foursome at my friends (true story) part 1

ive known my friend sam for about 15 years now. he lives with his grandparents. me and him do almost everything toegether. we watch porn together although we havent seen each other naked. we do touch each other now and then. until one day...

i was at his house we were bored just watching raywilliamjohnson on youtube so we thought we'd watch some porn together. he opened up xhamster and we were looking through mature porn. we found a video of deauxma getting f***ed to fuck by her girlfriend after she was pushed into a pool. as we were watching it i notcied Sam's dick poking out of his trousers, i knew he was horny. my penis was already hard from watching deauxma getting fucked but seeing Sams dick getting hard made me even harder and hornier. i could feel my penis throbbing in my jeans. my precum was already flowing i could feel the head of my penis moisten which made my boxers a little wet.

Then i saw Sam's hand rubbing his erection. he caught me looking and he said with a quiet voice "ooo you like that? im so fucking horny" and then he moved his hand on to my jeans and started rubbing my boner. this was pretty usual we would do this often. he kept rubbing the head of my penis through my jeans and i could feel it throb even more i was soo hard.

all of a sudden Sam lifed up my tshirt and moved his cold wet fingers on my chest rubbing me across. he went over my nipple several times making them hard. and unexpectedly he took his tongue out and started licking my nipple and sucking on it. i was confused and didnt know what to do, i never knew he would actually lick me, i didnt stop i was too horny so i let him carry on.

after he moved his hand down my body and started to unbuckle my belt. i grabbed his hand and asked "dude are u sure? ive never done this with you im kinda scared. plus your grandma and grandad are in the other room!" but he didnt stop. just before he unbuckled my belt he said "i dont care i want to feel your rod baby".

i didnt stop him then either, i was way too horny. he had successfully unbukled my belt and took off the button of my jeans. he slowly pulled down my boxers reveling my hard dick, it was shiny and wet because of all the precum that fleew out. then to my surprise Sam started rubbing my penis all over his face and he rubbed it on his nose taking deep sniffs. i could hear him moan and the fact that he was smelling my dick just made me go crazy i wanted to cum so bad, but i held it in.

he pulled down my foresking and sniffed all around the head of my penis. he rubed his nose all over my dick which made his nose all wet. he stopped and looked up at me and said "let me suck your dick". i remained speechless once more and he carried on. he was ready to suck my dick off. he spat on my head i could feel his saliva all over it, and he went down and sucked my dick. i could feel his mouth all around my dick and his tongue swirling around my head. it felt like heaven.

he was a sloppy sucker and his spit was all over my dick and it dripped down to my balls and slowly into my crack moistening my asshole. then he moved his hand down my crotch to my asshole, his finger rubbing the rim of it, teasing my tight asshole with my dick still in his mouth.

i totally forgot that his grandparents were in the other room until his grandma barged into his room. she was in her mid 50's and wasnt too old looking. shes a typical mature. she had huge tits and chunky ass. as she barged into the room Sam quickly got up and i tried to put my boxers back on but i was too slow and so horny and so i left them with my hard sore dick hanging out. Sam had spit all around his mouth...

to be continued

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6 months ago
horny story ... what happened next mate? and how old were u both?
2 years ago
Wow...this remindes me and my friend. When he sucked me off at his friends house.
3 years ago
really good
3 years ago
Nice Story Keep it up
3 years ago
Very hot beginning! Hope you don't keep us waiting to long for the rest if it.
3 years ago
Great story, so hard now have to have a wank now
3 years ago
Shit, I'm hard as hell.
3 years ago
Great Story. Yhu shouldve finishd.
3 years ago
Great start, please finish and include Grandma and Grandpa!