The Making of An Instapussy

So I'm 24 now and still in the basement despite being an adult for over 6 years now and now matter how hard I make everyone cum around me I'm not getting anywhere.

Aside from the personally performed proliferous porn swamping the entire house save the receiving/living room.

So as I'm 24 now and still in the basement despite being an adult for over 6 years now and now matter how hard I make everyone cum around me I'm not getting anywhere, Ive decided to allow it all to go public.

Aside from the personally performed proliferous porn swamping the entire house save the receiving/living room there is little for me to decorate the place and what I do have would be considered obscene in any other household.

Dean says I can earn some knick knacks and maybe a videogame.

I'm only allowed to watch or read porn so I'm motivated.

Our current decore could be counted as unique.

For example all of the furniture is equipped with restraints and have a side pocket for dildoes, clamps and mini cams

Oddly appearing absolutely typical in any other decorative way.

When I first arrived as a married girl two days an 18 year old I fantasized that I would be a normal wife in a normal life.

I thought I had finally found freedom and I would be worth more than just my tight little holes and my mewling screams.

Despite the fact that my step dad married me to Dean in return for a debt he owed him, (I later found out I was worth about thirty three hundred dollars) I was very attracted to Dean and liked how it felt when Daddy Tom let him try me out on a rainy weekend in the camper in his backyard.

I wore a little belly dancer's outfit I wore when entertaining daddy Tom's friends at their sports watching parties but their was no room to dance but he still took pictures.

Dean was very appreciative of my beauty and said things like he was going to see to it that his "new little wife" was taken care of till the day I die.

He was a lot more gentle on my pussy and didn't even try to fuck me in the ass despite being told that I was fully anally trained (My mom took off suddenly when I was at school one day so I was from then forward homeschooled and the new

domestic replacement) instead he only licked my ass for what seemed a blissful eternity.

He would lick me awake in the mornings and gently pump his cock down my throat as I awoke to my morning duties.

At our wedding held in a friend's backyard and I wore a wedding dress with the breasts removed so as to reveal only my tits while the rest of the dress was utterly lovely! It really was breath taking.

I was more than happy to say I do (not that my vote was even close to pertinent) and was whisked away to Dean's home where he was said to caring for his aging and reclusive mother.

Daddy Tom did visit often to continue my training in good wifery.

The problem is Dean's mother. A huge woman with thunder thighs, Popeye arms and can literally Make a girl pass out smothering her in pussy and clamped in place by those powerful legs.

She's done that a couple times while her other son used my ass.

My delusion lit out less than two weeks after I got here during yet another strained moment where she did not appreciate my decorative efforts in the house I later found out was never to be my own but my dungeon.

A place that would one day for infamous in it's entertainments (Some erotic, some exotic and most psychotic)sadistic always.

She brought home her "estranged" son and her father to spend a few

days where in which they ****d, d**gged and delivered me appearing guilty to Dean.

Needless to say he he was horrified and frankly his mind would not allow him to conceive that this "slut" he married could be more loyal to him than his f****y with a half b*****r who he's always thought was better looking than himself. I do not agree.

After removing my corsetted and titty clamped d**gged carcass out of his b*****r's room where he was led by same participants who claimed that I had gotten d***k and later came in seducing and slut garbed.

Their "mother" backed up his story cleverly leaving out how it was she who had d**gged me in the first place, dressed me like a total whore and told me a would be nothing more than a slave in this house and that I would remain here as such until the day I die.

That was the ONLY day they didn't fuck me!

Dean immediately obtained and f***ed me to sign divorce papers reminding me that I was a "bought bitch" and am required to remain as a slave but that I would have to earn my keep.

I was also moved from the master bedroom to the basement after a week "sl**ping" in Dean's mother's room in her closet nude.

He was having it "fitted for a slut". Daddy Tom came several times to consult and help out. They consider my captivity an art.

I tried to explain over and over but was immediately shut up and shut down wearing gags so often I soon felt strange without them in place.

The following month was a body and booty busting blur. I'm pretty certain I was d**gged most of the time and food became scacer and scacer while I was being fed primarilly cum from countless cocks of friends, strangers, cousins and curiosity seekers.

Eventually I found myself taken to strip clubs and taught erotic dance.

When I wasn't stripping I was getting gangbanged on a nightly Pool event (Iperformed on the table afterwards) where the winning players took me first,.

So Now I live subterranean and beneath the standards of an indentured servant serving Dean, his "mother" (a cruel and sadistic lesbian who actually TOOK Dean and his half b*****r from their crackhead mother and is NOT their mother at all) His friends, her friends, of course daddy Tom cums often and too many others to count.

We are starting to get a web appearance. I am known as Instapussy on Yahoo, and of course dear Xhamster. (My torment is said to be monumental their soon)

Many of my fans will be invited to participate and Dean says he's feeling more creative than ever.

Soon you will probably see me gagging on cruel cocks, suspended upside down for face fucking...who knows?

Incidentally, Dean wants the most cruel and creative ideas for my use and abuse.

The latest is sucking off old men on cam from the homeless shelter and a local nursing home.

So as I said they want CRE ATIV ITY!~

The wilder the better...we seek having NO limits!

If we use your idea you get a FREE copy! And gragging rights...

Oh well (sigh) see you in the funny papers~

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