Sephora's Submission

This story is based on the actual fantasies of a friend of mine. The descriptions of her are accurate. She is a gorgeous 18 year old with an incredible sex drive and dirty mind. She asked me to write this for her so she can read it when she masturbate. Her name has been altered.


Sephora took one last look at herself in the mirror and smiled at what she saw. Her slender Asian frame stands 5'5'' tall, with just the right curves in all the right places. Her hips curve out slightly from her delicate waist, and curves back in at her firm thighs, down to her shapely calves. Every bit of flesh is perfectly proportionate. She is wearing a tiny short skirt no more than 10 inches long. It is so low on the waist that the upper curves of her butt and the strings of her thong are visible. She has to be very careful when siting down because the skirt rides up and anyone who looks into her car will be able to see the wet spot on my snow white silk thong, already moist from anticipation. Her tight grey blouse hugs the contour of her body and excentuates her perky breasts; it also leaves one of her shoulders bare, revealing that she is not wearing a bra. Her tiny nipples are already hard and poking at the thin fabric of the blouse. Ravishing, she thought to herself.

Running out the door, Sephora focuses on what lay ahead. Today is a special day. Today she finally gets to meet him. They have exchanged emails and chatted online, but have never met in person before. She needs to look her best for her master, to make herself worthy of him. She wants to be is dirty slut, want him to punish her and dominate her, to use her for the whore that she is.

20 minutes later Sephora arrives at the Hilton Hotel, checks in at the front desk, and heads up to her room - an executive suite at the top floor. Her master have had it all arranged in advance for her. Opening the luxurious double doors, she step into the expensive suite, but her mind did not notice the lavish decorations or the grandiose of the room. All she can think of was the eventual meeting with her master.

Walking over to the large king size bed, she notice a golden tray with an envelope on it, and on that envelope was her name. Sephora shivers slightly with anticipation and her heart beat quickens. Fumbling open the envelope she took the letter, unfold it, and read:

Sephora, my slut. There is a blind fold in the closet, along with a pair of hand cuffs, two leather ankle straps, and a collar with your name etched in it. This is your last chance to back away. Once you put those on, you are mine. Your cunt, your mouth, your hands, your legs, your ass, your heart, your freedom, everything is mine. I will do with you what I wish. I will use you for whatever desire I have. Do you understand? If you wish to continue, then put on the items in the closet, kneel in the middle of the room, facing away from the door, and wait.

Trembling with excitement, not for a moment did Sephora think about backing out of this. She first attaches the collar around her delicate neck, then the leather ankle straps followed by the blind fold and finally the hand cuffs, securing her wrists behind her back. Then she knee and waited.

Sephora can feel her other senses heighten to compensate for the lost of vision. She listened to her own pounding heart and increasingly ragged breathing, panting from excitement. She can feel herself perspiring and forming small beads of sweat, occasionally running down her silky smooth skin. It felt like hours passed before a click came from the doors behind her. All of a sudden Sephora felt a shock of fear, what if it's a cleaning maid, or room service? She never thought of the possibility that anyone other than her master would see her like this! A slight whimper escapes her between her panting. But a sudden realization hit her like a slap in the face - her pussy is dripping wet! In fact, she can feel her love juice running down the inside of her left thigh.

Foot steps coming towards her brought her focus back to the person behind her. Is it my master? Is it one of those pubescent, pimply room service boy coming to take advantage of this gorgeous, self bound, slut? Is it a cleaning lady coming to inspect this dirty whore who is shamelessly flaunting herself in the middle of the floor? Surprisingly, she realize that she is turned on by all three of those scenarios. That's what I am, Sephora thought to herself, a dirty slut, that gets turned on by the thought of being taken by anyone. Her skin flushed with excitement, she can't wait for whoever this is to have his way with her.

Ziiiip. The sound of a zipper being pull down, she thought. A hard phallus slaps her on the face, and she flinches momentarily. But a second later, she recover from the shock, and eagerly devour the hard cock in her wet mouth. It was a good size, at least 7 inches, and nice and thick, with a girth that should stretch her nicely. The cock smells and tastes like a whole day's worth of sweating in a hot summer day, but Sephora loves it. The nastiness of it turns her on even more. The man put his hands behind her head, and firmly push her face into his cock, forcing it down her throat. She instinctively gags but tries her best to relax her muscles. All 7 inches disappear down her throat and his balls now pressing firmly against her lower lip. Sephora wiggles her tongue and licks the underside of the shaft, eliciting a soft moan of pleasure from the man, whose identity she still don't know.

