Tribute to Azndoll999 Part 1

Here's a few messages I got from my favourite slut azndoll999

"i am getting very hot for your story and hope i can read it over and over and fuck myself like slutty girl for you."

"I am dying to read it posted and see how people react to your fantasies for me."

So make sure you guys and gals leave a comment to let her know what a slut she is. Tell her what you would do to her if you were the men in the story. I'm sure she'll leave her own comments to tell you how wet and hot she is reading your comments.


Part 1:

Suki opens her eyes and stretches lazily. Her beautiful petite frame is intwined with the soft fuzzy blankets, revealing parts of her smooth slender legs, gorgeous flat tummy and one of her perky, delicate breasts. She looks to the left towards her window and marvelled at the beauty of the sporadic tendrils of sunlight poking through the edges of the heavy curtains. Lying there peacefully, she can almost feel the horrors of the night before beginning to fade.

But as soon as she moves her body, the stiffness of her muscles and the soreness in her pussy, ass, and throat became painful reminders of the terrors of the previous night. Panicking slightly, Suki spreads her legs and sees the copious amounts of dried and flaky cum covering her pink, shaven pussy. She can feel more of that same dried cum covering her ass. Licking her lips she suddenly recognizes the taste of dried cum inside and outside her mouth, and she gags. She smells like she swam in a pool of cum and drank it like water. Suddenly on the verge of tears, she frantically runs into the bathroom.

She sees the skirt she wore to the club last night at the entrance of the bathroom, ripped to shreds like they were ravaged by some wild a****l. Her classy silk blouse lay next to it, now nothing more than colourful pieces of ribbons, clearly used by men at some point to clean their dirty cocks because there is dried cum all over the once smooth material. Choking back her tears she walks past the toilet that's filled with white gooey liquid floating in the clear water, and turns on the shower.

Fingers of warm water caressing her tender skin calms Suki down a little bit, and her mind wanders back, to the beginning of the previous night. How did it all happen, she asks herself. She closes her eyes, trying to remember how it all began…...

Suki was getting ready for the weekly girls night out. It was also her friend Sarah's celebration for her soon-to-be promotion into assistant manager. A few of Sarah's co-workers and her manager will be meeting up with them later. Sarah has been excited all evening, cheerfully chatting with Suki as they both did their makeup and picked out their dresses.

"So yeah, as soon as I'm done with one last assignment, Roy will officially promote me, and I'll get my own office and secretary!" explained Sarah, fidgeting with the front of her strapless low-cut blouse that pushed her ample breasts upwards making it appear even bigger, "but it's just a formality, I'm sure I'll get this assignment done before tomorrow"

Suki looked down at her own petite Asian breasts, shapely and delicate, but nowhere near as big as her friend Sarah. She shrugged and bent down to pickup her new skirt. It was a tiny thing, and skin tight. She felt a sudden pang of embarrassment and wondered if she should be wearing something so indecent. "Nice ass baby," Sarah whistled, "I wish I had a tight little ass like that," as she slapped her own round bottom. Suki blushed a pretty pink and stepped into her skirt.

"No no no no no, that skirt is too skin tight for you to be wearing those panties," said Sarah, "you can't wear those, people'll see the outline of your panties, that's just embarrassing. You need to take those panties off first, girl". Suki, startled, asked "are you sure, Sarah?" "Yes," came the reply.

Well, Sarah's the fashion expert, Suki thought to herself reluctantly. She removed her pink laced panties and pulled the skirt up to her hips. It was tight and short. Suki felt a tingle run down her spine as she felt the cool air between her legs under her skirt, and gasped lightly.

Looking at herself int he mirror, she was shocked again at how short it really is now that it's actually on her body. I'll have to be careful when I sit down or bend over, Suki thought to herself.

A few hours and some pre-clubbing shots later, Suki and Sarah left the house to meet up with the rest of the gang at the club. Roy turned out to be an older black man, probably in his 40's, that's roughly six and half feet tall, still quite fit despite his age. And Sarah's other 3 co-workers were also older black men, probably in their 50's. Suki and Sarah's girls were there too and were already half cut and flirting outrageously with random men at the bar for free drinks.

Sarah went to buy the first round of drinks. She ordered her usual Gin and Tonic and one for Suki as well. Glancing over her shoulders to make sure Suki was not paying attention, Sarah quickly dropped the small white pill in her pocket into Suki's drink. It fizzled slightly then disappeared completely. Turning around, Sarah walked back to her friend and gave her the drink. Roy and her 3 co-workers shot a quick inquiring glance at Sarah, and she winked back. All four men exchanged glances and grinned.

For the next hour they all drank and danced, and drank some more. Suki was enjoying herself with her friends, when she felt her skin starting to heat up. It was a new and strange sensation, it was like she's getting a fever, but not feeling sick. Things around her seemed to have become blurry and the movements of people seemed to grow choppy. She felt her heart beat faster and tried to take slow calming breaths. Suki closed her eyes and focused on taking slow regular breaths. Time seemed to flow differently, when she opened her eyes again, she was leaning against the walls near the back of the club in a dark hallway by the bathrooms. She blinked and looked around, feeling disoriented. She had no idea how she got there.

She caught glimpse of movement behind one of the large cigarette vending machines by the bathroom entrance. Curiosity made her look a little more closely; and she gasped. Roy had his cock deep inside the mouth of her roommate Sarah, who was kneeling in front of him with her skirt pulled up, exposing her thong-less bare ass. Each thrust he made buried his gigantic cock into her throat, causing a choking sound from her roommate. Each time he pulled out, a large glob of saliva accompanied his cock and falls to the floor, forming a pool of spit between his feet. Relentlessly he fucked her and every time she backed her head away, he grabed her hair with his large hands and savagely shoved her head back into his impaling shaft.

