the barlady...

After a long day at work and a meeting with my boss that ended badly. I decided to dive into the local pub the young guys at work always talk about. I walk in and plat myself by the bar. Greeted by a young black woman. I pay no attention with my head down. Whiskey on the rocks.. Make that a double!!
She slides my drink over asking.. Rough day? as I take off my tie. I reply with a negative voice.. You can only imagine. And that's when I make eye contact with her.. A pure beauty. Tied up hair in form of dreds. Yellow bone complexion. Short in height judging from sitting on the bar stool.

She smiles. Give me a sec and I got another customer then you tell me about it right? I smile not knowing what to think. She comes back from the other side of the bar. Athletic body great thighs with a real apple bottom ass and a tight black top revealing little but the shape of what looks like a b cup bra size. My mood changes instantly.

So what made it a rough day honey? I start yabbering and talking bout the day. She smiles.. you had it rough. whats your name? I think of a quick name. Carew.. Carew is the name whats yours? She replies with a name that matches her body and beauty.. ZAMA..

After a few rounds I start getting ideas. Think of how badly I want to jump in her pants and rattle her bones.. Bar closes in 5 min last round I hear...

I walk back to my car thinking of how I will jerk off to the thoughts of zama.. when she is standing in the parking looking pissed.. Whats wrong zama? as she tells me her lift isn't coming..

20 min later we pull up at her apartment.. a dark alley leads to the door. she asks me to walk her in. I jump to it as thoughts start racing.. A get to her door as she opens up leading me in. She turns and locks as I sit down she pours us a drink. sits next to me.. I tell her up straight not to lead me on cause I had thoughts bout her the whole time..

She gulps her glass and straddles me kissing me. you not the only one who has thoughts.. I feel my 8inch white cock jump with every heart beat and every touch. We quickly find ourselves naked.. Her body fit for a porn award. I look down as she slide my thick shaft into her mouth.. spit dripping down the side as I moan out.. She starts jerking it.. Looking up at me with her piercing eyes as my cock grow hard she manages to suck 2/3 of it..

I sit back onto the couch as she sucks my cock fast and sucking hard.. Fuck i'm loving her lips lock around my cock. as she comes up and straddles me whispering into my ear.. Fuck me like your thoughts wanted to..

She slides her tight wet and warm ebony pussy down my shaft swallowing it with one movement as her legs lock shivering on me.. I feel her coming from the penetration.. as I lock my arms around her I turn to the side with her on top of me.. her breasts on my chest ass her ass is left in the air from trying to sit up.. I catch a glimps from a mirror across us.. my thick long cock in her creamed black pussy.. I start pumping her from the bottom as I feel my balls fly up and down and pussy being tapped by them every thrust or so..

She bites me in the neck moaning out loud. I keep giving her the dick she needs. as I let go rolling us from the couch onto the floor. I pin her down under me as I throw her legs over my shoulders in a cage fight submission move.. I thrust in slowly as I tell her to watch her pussy swallow my cock.. she looks down pouting her lips as she breaths out.

I thrust my cock in deep resting my balls on her pussy lips. Then using hard and slow thrusts I pound her pussy with some white cock.. She grips me as I feel her pussy tighten up and her breathing increases as she creams on my shaft.. She cums hard telling me not to stop as sweat drips from my forehead.. I keep going as she shakes and pushes me away..

She crawls away from me.. a follow her walking on my knees holding me cock. She stops and gets on all fours for me.. I position behind her as I slide my cock between her but cheeks. Running the tip of my cock along her soaking pussy I tease her.. then using the tip I push in and out. exposing her gapping pussy.

her pussy farts as I slide my cock in again.. Knowing I have to go slow and deep for me to cum.. I lean back to watch my cock slide in and out in and out of her wanting pussy.. My cock grows harder as I feel that itching feeling inside me.. knowing my orgasm is coming.. I hold her hips working her pussy deep and slow with thick cock. I go a bit faster as she looks back at me telling me to cum..

She pushes her big ass back at me meeting my every thrust going all the way. my groin hitting against her ass my balls tapping her pussy as she drops her upper body down exposing her ass..
I keep pumping with her as my climax approach I thrust hard and deep. making eye contact a cum hard and deep in her. leaving her in a state of mind where she is screaming for me without her knowing..

I keep pumping feeling that my climax is done my cum dripping from her pussy and running down my shaft on my balls dripping.. she pulls me out turning around as I stand on me knees she sucks and licks the cum from my cock and shaft moaning looking up at me..
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