my taboo mind

Since I was a very young man I can remember fantasizing about many of my female cousins. I have a very large f****y so some of them were quite distant. The one I jerked to the most though was my first cousin who was a few years younger than me. She used to come over and swim and her bush would hang out the sides of her bikini. It would get me soo hard. Sometimes I'd make her play basketball with me just so I could stare at it while I was on defense. I'm pretty sure her s****r, who was closer to my age, started to notice my affinity with her little s****rs bush. A few weeks later they came to swim and the older s****r had her bush showing, I stared at it quite intently and I'm pretty sure she noticed and let me stare, I think she was jealous of her younger s****r.
I noticed their mom's hairy thighs at one of their soccer games one time and that got me going to. She used to tutor me and I would see her daughters panties on the couch and get so hard thinking about all three of them naked with their big bushes showing for me. On my way home I would pull out my cock and play with it, stopping at a country stop sign and finishing every time.
I've had many, many thoughts about several of my female cousins. I've fantasized about just about all of them old and young. I've always known this was a little dirty, but never really considered it that bad. Recently however, I've been having some other thoughts.
I remember a few years back when I was staying with my b*****r I walked out of my room to go to the bathroom and his wife was topless in the hall wearing just a thong. They were obviously in the middle of something and she was just grabbing a towel, but she knew I saw her. Several times she would wear very tight clothing around me and shirts with no bras showing her perky little nipples. I jerked to her several times while I stayed there. When they got divorced, all I could think about was fucking her.
A couple years ago my f****y was at a lake cottage and we were all getting pretty tipsy and decided to go for a kayak ride. With only two kayaks a different s****r in law of mine had to ride on the front of my kayak. She stripped her pants down and revealed her G-string which I could not take my eyes off of the whole time I was rowing. I've seen her thong in her pants several times now, she also rarely wears a bra. Every time I see her all I can think about is fucking her and how incredibly hot it would be. She's quite a bit younger than my b*****r that she's married too and closer to my age. I wonder what it would be like to worship her feet. I think about her sitting on the couch in my parents living room at a f****y party, me sitting on the floor and every once in a while just giving them a sniff or brushing my lips across them. I imagine her sitting there getting so wet while we think about sneaking downstairs and fucking like crazy.
I think the most fucked up thought I've been having lately actually is what has stemmed all of this taboo fantasy. Thinking about my s****r in law got me so worked up and feeling so dirty I started thinking about one of my s****rs. I remember several times as a k**, seeing her run from the shower to her bedroom completely naked. She never had a real issue with nakedness. Sometimes she would even say something or make a noise if I was nearby, always causing me to look. She had a full bush and I am almost positive this is where my affinity for hairy women came from. To this day she still doesn't care, she will drop trow and pee just about anywhere, she's mooned me on several occasions and I've seen her fake tits. A few months back I was staying at her house. I was in the room in the basement and all the lights were off. I was laying in bed looking at some porn and had my cock in my hand. I thought I heard the basement door open, but heard no one on the stairs so I went about my business. A few seconds later I thought I heard another noise. Fearing it was one of the k**s I quickly pulled my pants up and clicked off the porn. Almost immediately my s****r showed up out of the shadows wanting me to go smoke a cigarette with her. I didn't think much of it at the time but now I can't stop wondering if she saw anything and if she did how long she was standing there for. I keep touching myself imagining what could have been. Playing out different scenarios over and over in my head and thinking about plowing my older s****r over and over after I catch her touching herself in the corner watching me masturbate.
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Tell us more; this is good!