Knightly Affections

It was 2 days before the weekend of Great Remembrance and Prince Daniel not wanting to leave his favorite knight Sir John without saying farewell, stealthily made his way through the dark and damp castle passages into the knights’ quarters. The heavy oak door creaked as it lazily opened to reveal the sight of Sir John, asl**p on a makeshift mattress of wool and fur…his well toned, naked body splayed across the bedding and bathed in the moonlight shining through a nearby window. What a sight to see this man of goodness and strength so vulnerable and exposed. As Prince Daniel advanced further into the chamber he stood at the head of the bed…his eyes caressing the perfect form of this slumbering warrior…long limbed and taut-torsoed with a graceful, masculine line and ample endowment…the striking face…deep set eyes, a strong brow, nose and jaw ever peaceful in its expression. And the mouth that he had tasted dozens of times and had given him pleasure beyond his wildest imaginings…the prince’s obsession of choice...would be spared this night. He stood over Sir John gazing upon him, smiling…revering the man he was privileged to call friend and companion. Not wanting to stir him from his rest, Prince Daniel quietly knelt, his hand brushing the fleece as he steadied himself on the bed frame. And in one continuous motion he bent and placed the most tender kiss on the forehead of Sir John. His barely moist lips lingered but a second as he enjoyed the warm exchange. And with that, he slowly stood and backed toward the door. But before turning to leave, he once more glanced back on his drowsing friend and smiled, remembering past encounters and anticipating future ones that would end not nearly as briefly and simply but none with more satisfaction and affection.
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19 days ago
hope there is more to cum in this Knights tale