped silk blouse hung on her petite frame by threads, exposing her slender shoulders and perky tits. Suki looked around with her hazy vision. Everyone was leering at her, pointing at her nakedness, and some guys were hooting. She felt so dirty. She needed a cock in her pussy right now. She needed to cum. Her heart was pounding so fast she thought it would burst through her chest.
"Who wants to fuck this slut's tight pussy? Please, I want it, I need it. Please, someone use this dirty slut right now, put your cock inside me!" she pleaded with the men surrounding her. A man stepped forward and walked over to her. He is an older man, perhaps the same age as her dad, with a nasty grin on his face. Unzipping his pants, he pulled out his 7 inch member, and slapped Suki face with it. It smelled like sweat and piss. Suki's mouth started to water, and she eagerly devoured the meat, loving the way it tasted. The crowd erupted in whistles and cheers.
"Ya! Give it to that slut!" "Make her squeal!" "Give it to her good man!" "Fuck her!" "Smack that fine ass!" Suki heard the crowd said to the man, and she begged him, "Yes, please, use me, take me, have your way with me, make me your whore!" The man needed no encouragements. His cock now glistening with saliva, he pushed Suki to her knees and f***ed her face down until it touched the floor, so that her privates are high in the air facing him. He gave that ass a firm smack and Suki squealed. Using his hands, he pulled Suki's legs apart and savagely shoved all 7 inches into that soaking pink pussy. "Uaaaaah!" Suki moaned in pain and pleasure. It was much bigger than what she had before and it stretched her near virgin pussy. She felt the hotness of his rod deep in her womanhood and she loved that fullness. What she loved more though, was being watched by all the men gathered around and seeing what a complete wanton whore she is. "Yes, fuck me harder! Fuck me faster!" Suki cried in ecstasy. Looking around at the grinning, horny men leering down at her, she said, "Please, I want to see your hard cocks! I want to see how hard you got watching this dirty slut! I want to be used by those cocks! I want to taste them. I want to be your dirty whore, use my pussy, use my ass, use my mouth, I want to be a fuck toy for you. Give me your hot cum! Shoot it on my slutty face! Shoot it in my dirty ass! Shoot it in my wet pussy! Shoot it all over my body, drench me in your cum, please!" As she finished saying those nasty words, a sudden pang of embarrassment, a vague feeling of wrongness crept into her consciousness, but dissipated a moment later, washed away by a raging ocean of lust and desire.
Hours went by and Suki had lost track of how many times she came, or how many men had fucked her sore pussy and gaping asshole. She surrendered herself completely to the ravaging a****ls. Sticky cum dripped out of her orifices constantly, forming large pools on the floor. At some point in the night, the bartender took out a dozen or so shot-glasses. The crowd shot their steamy hot loads into the shot-glasses after fucking her, jokingly competing to see who can fill up the most shot glasses with their cum, and high-fiving the winners. Then they lined up the shot-glasses in front of the delirious Suki, and she gorged herself on the nasty, yet delicious, shooters. She loved the way the warm slick cum coats her throat all the way down to her stomach. She can feel the different texture and thickness of each glass of cum, some went down smooth and some threatened to gag her. The more disgusting it tasted and harder it was to swallow, the more it excited her because of the way it made her feel like a cheap whore. She ravelled at her total surrender.

The next few hours were fuzzy in her memory. She didn't remember much of it except being dragged by Roy out the night club and through the streets. She dimly remembered excited men and disgusted women on the streets and in cars either honking or spitting at her. She remembered Roy collecting money from men on the streets, then made her bend over with her skirt hiked up, so the men can take turns fucking her. Sometimes they moved into an dark alley first, but a few times the men just fucked her as she leaned over the side of their cars right on the street. The line up of men coming to abuse her kept growing until some of them got frustrated and started to cause a ruckus. Suki didn't remember what happened to the potential brawls, but sometime during those few hours, she thought she remembered seeing Sarah naked and bent over beside her, with her large breasts dangling, taking a pounding from a dirty looking older man that was fat and balding. He was savagely fucking Sarah's asshole, while brutally spanking her red swollen ass. Sarah was whimpering and vomiting cum onto the side of the car they were leaning against. Suki vaguely remembered thinking what a pity to waste all that cum on the car window. Roy was making good money prostituting her and Sarah.

Suki remembered that Roy suggested picking out a dozen or so of the biggest and best cocks she had that eventing and invite them to her apartment so they could fuck her and Sarah all night long. She was thrilled by the idea. Back at her and Sarah's apartment, she remembered 4 men grabbing Sarah by her hair and dragged her into the bathroom. She heard Sarah screaming in pain, while she herself was being pin down on her bed, with a cock shoved deep into her throat. She had one cock in each hand, one in her pussy, and one in her asshole. The feeling of having both her holes full was wonderful. Suki went in and out of consciousness in the next several hours. She remembered only a glimpse of the action between blacking out.

One time when she opened her eyes, Sarah was opening her mouth directly over top and a stream of cum dripped out. Suki caught some in her mouth and the rest dripped onto her face. Sarah then moved her head in and passionately kissed Suki full on the mouth, both sluts eagerly licking the cum residue on each other's faces. Sarah's breath smelled like what a non-stop night of cum drinking should, but so does Suki's.

Another time, she woke up with a large man sitting on her face, with his hairy asshole grinding itself on her lips. She instinctively stuck out her tongue and licked his sweaty ass as he continued to grind her face. In the background, she thought she heard Sarah said, in between her whimpers, "Uaagh, this…..ooh….is worth…giving me.. AGH…that promotion…yes? She's as …ow… hot in person… as in… ugh…. the picture I showed you, yes?" Someone barked a laugh, and she blacked out again.

