Knightly Affections IV

Sir John had heard Prince Daniel's return before he actually saw him. It was Oroboros that gave his Prince's arrival away: the steady rhythm of the horse’s hooves on the cobbled entry of Strathmore.

Several years ago, during a campaign in Greece, he found this stallion…neither a war horse, nor battle trained but an exceptionally smart equine. The two grew together as rider and steed should, their relationship slowly evolving into companionship. Giving the horse to the Prince as a gift was an easy, intuitive decision. There was just the issue of the name. "Orboros" came quite quickly to him. In Greek mythology, he had learned, there is the form of a serpent in a circular shape, eating its own tail, Ouroboros. This signifies recreation, a constant renewal. Sir John felt this way about the horse as well as his relationship with the Prince. John had dropped the "u" from the original spelling, O’u’roboros on a joke. The repetition of the sound “oh” reminded Sir John of their amorous times.

The two stood there sharing a private moment with one another. He simply could not help himself after Daniel had adjusted himself in such an obvious way. John's tongue had moistened his lips seductively... and the Prince knew exactly what was meant by this. Laughter, a warm grip on the shoulder... it was perfect.

“I trust your journeys went well and were uneventful, my Prince.”

“They were, Sir John.”

“I'm having a bath drawn for you. And tonight there will be a feast in honor of your return to Strathmore. Though you have been gone for only a few days, you have been missed....greatly.”

“And I have missed being here.”

“Tomorrow I've arranged for a hunt for you and I.”

“Just us?”

“Yes, my Prince. We have a great deal of catching up to do.”

For a while the two remained very close to one another and not speaking. They were communicating in other way. Eyes locked and a smile on both faces made it quite clear what was being said. Between them was a surging energy which continued to build by the moment.

John continued, “Now....shall you have that bath, Sire?”

Yet another smile broke out across his face as he looked into Daniel's eyes. He melted in that instant, his brain full of thoughts that he simply could not share in such a public place.

With those thoughts firmly ingrained, the evening was certain to be one of high spirits, passion and perhaps a few surprises. Sir John lived for the opportunity to make his prince feel extraordinarily special. He did so in thought, word and deed. And Daniel returned the reverence tenfold. After so many years of shared reliance and trust, there could be little doubt that this relationship, on both sides, was one of unequivocal devotion.

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