My night in

This is a true story about a night in i had two years ago. i was sixt**n at the time and was my first sexual expierience.

It was a Tuesday night and my parents had been away just a few days. They asked my neighbour to check round when he got back from work which was around 8pm to make sure i hadnt been throwing a house party or anything and that i was okay. Our neighbours had only been there around a year, they were a couple in their fourties. The man was named dave and was big and i think he was a builder or something.

There i was again laying alone watching tv that night, the neighbour came earlier than expected for some reason. He rushed through the door and seemed to be in a hurry for some reason so i jumped up thinking something was wrong but he just paused for a minute staring at me, he didnt say a word when i questioned him. He walked towards me grabbing hold of me by the arms, he through me to the floor, i still didnt know what was going on but i assumed i had done something to piss him off...until the next thing happened.

A few seconds later this 40 year old 6ft 2in's man slowly untightened the buckle on his leather belt releasing the rugged jeans he was wearing to his ankles. He was hairier than a bear with a 5 inch penis that was still flasid and huge sagged balls. I still layed there in shock as he slowly squatted over my face, as his ass neared i could barely even see his hole there was so much hair. before i knew it i was being suffocated by this mans huge ass, my nose sotted comfortbly at the entrance of his stinking hole. all i could hear was his groaning and him saying "mmm thats a good boy". He slowly rocked forwards and backwards, i was gasping for breath so much that my tongue slipped up into his tight ring. My eyes were now covered by his sweaty and hairy balls.

i would be lying if i said i was not turned on by this expierience as i got a sudden boner. he noticed that i was enjoying this so he took the pressure off slightly and spread his cheeks so i could slide my full tongue up inside his ring while he finished himself off with his balls lifting and dropping repeatedly against my head.

he got up put his clothes back on and walked out the door saying "shhh". we still live next door to him but nothing has happened or been said since but i wouldnt mind doing something secret with him again as i still wank over that day.

leave your comments below please.

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2 years ago
n then finish part2 of story
2 years ago
got me horny..want more...go do the same for him when his wife out knock door n just snog him
3 years ago
damn kiddd i thought you said you were straight. thats kinky. id just have you suck my dick ... you like dark men? check me ;)
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
Shit, I like it. You need to make next move.