In and out, the man fucked her throat, always pulling out fully every few thrusts to give her time to catch her breath. Each time he pulls out, a big glob of her saliva drips down her chin and onto the floor, forming a slippery pool. Suddenly the man withdraws his penis completely and step back. Sephora moans in disappointment, but the man quickly turns around and shoves his ass into her face. "Lick my ass, slut", he commands in a deep, firm voice.

Sephora gasps in delight. That is her master's voice! She heard him over the computer before, and this is unmistakably him! With a fervour, she sticks out her tongue and lap at his asshole, flicking at it, then flexing her muscles and pointing her tongue outwards like a spear, thrusts it into his anus. "Aaaah," her master grunts, "that's a good slut". Sephora beamed with pride at the compliment. In and out, she vigorously fucked her master's ass with her tongue, and soon, his butt is slick with her saliva.

"That's enough for now, you will get more chances to please me soon enough," he said to her. With that, he walked away, and Sephora once again let out a disappointed whine.

He took something out of one of the drawers, came back to her, and roughly shoved her face down on the lush carpet. CLICK, CLICK, her master attaches the two leather ankle straps onto the two ends of a metal rod, forcing her legs to spread out. With her face on the floor and her legs spread, her ass and sopping wet pussy is fully exposed. In quick succession, her master slaps her smooth round ass, turning it an pinkish red. She then feels two fingers slide into her pussy. "Aaaaaah, please master, please fuck your dirty little whore, give it to me, please," She begs.

Instantly she feel his fingers pull out of her. Chuckling softly, her master pulled her head up, bending her neck painfully upwards, and shoves his two juice covered finger into her mouth, and Sephora sucked on them obediently. Her master f***e her face back on the floor when she was done cleaning, and walks to another drawer. When he came back, she can feel him inserting something into her ass, but can't quite make out what it is. Then he removes her blind fold and said, "you can watch this." Sephora turn her head around, but from her angle she cannot see her master's face! Instead, she sees a giant syringe filled with a white liquid, that she guess to be milk, being inserted into her exposed ass. Her master methodically pumps shot after shot of milk into her asshole, and the pressure in her stomach soon become unbearable! "I can't, uggggghugh," Sephora whimpers, "it's… it's going to come out."

She is panting from the effort of clinching her sphincter as hard as she can, but it is not enough. The warm milk leaks out of her ass and runs down the side of her legs onto the carpet. "Looks like we need to plug up that worthless hole of yours," her master said, and then roughly rams his hard cock into her ass in one swift thrust. "Oooouw!" she screams into the carpet. Without mercy her master fucks her ass hard and fast. Each time his cock pulls out a squirt of milk sprays out of her ass, and each time he pushes in he presses her shoulders downwards to f***e her body into his trusting cock, making it go as deep as possible, stretching her tight asshole painfully.

Sephora is in heaven. She want to be used like this by her master! The thought of her master taking pleasure from using her dirty ass now filled with milk sets her heart thumping wildly. She is a dirty whore, master can use her ass, pussy and mouth whenever he wants, for whatever he wants. She hopes that her master will cum in her mouth today. She wants to feel the slick gooey cum as she moves it around her mouth, savouring the taste of it. She is so turned on at that moment just thinking about it, she pussy is convulsing and she feel close to an orgasm even though her pussy hasn't been touched!

On and on her master fucked her furiously, and she marvels at his stamina. Her ass is raw and burning, but at the same time, her pussy would not stop dripping. Her master grunts are getting louder and she can feel his cock pulsing with each thrust. He makes a final push and becomes completely still, but she feels his cock pulsating and shot load after load of cum into her ass, mixing with the warm milk.

Her master stays motionless like that for a few moments, then pulls his still semi erect cock out of her gaping asshole. But before much of the milk leaks out, he quickly fills the gap with a large buttplug. Hearing foot steps coming towards her face, Sephora can smell her master's cock before it reaches her mouth and obediently accepts it. She holds her breath, takes it deep into her throat, and lick the balls with her tongue for as long as she can, then withdraw to breath. Soon, she can feel the cock inside her mouth growing harder again and she smiles with pride.

As soon as the cock is hard, her master went back behind her and once again shove her face onto the floor. She moans with satisfaction when she feels his cock finally pumping into her quivering wet pussy. Hard and rough he fucks her. At the same time he pulls out the buttplug in her ass, and the mixture of milk, sweat, and cum comes flooding out. It is too much, the feeling of the liquids leaking from her ass and her master's cock in her pussy push her over the edge. She cums screaming, her whole body shaking with the intensity of it. Her master continue to fuck her, and she soon loses track of how many times she came. She drifts in and out of consciousness throughout the ordeal and when she wake up the next day, she was curled up at the foot of the bed by herself, with a note that said "I will contact you next time". Her master has left. He used her and left her like the whore that she is. She loves it.
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Great stuff friend
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great story
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