trying black pt1

We were having a work year end function. When some sub contract companies were invited to attend. Of which i saw one employee from another firm. She was tall with a yellow bone complexion with amazing breasts a full c cup size and she seemed to be a 34 pants size. She was wearing a short red cocktail dress. Which screamed Sex symbol.

As the night went on i had a few drinks and got the courage to approah her while standing with a few other people. I greeted them paying attention to her most as i felt that she was checking me out. Tall well tanned white gut with a athletic posture wearing semi formal clothes.

We seemed to attract one another alot as i asked her to come sit by my table. We got past the fomalities and introductions pretty quick since the booze was flowing in both of us. As she asked me out of the blue if i have ever fucked a black girl. my answer being no.. as i followed by asking her if she ever had white cock? no she said

we looked at each other smiling as her feet slid between me legs parting them her foot running up my leg to where my cock was getting harder and harder from the thoughts in my mind. I grebbed her hand telling her to follow me. As me went to a hotel room above the veneu.

We barely entered the door as we lunged to each other kissing. And fondeling one another. Her hands went straight to me cock in my unziped pants as she sighed feeling my 8inch cock with the veins popped out she dropped to her knees and sucked it hard straight away. As i moaned out in a grunt...

She stroked my shaft wjile sucking hard at my tip playing it with tongue. I dropped my pants and drawers as i undressed myself. She came up as u took of her dress exposing her gold brown curved body. making my cock twitch.
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1 month ago
I feel the same about being with a black girl..I was raised by a family of black women..When i was 10, the youngest black girl was 15 and the oldest was 19..Thats about the time the 15 year old one began trying to molest me.. everytime we were out of sight from everyone she would try to feel my cock and play with it through my pants..After trying to push her away numerous times i would finally just give up and let her open my pants and let her play with it.. She would stroke it and squeeze it and whisper how nice it was..Each time she made it feel good and it got hard..I must say that i loved what she was doing to me..Then she told me one night that she would be comming to my bed to "sleep" with me I'll never forget it.. Ohh my god..the things she did to me..I had never been sucked before and her lips on my cock was wonderful.. I squirmed and arched my hips.. I was to young to shoot Jizz but there is no doubt that i did dry cum.. She wouldn't stop and just kept on sucking..Me?? Well i just kept on dry cumming..5 or 6 times.. Finally she spit my cock out and mounted me and my hard 6 inch cock..She knew it was my frist time and she screwed me for almost an hour and she finally "got off" as she called it.. Her cunt twitched and grabbed onto my cock and i never had a feeling like that again..Before i was done there i had fucked all three Sisters..They were all good and very horny and each taught me all that i know about sex and how to love black girls.. Was my most wonderful sexy times..Thats why i always choose black over white when it comes to fucking..I love black women the most..