One crazy night!

It was a Friday evening. Work was finished and I headed to the bars for a social drink with my friends. As we all met up, I noticed a sexy looking blonde at the bar with her friends. They were downing shots, drinking and laughing. As the night went on, I kept my eye on her waiting for an opportunity to speak to her. Finally, it arrived. She headed to the toilet. As she came out and started heading back to her friends, I stopped her. She was wearing red lipstick, a tight red dress and white high heel shoes. I looked her up and down and it was turning me on. She had big lips, perfect for the ultimate blow job. Her tits were a nice size and they wanted to pop out of her dress. The best thing was she was tall so she had beautiful long legs.

I asked her "Hey, I've been watching you all night, can I get you a drink?" She looked at me in disgust and replied, "Go away!" and she continued back to her friends. A normal person would have called it a day, but not me. I kept on thinking, how am I going to get this girl. She is sooooo sexy,I cant let this opportunity slip me by. My friends at this time were getting ready to leave, of course I didnt want to. I noticed a group of young lads hovering near the girls and then they went in for the kill. The girls (pretty embrassed) that some young c***dren were chatting them up got upset and told them to move. They didnt. They kept on trying it on with the girls. This was my opportunity to sort them out. Then I realised, I'm all alone. My friends have gone, maybe this isn't the best idea. To cut a long story short, I pucked up the courage and went over. "these boys giving you trouble?" I asked the girls. "Yeah, they won't leave us alone". Now I aint a massive guy, no pun intended but big enough to handle myself. The boys didnt really want any of me and decided to leave. It was my lucky day. I brought the girl a drink. Her name was Susie. As the night went on, we ended up in the nightclub. On the dancefloor, she grinded her sexy ass on my crouch. I wanted to bang her brains out there and then. She kept teasing me and whispering naughty words in my ear. "I want you now" " I wanna taste your cock" "My nipples are hard for you". By this time, I had a massive hard on and boy could she feel it. She took me over to a corner and proceeded to handle my cock, rubbing it up and down on the outside of my jeans.

Her friends arrived, horrible timing. They were leaving, it was 2am in the morning. I took her number and told her I would see her later on. She got into a cab with her friends and they headed home. I recieved a text a couple of minutes later with her address. I got the tube and finally made my way home. I didnt even wait for the bus and ran from the station. I got into my car, put the address on my sat nav and with an hour of leaving the club, I was outside Susie's house. I called her. "Climb in from the window" she said. I cant climb to save my life but when it comes to sex, I'll do anything. I managed to climb up into her bedroom without making too much noise. "My parents are asl**p so we better be quiet" she whispered. I pushed her sexy body up against the wall and my tongue explored her mouth. She was an excellent kiseer. Her juicy lips pressed up against mine and our tongues were fighting to gain control of one another. My hands started to explore her tight thin body. My hands were running up and down her curves on her hips. She g****d my left hand and moved it onto her tits.

She pushed her lips into mine forcing my rock hard penis between her legs. She was moaning with plesure. I hadnt even started I was thinking to myself. I started to take off her dress, whilst kissing her deeply at the same time. ONce the dress came off,I continued to f***e her up against the wall. She pushed me away and slowly took off her bra revealing her mouth watering tits. She had the perfect nipples and I wanted to suck on them.She then took off her underwear revealing a shaven pussy. Right there and then, I took off all my clothes. She jumped on me, I held her as we kissed passionately. I dropped to the floor, she was on top of me. She licked my neck and started whispering in my ear " I want you to fuck the shit out of me" I haven't tried anal before but I am sure she didnt mean that. She continued to kiss and lick my neck. She moved her tongue all over my body, exploring every inch and covering it with her warm saliva. She made her way down to my chest, over my stomach and finally to my huge awaiting cock. She started by licking my tip, rolling her tongue around my bellend as my juices started to flow out. My hips were making involunteery thrusts. She moved down to the bottom and back up. She made it wet all over. Then she finally put her cock into her mouth. My dick felt a warm and wet feeling, it was amazing. She gagged on my cock for a while, and I knew she was enjoying herself. Her hands were rubbing my balls as I lay there with my eyes closed having the time of my life. Suddenly, there was a knock on her door........... To be continued!
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