Our unfinished meeting...

We met in the train station. I was in the city visiting my new place I haven't moved into yet because it's taking forever to finish the renovations. I had just gotten off the train and was rushing for the subway. There was a blockage of some sort,Gotta love the city. I wandered towards the bathroom. People everywhere. He bumped into me, spilling my fresh coffee.
"Ow!" I screamed as the hot coffee poured down my open shirt.
"Oh, shit I'm so sorry, here please!" replied the man who bumped into me. He handed me a handkerchief. I wiped myself off. i looked up into his milky blue eyes. He was much older than me, much wiser, much more mysterious.
He smiled at me and instantly I found myself enthralled in his gaze. We began talking and he asked me to coffee. He insisted as I instantly declined, but eventually agreed to join him. Something about him drew me in.
We found a dimly lit restaurant and went inside. The whole time I could feel his eyes, undressing me, loving me, wanting me. After a long, wonderful dinner, and several glasses of wine later we found ourselves holding hands and smiling as it began to rain. Soon I found myself up against the brick wall of the ally his hand up my shirt. Grabbing at my wet breasts. I moaned as he pinched and played with my nipples, squeezing, pinching, groping, hard and sensual, the way I love it. Soon I found myself on my knees with his hard long cock in my mouth. It pulsed and grew as I sucked harder and faster. I could feel him growing in my mouth. It was so hard I almost choked. He pulled me up and soon I felt his cock penetrate me, soft and gentle at first then as the rain feel down harder, he pushed harder and harder, faster and faster. I cried out to the stormy skies, I could feel each thrust and each pulsing moment inside of me. His eyes were dark and grey as he grabbed my throat and pushed down. I could hardly see, hardly breathe, then... I was on the ground, in a large puddle, and... he was gone... I picked myself up and ran for cover.. wondering if I'd ever see him again..

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2 years ago
Some fly-by-night trysts just don't pan out. But, the hunt goes on, never over, never ending! On day soon.....???
2 years ago
Thanks for adding me!
2 years ago
Good !!!
2 years ago
Short sexy story of an unexpected long love encounter! ;-)P
Please write more, my friend - porn poet Pete

PS: I've a new story up as well:
Harder than your husband.
2 years ago
I love your stories. Short but with all the intensity of the encounter.
2 years ago
very good