Heart pounding furiously, Suki rushed into the bathroom and into a stall. Sitting down on the toilet, she tried to calm her racing heart. Spreading her legs she watch the thin stream of piss merge with the water in the toilet and realized she could not get the imagine of that black cock in the Sarah's mouth out of her head. The more she tried to f***e the thoughts away, the more she can't think of anything but. Panting slightly, she stumbled out of the bathroom, and stopped by the same vending machine. She could not tear her eyes away from that giant black cock. Her body felt hotter than ever. Suddenly she realized Roy was looking directly at her, and she gasped. Everything felt surreal, like a dream. Without thinking, Suki reached down under her skirt and cupped her hand onto her womanly mound. God, it was completely soaked. She brought her hand back up to her face so she can see it through the hazy vision; her juices coated her slick fingers. She felt so dirty. She felt like a slut, standing there, watching Roy face fuck her roommate, staring at his magnificent cock ramming in and out, while she rubbed her pussy furiously as Roy watched.

Yes, watch me, watch what a slutty whore I am, yes! Suki spread her legs wide so Roy can see her shaven pussy and shoved two fingers into the fleshy folds. In and out, she fucked her own fingers as Roy, in and out, fucked her roommate's throat. A small crowd of men and women alike had gathered by this time. All the men, and actually quite a few women, leered at her lewd displace. A few women was shocked and disgusted by this and walked away.

"What a fucking whore". "What slutty trash". "She's like a bitch in heat". Suki can hear the disgusted women talking to each other as they walked away, and she felt even hornier from the humiliation.

Suki's mind was in a different place, she can't even grasp what is happening, all she can think of is how much of a slut she is, and how turned on she was knowing all these men are getting horny watching her.

Suddenly Roy pulled out of Sarah's abused throat. His erect cock slick with saliva, pointed straight at Suki. Panting, Suki finger fucked herself faster, getting close to what promised to be a mind blowing orgasm. But Sarah had slipped behind her and is now twisting her arms behind her back and forcing her onto her kneels. Suki groaned in disappointment of not being able to cum. The huge cock now merely inches away from Suki's face, she can smell the mixture of sweat and the Sarah's saliva. It was so dirty, but Suki had never felt so aroused. Opening her mouth wide she took the cock into her willing orifice, tasting Sarah and Roy. It was so long that before it was half way in, it's already hitting her throat, causing her to gag. Without mercy Sarah's boss f***e more and more of it into her mouth, and there was nothing she could do except relax her muscles to accommodate it. In and out Roy fucked her throat, exactly like what he did to Sarah moments ago. Suki struggled to free her hands, not to get away, but she desperately need to finger her throbbing pussy! It is as if something inside her has snapped tonight. She was delirious with desire. Here she is, on her kneels at the club, sucking the giant black cock of this man she only met hours ago. She felt like a dirty slut and despite a faint warning at the very back of her mind whispering to her that something was amiss, she was loving it.

By now the other men had closed in, and Suki felt large rough hands rip her silky blouse open, exposing her perky tits. Her nipples hardened and tingled as they become exposed to the air. Two different hands fondled her breasts and pinched at her erect nipples. Suki moaned in pleasure, and rocked her hips back and fourth. Roy stepped back and Suki took the opportunity to look around at the men playing with her body. She realized that she recognized them - they are Sarah's co-workers! The 3 older black men had surrounded her with Roy at her front. There she was, kneeling on the floor in a hallway of a club, clothes ripped open, letting four older men take pleasure from her body. God that's hot, she thought, use me more, abuse me, have your way with me, I'm your dirty slut!

A large cock sliding into her mouth brought her attention back. One of the other men had mounted her face from the front and started to face fuck her. Each thrust brought his balls into her chin, making a slapping sound that complemented her gagging noises. The four men took turns fucking her throat, while the other three played with her breasts and wet pussy. One by one, all four shot their loads of cum into her mouth. Suki loved it. She kept each man's cum in her mouth and moved it around to feel the gooey slickness of it. It tasted nasty and it made her feel dirtier than she had ever felt. She savoured the nasty taste of the cum as well as the dirty feeling it brought her. She wanted to be used by more men. She wanted more men to see what a slut she is! Little that she knew, she will get her wishes soon enough….


Part 2 will be written when I have more time next week. Don't forget to leave a comment for Suki to read.
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4 years ago
nasty people this talk is getting horny
4 years ago
Nice story. made me cum :)
4 years ago
great story,yes she is a lil jap whore
4 years ago
4 years ago
how so hot.what a slut.xx
4 years ago
excellent start
4 years ago
wow so hot, i would love to be in on that action
4 years ago
put a collar on your slutty whore slave neck so everyone would know that you are a cock & cum slave to be used & abused in any way by their man meat in any hole you have
4 years ago
I would rip your blouse off and expose your titties as I lift your skirt and jam my hard cock up your asshole.
4 years ago
great story, im sure pt. 2 will be even better, wouldnt leave you tied up ,id take you home
4 years ago
First I am the sucking whore and soon you all can use all my little holes to punish with your cocks.
4 years ago
I would do that and be a good slut for anyone to fuck. Dress me like a good whore to be used by anyone.
4 years ago
I'd leave you tied up to a post in the club...
So any men could use you whenever they wanted.