I Watched My Wife Get An Erotic Massage part 2 of

I Watched My Wife Get An Erotic Massage
Shy But She Did It Part 2
By: Me

Written on May 27th, 2012
As my wife was lying there on the bed me and Carl ( the massage guy ) we're talking with her and having a drink.We could help but look up her legs to her brand new black panties , her top had come undone a little and she was showing cleavage. Carl and I decide its time to get things started. He whipsoff to the can to change into jogging pants and t shirt.I help (Anne) to remove her top and lay face down , I then place a towel over her lower back and ass. (Time to get the cock out guys). The music is on lights down low and Carl comes back into the room. He looks at Anne and I could see the lust in his eyes, I nod toward Anne and he get the oil out and starts rubbing her shoulders and back. Ever so slowly he slides the towel down to her ass he then starts at the feet and slowly rubs in the oil all the way up till he slightly touches her pussy. she lets me know this by lifting her head a little and looks at me.. I'm rock hard at this point. So is Carl, but he continues rubbing just as we had planned , slow and deliberate.

Once he had done all her back, legs and inner thighs ( not her ass ) it was time for her to roll over. I held the towel up so Carl could not see her nakedness just yet. Its all in the build up I think !! I laid the towel back over her so her tits we're barely covered. Carl began with the shoulders and arms and again ever so slowly he slide the towel down to her waist while rubbing oil onto her tits and  stomach coming within an inch of her pant covered pussy.
 The towel is taken off , Carl and I stand shoulder to shoulder at the foot of the bed starring and talking about Annes tits and pussy, I say its time for him and I to get naked and continue the massage. While I'm stroking he is oiling up her legs and slowly sliding down her panties, the top off her pussy is showing and Carl is also rock hard.. As he pulls down the panties I climb up and ask Anne if she is O.K. so far and she answers me by pulling on my cock while Carl is massaging her pussy. The panties are gone and Carl starts kissing her thighs working her way up to her pussy. I could tell we're he was by the lustful look in Annes eyes. I got her to suck on my cock while I watched another man enjoy her pussy. Carl decided it was time for him to have his cock sucked so I slide off the bed to a chair and watched, it was most incredible watching her, I couldn'nt stand it for long and got up and slide my cock in her pussy while she gave Carl his blow job. We stayed like this till Anne and I came and Carl had not . I slide off Anne and they moved apart, I thought we we're done so I went to the bathroom. I came out and Anne is giving him a blow/hand job till he came. that was awesome to watch. She did not want to fuck him as this was our first time trying this and she was not ready.
As he was getting dressed Anne put on her rob and as per my request left it open for Carl to see her some more. We said our goodbyes,Anne and Carl hugged and kissed while he played with her pussy one more time, Anne broke it off cause the hotel door was wide open.

totally true
funny thing, one of the things that turned me on the most happened while I was in the bathroom. Anne told me they had laid back down and Carl was kissing her and playing with her pussy begging for her to fuck him... They stopped when I opened the door. I don't know why that gets me going but fuck that was hot..

Hope you enjoyed

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7 months ago
that was awesome. my cock is rock hard, time to enjoy some of your vids