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office seduction 3

it was friday afetrnoon as we let off work to close the office. i was the last to leave as i met my p.a outside in the parking lot. where she was having trouble with her car. i tried helping her getting it to run but with no luck. as i offered to drop her off at her place.

as we made our way to her place we had a conversation bout wat has been happening at work.. all the fucking and seduction had been quiet for a while.. she seemed disapointed in it as i expressed that i missed those fucking sessions in office..

as we hit traffic she leaned over to me . . her hands went from my legs to my crotch rubbing my cock as she turned me on she licked her lips.. she undid my zip as she pulled my cock out of my jocks she leaned down.. sucking it.. i carried on driving being cautios but it..

the faster and harder she sucked my cock the harder i stepped on the accelerator.. we pulled up to her drive way.. i killed the engine as she got out inviting me in to her i jumped at the invite. as i got inside i didnt pay much attention the her well styled place cause she was all over me. as we got naked i thought to myself how bad i wanted her...

i pushed her up against the back rest of the couch as i slammed cock deep into her black pussy knowing it makes her cum instantly. she let out a loud scream as it pierced through the music playing. she squirted shortly after to my surprise i kept on pumping her full of dick. pulling her arms back curving her back only her tits were swinging around as she begged my to fuck her harder.

time was passing as we got lost in the fucking... it was late as we lit a blunt... i layed on my back as she through her legs over my head... she sat with her pussy right in my face telling my to eat it. as i got a mouth full of her wet pussy i used my hands to play with her ass..

as i slide a finger up her ass to shock her she giggled out... pressing her pussy harder onto my face i felt she was grinding my face.. i loved it as my cock was pulsing she leaned back stroking it as she was looking at me eating her pussy.. she turned around sucking my cock as she let me play with her ass i licked her pussy fingering it while one finger runned her anal... the lights went dim as i heard someone asking with a soft concered voice... looking up i saw a short thick almost bbw sized yellow bone with long hair standing in the door...

Posted by interacial-guy 2 years ago
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