Knightly Affections VI

Standing in his tunic the Prince examined the ring. It was truly a work of art. He remembered when he first saw the completed ring, before knighting John. It was a breathtaking masterpiece: a thick silver band with scrollwork; a faceted square ruby clutch set into 4 prongs. He remembered taking John's hand and slipping the ring onto his finger as the soon-to-be-knight knelt before him.

“Rise, Knight,” he had said to John. “Rise and be known from here on as Sir John.”

John had stood, flushed with pride. He looked squarely into Daniel's eyes and in a hushed tone said, “I accept the duties and responsibilities of knighthood willingly. I am honored to be your... (he paused for a moment)...dutiful servant.”

Daniel then turned to address the other knights as well as his full staff and their families who were all in attendance. “Knights, my council,” Daniel had said in his largest voice, “I am honored to present Sir John to you. Be certain to know his word is as good as mine and he shall lead you fairly, gently and with true conviction.”

In a rare fashion the knighting had taken place in the evening. Music started up by the chamber players a moment after this short speech had been delivered. They had feasted at a giant table, John at the Prince's side. At one point during the festivities John had reached over, under the table and placed his hand on Daniel's thigh.

“Your Highness. Thank you for this honor.” To which Daniel had grinned and covered John's hand with his own and gave it a squeeze without saying anything. Later that evening John was shown to his new, private quarters. It was that night, as most of Strathmore slept (save for the guards at the gate) that Daniel had slipped through the back corridors to see the newly appointed knight. There was another gift the Prince had for him. Silently opening the door the Prince had stepped inside. John was awake and sitting up and nude. In the glow of a lone candle the Prince could see John caressing the ring as it glittered. John's eyes met the Prince's.

“Daniel....” his voice trailed off.

“Sir John,” the Prince said softly as he took a step and began to disrobe immediately.

John stood, and met Daniel half way, immediately locked in an embrace. Their lips met, tongues danced. The two of them worked together to undress the Prince. As Daniel's final bit of clothing was removed, his heavy cock swung free. He was already nearing his full size. The moment when the knight's lips surrounded his swollen tip was the exact moment when Daniel lengthened fully and reached his maximum thickness. Reaching down, Daniel gently placed his hands on the knight's shoulders and slid most of his manhood in. For John this was a delicious moment in many ways: pleasuring the Prince sent waves of passion through him. He suckled on Daniel's erection, massaging the underside with his tongue and firmly holding the Prince's large testicles.

The two had moved from where they were to the bed. Daniel and John lay there wrapped up in one another for many hours. In the deep of the night, long after the candle had melted completely, Daniel had entered John by placing first the huge, sensitive tip of his cock against John and then guiding the entirety of his shaft into him. Daniel could remember the sound of their muted sighs, lustful whisperings, Daniel's encouragement as John grew increasingly accustomed to being connected to the Prince in this way. John eventually opened up for Daniel and the two made love for a long time. As the Prince had drawn closer to climax, John had reached around and grasped a firm hold of the Prince's buttocks. John wanted to make sure that Daniel remained inside.

These were the Prince's thoughts as he dressed for the feast.
William puttered about, adjusting and primping. William took a step back and looked the Prince up and down.

“If I might say so, your Highness, you look truly regal.”

“Thank you, William. It's time we go.”

As they descended the stairs Daniel was awed by the way the hall had been decorated. Rich panels of silk and golden thread tapestries hung from the walls, massive iron chandeliers ablaze with candles, the chamber players over on one side sounding out a joyous tune. So many people were there. Long tables along each wall set with the finest silver. Wine was flowing. Smiles abounded.

A voice rose above the din.

“Fine gentleman and ladies, all hail Prince Daniel!”

It was Sir John who had spoken. He stood at the opposite end of the hall from Daniel eyes locked on him, goblet raised. The music halted instantaneously and the crowd turned in unison to face Daniel. Cheers and clapping filled the room.
John grinned broadly at Daniel. It was a grin that the Prince knew too well...a mischevious grin which betrayed that John was up to something.
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