Innocent until introduced to sex

This is me :)

This is my first story so I hope you enjoy. Just so you know I am 18 but these stories are based around when I was about 4 years younger then I am now (You do the math hehe)

I hadn't had any sexual contact with any guy and didn't understand anything about sex, while in school I would pretend I knew what other people were on about but I had no idea. As I have a curvy body, small breasts, tiny waist and wide hips with a big round ass I got a lot of attention from the guys. Our school uniform was a short skirt and shirt. I would usually wear a black bra and tight little white girly panties. I wore these panties as one day I decided to wear a black lace thong and the older guys fancied me and spoke about fucking my big round ass, they lifted my skirt up showing my big bare ass in this tiny thong, ever since then I wore little girly panties making me look more innocent which then got me more attention as they all wanted to fuck me. I would ignore all of the comments as I didn't know anything of what they were saying at that time, talking about cumming over my big ass and legs, I didn't know what cum was and they asked if I squirted, I didn't know what that meant either. Other things I got told was they wanked over me loads thinking of my big round ass and tight bald pussy, or they wanted a tit sank, I didn't know what wanking was.

In my home life I only had my Daddy, my Mummy passed when I was born, Daddy never spoke to me about sex so this is why I never knew.

One day I was curious of all these things the guys at school spoke about. The day I decided to ask this was a sunny day, me and Daddy were sunbathing in the garden. I wore my tight bikini showing my big round ass amazingly and tight to my tiny little bald mound pussy, my bikini top was a little big and what I didn't know was that Daddy had seen my nipples a few times that day. Daddy wore his tiny little speedo trunks. I could clearly see his penis and testicles.

"Yes honey?"
"Whats wanking?"
"Where did you hear that from?!"
"Guys in school say they do it over me all the time, can you show me?"

With that I saw my Daddy wriggle where he was laying and suddenly see the bulge in his trunks grow. Without hesitation he took me inside and took down his trunks, his cock was getting hard and a lot bigger, I could feel my pussy tingle watching it grow.

"Now I don't want you telling anyone I've shown you this."
"I promise Daddy."
"If you want me to show you you'll have to take your bikini top off."

I untied my bikini and watched as his cock began growing even more.

"Now for a guy to wank properly he has to get his penis erect like Daddy's is right now. Then he will rub his foreskin back and forward like this."

Daddy began wanking, his cock right in front of my face, it looked huge, bigger then guys in school who have shown me pictures of theirs.

"What is a tit wank then Daddy?"

He took a step forward and rested his cock between my tiny breasts, pushing them together he rubbed his cock between them.

"One last question, what is cum?"
"If you want to know you're going to have to suck my cock"

Without hesitation I leant forward and took him into my mouth, he was loving this, looking down to find his dirty little daughter sucking his big cock, I loved it at the time, I didn't know this wasn't right to be sucking my own Daddy's cock but I loved it, I liked the taste and the feel of it in my mouth. I could feel his cock tensing so much more in my mouth before he pulled his cock out and continued wanting until white stuff began shooting out all over my breasts, I watched in amazement as I saw Daddy loving every minute of it, he was moaning and smiling so much. There was a lot of it and it dribbled down off my small breasts, down my stomach and covered my thighs.

"Now this is cum, if that goes inside your vagina you will get pregnant, be careful of that darling."
"This was fun Daddy, can we do this again sometime?"
"Sure honey, so long as you promise to never tell anyone."
"I promise Daddy."
"Good, now take the rest of your bikini off and get some tan on that big round ass and tight bald pussy for Daddy."

I did as he asked, he started to sunbathe naked with me.
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1 year ago
Very sexy
1 year ago
Good Story but it was too short... Maybe a Part 2 is in the works?
1 year ago
good story what happens next?
1 year ago
My guess, too. The writing style is that of a man, pretending.
1 year ago
Schools been good for you. Great writing skills and content . More please
1 year ago
very good start
1 year ago
That girl is not 18!!! She is still in school amd just finished her gcses i know that because im good freinds with her MUM and dad someone has usee that photo!
1 year ago
i agree with your thoughts
1 year ago
i agree................
1 year ago
Very nice story and such a great way to start to learn about sex. I do hope you continue to write more for us and that each story gets a little more exciting as you enjoy even more sex.
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
Great story. I cant wait for more.
1 year ago
great story. i love you took daddies cock in your mouth without question
1 year ago
Great story. Hope you have more for us.
1 year ago
Daddy was a lucky man, great story hope you post more!!
1 year ago
I was not expecting anything like that, and to be honest, I had a little flash of PTSD from reading it. My first experience was much younger, and for the longest time, I too didn't know that what happened was terribly wrong. This might sound funny, but thank you for posting this story. I hope you're okay now.
1 year ago
nice story,looks forward to more from you
1 year ago
You are cute :) nice story!