Yet another time, Suki woke up and saw a woman's pussy being lowered onto her face. It must have been Sarah because there were no other woman there. A steady stream of cum dripped out of Sarah's pussy and Suki lapped at it with her tongue like a good bitch would, even invading inside that semen filled cunt to clean it thoroughly. But then another stream of white gooey cum leaked out of Sarah's asshole, directly onto Suki's nose and cheeks. Suki quickly readjusted and tilted her head upwards. She formed an O shape with her lips around Sarah's puckering asshole and sucked the cum from the anal cream-pie. She lost consciousness soon after.

Nearing the end of the night though, each time Suki woke up she felt an increased sense of unease. The feeling that something was amiss became stronger and stronger. Men continued to fuck her, but it was starting to really hurt. Her asshole and pussy were rubbed raw and tender. Her pounding heart has slowed and her hazy vision slowly dissipated. It was as if a fog had been lifted from her mind and Suki became more and more frightened. Her memory was still fuzzy and she could not remember how she had gotten herself into the situation she was in.

Suddenly it dawned on her, she was being ****d by a dozen strangers! She opened her mouth to beg them to stop, but a huge cock rammed into her throat and her plead became a surprised choke. She tried to back her head away, but a pair of strong hands grabbed the back of her head and firmly f***ed her mouth back into the thrusting 8 inch monster. The cock deposited its load into her mouth moments later. Suki spluttered cum as she coughed and gasped for air. While she tried to catch her breath, she felt the cock in her ass pulse and suddenly, the man pulled out and came over to her face and pushed his dirty cock into her mouth. She instinctively tried to back away again, but met the same fate as last time. Large strong hands f***ed her face back into the dirty cock that just came out of her asshole and Suki gagged at the taste of her own ass. The man shoved his cock all the way into her throat until her face was buried in his sweaty and smelly pubic hair. Coarse hair from his balls poked into Suki's chin. She heard him grunt as he shot squirt after squirt of cum directly down her throat. She was gagging violently and turning light-headed from the lack of oxygen at this point, but the man kept her throat firmly impaled. Suki felt another cock invade her ass, but passed out shortly after……

Suki chokes back her tears as more and more memories of the previous night come flooding in. What has she done! She prostituted herself on the streets! She was gang banged by so many people she can't even keep count! Her entire apartment smells like cum! Suddenly a thought comes to her, what happened to Sarah?

Still naked and dripping water, Suki walks over to Sarah's room and notices her door is slightly ajar. Sarah is on her bed lying on her stomach. Her left wrist is handcuffed to her left ankle, and right wrist on right ankle, so her legs are fully spread, exposing a red and swollen ass and a completely cum encrusted pussy. A large butt-plug handle protrudes out of Sarah's asshole. Sarah's face is completely covered with dried up cum, just like the rest of her body. She also notices a bulge inside Sarah's cheeks. Forcing open Sarah's mouth, she pulls out a make-shift gag in the form of a pair of boxer briefs that is completely drenched in cum and saliva. The smell was so foul that Suki gags as she sets it aside.

Looking at the prone Sarah lying there in such a vulnerable position, Suki is suddenly startled at that familiar tingle between her legs and the unmistakable moisture of arousal. How can I be getting wet at a time like this? What's wrong with me! Suki asks herself. Am I sick?

Trying to push those thoughts aside, Suki searches around the room for the keys to the handcuffs and frees Sarah from her bondage. Lastly, she gently grips the butt-plug and slowly wiggles it out of Sarah's ass. It must have hurt because Sarah opens her eyes with a squeal. As the butt-plug comes free, a stream of slightly white and clear liquid starts to leak out of her gaping asshole the size of golf ball.

"Ehmmmmm!" Sarah moans and said dreamily, "I think everyone shot their last load of cum in my ass and sealed it up with that butt-plug before they left". Suki is completely mesmerized by the continuous stream of cum leaking onto the bed. It smells absolutely disgusting, and reminds her of the taste of cum still in her own mouth. With another shock, Suki find herself salivating, and swallows hard. "It is such a shame to waste it on the bed sheets…" Sarah purrs as she scoops some up with her hand and brings it back to her mouth, "Ummmm, come share it with me baby". Suki, whose pussy is now soaking wet, just can't stop herself as she inches her face closer towards Sarah. It smells like day-old cum, used pussy, and ass. Her mouth would not stop watering. Suki licks Sarah's dripping asshole and discovers that the cum, having been kept inside Sarah's ass all night, is still warm. She sucks out a generous mouthful and brings it to Sarah's eagerly waiting mouth. Suki no longer doubts what she is now.

She is a slut. She is a sex toy for men and women alike. She is a cum whore; she loves to swallow it; she loves to have it all over her body; she loves it in her pussy and ass. She is a whore, she loves to have men like Roy give her to strangers for money. She loves being abused by older men. She loves being taken by groups of men. She loves every moment of last night now that she has moved past her self-denial. She is a dirty slut, and she will not have it any other way.


Please leave your comments, Suki gets real hot reading them. I know that because she tells me so all the time.
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4 years ago
Yes we all love you being a whore, a cock lover, a pussy lover and a slut. It is what you are and what you like, but we like it to. A nasty slut who loves to be fucked and used.
4 years ago
you guys love me being whore?
4 years ago
you are a nasty filthy whore and we luv you suki slut
4 years ago
yes. i luv to know what all of you like for me!
i love when he put me on street to be whore!
4 years ago
suki is nothing but a nsaty dirtycum slut whore slave
4 years ago
Suki,Suki come to me for a cookie...