Rebecca the Maid

Rebecca is a maid who works for Gary and Stella Hamershmit. One day, Rebecca was cleaning Mr. Hammershmit’s office while his wife was out shopping somewhere. While Gary was heading home from work, Rebecca notices a hidden stash of porn in a secret compartment in the drawer. As she was looking through them, she got herself to be horny and began to play with her pussy. Gary comes home and starts going upstairs towards his office. He comes in and sees Rebecca having fun with herself, noticing her naked curves and her wet pussy. Rebecca stops and was startled. She drops the porn mags and leaves the office.

The next day, Stella leaves the house again to meet with her friends for tea. Rebecca is cleaning the living room. Frank goes downstairs and goes through the living room to the kitchen. He begins to do work on his laptop. He tries to do his work, but lost focus when he sees Rebecca’s nice ass as she cleans the TV. He stops his work and approaches closer to Rebecca in the living room. He grabs her hips and tells her to stop what she is doing. Gary says, “I like what you did yesterday in my office, why not show me again?” Rebecca was hesitant, but Gary moves his body closer to hers. They start to rub against each other faster and faster.

His hands start to move under Rebecca’s maid dress and begin to do a circular motion on her ass. As he continues to do so, she was taking off his pants and starts to rub his underwear as his dick gets harder through the movements. They start to kiss and make out. His penis comes out of the clothing and Rebecca starts to stroke it slowly and then faster. Gary takes off Rebecca’s uniform and she takes off his shirt. They are both lying on the sofa.

Gary starts to finger her pussy as she moans to the movements. She enjoys it so much that she starts to cum. He smiles and moves his head towards her tits as he starts to suck on them gently. Rebecca’s fingers go through his hair and she starts to bite her lips. After he was done pleasuring her, moves his head lower and kisses her smooth parts as he goes lower to her vagina. He starts to lick it and fingering it while Rebecca starts to cum with pleasure. “Mix my juices,” Rebecca said to Gary as she plays with her boobs. Gary puts his penis towards her clit and starts to tease her. She begins to laugh due to the tingling sensations. He starts to cum and has his penis play with her pussy. She continues to moan.

Gary’s long thick juicy cock goes into Rebecca’s warm pussy and starts to fuck her hard. She screams with joy and tells him to make the friction faster. He does it and starts to move her tities to excite her more. He then moves her body to sit on top of him doing a reverse cowgirl on the sofa. She screams louder and says she loves it so much. He stops and pulls out his dick so her juices can go down and have his cum mix in with hers. She starts to laugh and he inserts it in again and continues to do her.

After that was done, he moves her to do doggy style and starts to spanks her ask. Gary says, “Who’s your master?” Rebecca replies, “You are sir.” “You are doing a great job servant,” Gary says as he spanks her until her ass cheeks are red like roses. “Fuck me harder master, I deserve it!” Rebecca says and he fucks her harder than he ever did with Stella. Once they stop, she goes on her knees and starts to suck on his cock. “What a yummy cock you have, master,” Rebecca says. “Suck it dry servant,” Gary says and so she begins to suck his penis. She strokes him very hard so that he can come a lot and when the juices come out, she sucks it. She also spits on his dick and licks it off. “Good servant, very good,” Gary says as he enjoys his cock being sucked by Rebecca. Once she was done, she climbs came to his arms and start to continue fucking until his wife opens the door and sees them having sex.

“HONEY?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Stella says.
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7 months ago
rebecca sounds like a good little subbie
1 year ago
a hot beginning - does it go on with a threesome?
While reading it, I imagined that you are the maid Rebecca, wearing this skimpy dress to please your master:
2 years ago
very nice innoncently, I love how erotic you are and you sharing your thoughts. Lets chat sometime sexy.
2 years ago
Very nice...And what was his response?