alone with s*s

my s****r and I have been sexually active together for more than 35 years now. we started when we were about 13 or 14, I am a little over a year older than her. we seemed to have at least 4 hours a night,every night alone together because our parents always went out to the local bar every night.we would play house acting as if we were husband and wife, we would undress each other and we touched each other all over as my s****rs touch made me hard, she would stroke my cock fast till I spilled my cumm on her night we found a porno that dad had on the dresser,so we took the video and put it in the vcr. we watched how they had oral together, so we would try it on each other, we found out that it made us both feel real good and hot!! we watched with alot of interest as the actors would begin to fuck hard! that's the night, and the beginning of us becoming hot horny lovers!!!! s*s and b*****r, i****t lovers so bad! so wrong! but so hot and so sexually satisfying!!! cumming so hard together, making each other cumm multiple times a day, and fucking every chance we had,we get home from school and go to the woods behind our home, telling each other how horny we were for each other, I would say that I could not wait to be in her pussy and she said she wanted to have me so hard and deep as quick as possible!!. when we were in are 20"s we started to fuck on a local beach all day, we always liked the thought of people seeing us, we have been caught in the act by friends of hers, they would be shocked by the sight of us having hot sex together. we had a girlfriend come and videotape us, we got so horny over it that I got a nut in her, and she got off 4 times as well. I am 51 now and she is almost 50, we still have sex almost daily, I think we always will. she is a mother of 2 and I have 2 myself, and have always found time to keep cumming with each other!!!
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4 years ago
great story. is any of her kids yours?
4 years ago
i liked this story... its to the point and hits all the important parts
4 years ago
Short, but oh so sweet.
4 years ago
great intro for what you have to offer, now start at the beginning and give us some detailed stories......Please.
4 years ago
nice but details & discriptions very little for that much time 37-38 years
4 years ago
Great story
old fucker
4 years ago
12 lines to cover 35 years of incest. Hmmm!