Knightly Affections II

Sir John's sl**ping quarters were perfectly adequate. More than adequate in fact. His quarters, while spartan, contained almost everything to make him comfortable: his bed (of straw covered in furs during the winter, a light wool blanket in the warmer months) just large enough for him to stretch out to sl**p, a chest made of alderwood having the Prince's coat of arms inlaid with ash (a gift from the Prince himself), a modest campaign desk and a small stool. The stone walls were secure around him and a window looked towards the west. Sir John knew that most knights do not, as a rule, have private quarters. He also knew that being a knight for Prince Daniel was not quite like being a knight for anyone else.

Prince Daniel descended from a long line of fair and just rulers. He would be king one day. Sir John often thought that, in some ways, the Prince already was king. The day would come when the Prince took his rightful place on the throne. Sir John would be there, ready to advance upon any perceived threat to the Prince... and deal with it conclusively. This was and would be his primary role but the two had more connecting them than just that.

Sir John had been in the service of the Prince Daniel for several years now, fought by his side in battle and now had been assigned the duty of the Prince's personal guard as well as lead knight, responsible for executing the orders of Prince Daniel. It was a position Sir John was proud of and completely satisfied with. He could think of no other, no better, no more important role than to fulfill his Prince's commands. Recently, though, Price Daniel had softened a bit around Sir John. Softened not in the way to question the Prince's resolve. Softened to a more personal level. The two were indeed friends, companions and, quite recently, even more than that.

On this evening Sir John had returned to his quarters after checking to make sure every guard was in place and prepared for the night watch. Closing the heavy door behind him he sat his shield and sword down. As he walked towards the window he began to loosen the leather straps holding his breastplate on as well as those on the chain mail beneath. Slipping them over his head and stepping out of the remainder of his clothing, the knight stood nude in the fading light casting his gaze out through the window, across the open square to the glowing light of the Prince's private chambers. How he longed to see the Prince just now. He longed for his friend...his companion.

It is true that the Prince had not only been in this room before but that the two of them had “knowledge: of one another. Sir John and Prince Daniel had made love on a number of occasions. Of course, this was kept between them as their special secret. The Prince would come to Sir John in the night, remove his clothes and the two would spend many passionate hours together. The Prince's gentle face and countenance as well as his lithe body were enormously attractive to Sir John. When the Prince became fully aroused his endowment was truly impressive: a curving shaft leading up from heavy, low-slung testicles to a massive helmet at the tip. The dusting of hair on the Princes chest, the strong legs...physically, the Prince was remarkable... but it was his passion that truly mesmerized Sir John.

Exhausted, the knight climbed onto the was warm enough to remain uncovered. The cool evening air caressed his skin like the fingers of his Prince often had. Not a moment or two after his head met the straw and fur of the bed did his eyes close and he drifted off. Sir John dreamt that night. A similar dream came to him every night. The situation was different each time but the participants (the characters in the dream) always remained the same. In every dream it was the Prince and Sir John...alone.

In this dream Prince Daniel had come to him (as the Prince had done on a number of occasions). However, this time the two had not made love (quite a regular occurrence in both his dreams and in reality)... the Prince was simply there...watching over him as he slept in a similar way to how Sir John watched over the Prince during the day.

Sir John awoke from that dream in the small hours of the morning and sat bolt upright, stood and went to the window. He could see Prince Daniel below, just now mounting his horse. He could imagine those strong legs gently squeezing around he horse in encouragement – urging the horse forward – and for a moment jealousy washed over him for he remembered that exact sensation only in a completely different context. Sir John did not breathe and could feel his heart pounding as he looked down watching his dear, true friend about to begin his journey. The Prince would return soon, he hoped. The two would share stories from their time time apart as well as re-kindle the lustful thoughts that each one bore for the other... or so Sir John hoped.

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