A Dream Cum True...(fiction)

Finding myself single after longer than I'd care to think about, as I settled things I kept up a correspondence I'd been very intrigued by through the part of my life that had ended. I'd behaved physically through the last 2/3 of that relationship, but in dealing with the vanilla my mind had found other releases!

The correspondent I was so taken with had written some stories I was absolutely enamored with and in thanking her for them, an exchange began through which she had come to know me very well. She was one of only a few people in the world that knew all the kinky pieces that made up a puzzle that confused even me at times!

When I finally had things dealt with it was time for a vacation, my first in years. A loop across the Great Lakes states then down the Eastern Seaboard visiting places I'd never had the chance to, I was going to be within a few miles of where she lived. Fear of rejection kept me from asking to set up a meeting, but as I traveled we exchanged messages and when I arrived near her I asked about a bookstore and she said she'd meet me there.

Far too lovely for the likes of me, there was no doubt who she was when she walked in. Her red hair, freckles and blue eyes lit up the place, and her body was stunning; just enough breast to make you want to reach up and tug at her nipples while you worship with your tongue, and an ass could have caused me to step on my tongue had I not been trying to not only be a gentleman, but also knowing I didn't stand a chance! Before she could be swarmed on by those (male and female) whose heads she turned as she walked in, I introduced myself and we found our way to the coffee bar.

"Hi, Wendy; I'm Alan!"

It was like we'd known each other forever, instead of just having met for the first time. I finished a few of her sentences; she finished more than a few of mine. We drank our coffees, had refills and as I offered another, we concluded that dinner might be nice. I hit the "boys room" while she waited for me, then with many turning their heads at our age difference, we left arm in arm.

Her touch on my skin was as electric as her effect on my mind. Her pick for dinner was "fast food", close by and I was so into our conversation I don't even know what I ate. The sun was setting as we left and she said that we were just around the corner from my room and she would walk me back.

When we got there she said that she really could use a chance to pee before she left and I invited her up to my room. I asked if she knew what she was doing and she laughed and said yes she knew exactly what she was doing-and what she was doing to me!

As I pulled my keycard from the door she pushed me through it and latched it behind us, throwing the inside lock as well. She said that she knew how badly I'd always wanted "this" and pushed me to my knees.

I looked up into her blue eyes as she stepped towards me and lifted her skirt and knew exactly what she meant. She had no panties on and I touched my tongue to her and found her peehole and then kissed, then opened my mouth as she began to fill it. I won't say her pee was sweet but it was heady, and good; everything I'd ever dreamt.

When my mouth was almost full I tried to swallow and lost a little out the corners of my mouth. I didn't care, but suddenly her eyes sparkled as she realized I had meant what I said about "never wasting a drop" and the next time she actually stopped her flow to give me a chance to swallow and savor every drop!

Mouthful after mouthful she shared her mead with me, until she was finally empty and my belly was full and starting to bloat a bit; her warmth was radiating through me and giving me a "buzz" I'd never felt before in my life!

As she finished I licked the last few drops from her and then moved to her clit. She didn't seem to mind, pushing me the rest of the way down onto my back and fucking my tongue with her clit until she covered me with her cum. She smiled as she looked down and told me how good that was and that I'd earned a treat!

I think she must have remembered everything I'd ever told her, because then she turned around and as she pushed her hand down into my pants, she settled her asshole onto my tongue and lips! The delight of tasting her that way, as a chaser to the other flavors she'd shared with me was almost too much for me! As I licked and rimmed that newest sweetness she offered, she slipped my pants down and freed my cock. I had told her once that tasting her that way might be too much for me, that she might make me cum without touching me. She wiggled her asshole on my tongue as she told me how purple I was and that I hadn't been k**ding!

Then as she held the head of my cock with one hand, she sc****d her fingernail along the base of it and I couldn't stop myself, I shot all over her hand!

She laughed as she licked her fingers and left a very wet trail of pussy juice down my chest and across my stomach as she turned around...

Then as she slid my still hard cock into the heat of her tightness, she leaned down and kissed me, feeding me back my cum as we slowly fucked.

This time, we took our time; looking up at her as she rode me is one of the memories I'll keep for eternity!

As she came and covered me with her cum I added my own to her goodness and she laid down onto my chest. After a few minutes I turned over and then picking her up off the floor, finally moved her to the bed. She lay there, limp, smiling and only protested slightly when I slid my head between her legs and started licking at the creamy mixture of us that was leaking from her. I just couldn't waste it!

Finally sated, I crawled back up beside her and my last memory that night was of her kissing me and tasting our juices mixed together.

Morning found us still wrapped in each other's arms. Where life goes from here I don't know, but I know where I'd like it to go!

(Starting in the shower if I'm lucky!)

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3 years ago
well what a nice story .. very hot my friend very hot!
3 years ago
Nice story.. kinky and wonderful
3 years ago
Very, very hot. I love it, lucky redhead :D
3 years ago
nice story, thanks for sharing.