Stepmoms surprise Part 1

I used to stay at my stepmoms house on saturday every two weeks to visit my stepb*****r, but most of the i was there i'd be upstairs in my stepmoms room on her computer jackin off to porn, or goin through her panties even trying on her high heels, lol dont judge me, we all try on a pair of heels in our life. Anyway, this one saturday i was super horny, hadn't pleasured myself in 5 days. My stepb*****r was asl**p as it was late at night, my stepmom was downstairs watching TV ,and i was upstairs in my stepmoms room stroking my dick, gawd i was so horny. It was risky masterbating in her room because she would come upstairs sometimes and smell my hot cum, she would say " do you smell that? ' , then i'd go red in the face and try to hide my hard erection. It was hard to hear her come up the stairs because the stairs we're carpet. Luckily there was a mirror in the corner of the room facing the door so i could see if it was opening.I got completely naked witch i wouldn't normaly do ,and started stroking my dick nice and slow, i knew that i was going to cum hard because i hadn't masterbated in a while. I got some of her hand cream witch felt so good, i started getting a bit faster and faster, i was just about to explode my hot cum on myself when out the corner of my eye i saw my stepmom in the mirror looking at me with shock, at this point i should tell you her name...her names Donna... I turned around covering myself. She said " wow, whats goingul on here then?' i didn't know what to say. She started walking over to me , she said " sit back down,now' I sat back down on the computer chair still cupping my privates. She stood behind me, my heart was racing. She grabbed my arms and slowly moved them , revealing my semi erection, she slowly slid her hands down my chest eventually touching my cock, she grabbed it and said " your going cum for me' , I looked up at her and she smiled at me.
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3 years ago
Good start
3 years ago
please finish the story
3 years ago
got to have more how does it end
3 years ago