Morning routine

Master Dean said a better way for people to get to know

more about his "personal little circus freak" would be for

me to write a little about my basic typical day,

So I wake with the alarm and the mister that Dean's mom

hooked up. frrezez my tits off a shoocks the shit out of me

but I think that was the point.

I pee, shower, prepare my pussy and don one of my mini

shifts with random holes cut in them to show my tasty bits

and deter any thoughts of outside.

I crawl up the stairs (I'm not really allowed to walk unless

told to) and enter the kitchen upstairs.

I'm already hungry but I'm not allowed to eat until I do all

my duties.

I start the coffee machine and start putting in toast

Dean's mother is awke and wants hers breakfast. She

makes me sit on the stool with the dildo and listens to my

moans while bitching abiut things on the morning news

that I do not understand.

After she's done eating she has me take away the dishes

and suck on her tits while she watches a little longer.

She then tells me to get her toy and has me pump it inside

her and lick her till she cums.

Today she's frustrated so after she comes she makes me

lay face up across her lap and slaps me in the face and

slaps my tits and pussy too.

Soon I begin to cry and she throws me to the ground and

says it is time to wake up Dean anyway.

I crawl out quickly before she changes her mind.

Entering ever so quietly I slink under the covers from by

his feet and quietly crawl up his cock and begin to gently


He farts and asks what time is it bitch and I tell him the

exact time knowing he would ask.

He tells me to lick his ass and I'mjust glad it is clean

because it wouldn't matter any way. I am not allowed to

refuse, disobey or have limits.

Tough to live I'll tell you that.

He doesn't seem to want pussy this morning and instead

builds up to a vicious skull fuck that leaves my hair sore

and some vomit on the floor.

I immediately clean it up while Dean is in the shower I

started for him while he drinks the black cup of coffee I

bring his majesty.

I dry him off when he comes out and stand by to assist in

dressing him.

I put on his shoes while he watches the news and he tells

me I'll be dancing tonight.

I strip on the side for extras like tampons, condoms,

Ibuprophen and vitamin drinks.

He sees the question in my eyes and says yes there is a

"party" after meaning rest up bitch your getting gang

banged tonight,

He goes into the kitchen and eats his breakfast while

watching more tv and feeding me some toast and egg.

I am not allowed to eat except at his hand and usually on

my knees at his feet.

He'll often test me with his friends offering a very hungry

me food and me crying in frustration knowing what will

happen if I accept.

I do usually get to eat any vegetables used to abuse my

holes and of course all the cum I can eat.

Dean's mom Diane likes to dominate me sometimes during the days on webcam and most of the rest of my day is finding new porn for the house, setting up web presences and being on hand for use.

I'm rarely unrestrained in some way and I spend most of the time with a toy stuffed inside me when not being used.

Diane says it is her mission to keep my holes sore till the day I die...mission accomplished so far!~

85% (7/1)
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3 years ago
wow everyone should have a pet like you {loyal}
6/10 love to hear about the whole day