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Jan was going to her first porn filming. She was so excited. She loved sex and wanted to see herself on the big screen naked and with men and women. She had been having sex since she was twelve when her step-dad began to notice her and then started to feel her body and soon was finger fucking her till he needed to poke his cock in her. She loved fucking him and loved when he ate her pussy and tongue fucked her. By the time she was f******n he was fucking her cunt and ass and she was deepthroating his cock balls deep. He loved to lay beside her and suck her nipples till they were so stretched and long. She grew huge tits which kept him wanting her more and more. She found that not wearing a bra really turned him on and he found ways to be alone with her. At the age of fifteen she had DD tits. She still met with him and fucked him often.

As she arrived at the studio, they took her to a back room and told her to undress and put on the silk see-thru robe that barely covered her ass. A man by the name of Jal came in and took off the robe. He stared at her naked body and turned her around. Then a woman came in with a towel and tray of objects. Jal began to feel her tits and pinch her nipples. He said "Natural tits. That is good. And they are huge and will look good in a sex scene." He then spread her legs and spread her pussy lips. His fingers found her clit and rolled it between two fingers. He remarked "Nice big clit and puffy pussy lips. Now lets see how tight that cunt is." As he slid a finger into her hole. Then he slid another till he had four fingers in her. He told her "Grab my fingers with those cunt muscles tight as you can." As she grabbed his fingers he then began to finger fuck her till he made her cum. She loved being finger fucked but he pulled his wet fingers out and turned her around to check her ass.

He spread her ass cheeks and pushed his wet fingers deep into her ass. He then finger fucked her ass as the woman handed him something from the tray she had. It was a foot long vibrator. As he finger fucked her ass he turned the vibe on and pushed it in her cunt. He fucked her ass and cunt till he had her moaning and cumming. He then told the woman "She will be perfect. Big tits, tight cunt and ass and loves to be finger fucked. Her first scene will be with Mary. I want two hot sluts before the men join them."

They took her naked to a bedroom. A naked girl was there and she too had huge tits and a great ass. They stood Jan by a window with a foot on a chair and arched her back so her tits stood at attention. She was to make hot love to the sexy girl. As the camera started the girl walked behind Jan and reached around and began to rub her tits as she pressed her tits into Jan's back. She pulled and twisted and fondled Jan's tits before she turned her to face her and began to kiss Jan licking her mouth with her tongue. Jan shoved her tongue deep in the girl's mouth and began to kiss and suck her tongue. The girl moaned and Jan grabbed her tits. She twisted the nipples feeling them get hard.

Then both girls kept kissing as they ran their hands down to the pussies and started grabbing clit and stroking hard till they were cumming for each other. Then they began to finger fuck each others cunts. They rammed three fingers all the way in and fucked hard. The girl stuck out her tongue as they finger fucked and Jan began to suck her tongue. It was very erotic and her pussy was on fire. Then the girl pushed Jan down on the bed and as she punished her tits with her hands began to eat her pussy. She licked and sucked Jan's clit and then licked to her fuck hole. She licked all around the hole till her tongue then dove in and she began to suck and tongue fuck Jan like she had never been fucked before and Jan was cumming and cumming as the girl kept ramming her tongue in deeper and deeper.

Then the girl moved her finger to Jan's ass and as she tongure fucked her cunt she finger fucked her ass. Jan felt she may pass out from cumming so fast and so hard. She put four fingers in Jan's ass and stretched it wide. She moved her face to the ass and spit on it and then began to lick it. As she licked her one hand began to finger fuck the cunt and her tongue entered Jan's ass. She pushed her tongue in deep and Jan could tell this girls knew how to tongue fuck an ass. She kept Jan cumming for close to an hour before she pulled her fingers out and straddled Jan's face. She rubbed her cunt over Jan's lips as Jan found the cunt and began to lick her. She was giving the girl and deep and hot cunt licking when she felt some one spread her legs and a cock entered her cunt deep. It was a long thick rod and filled Jan full. He then began to fuck jan hard and deep.

As he fucked jan's cunt, she licked and sucked the cum from the girls cunt. The harder he fucked her the harder Jan sucked the pussy. The girl grabbed Jan's head and held it tight to her pussy and Jan licked and sucked and tongued. Her face was covered in the young girls cum. Just then the cock sprayed her cunt with a huge load of cum. It was warm and thick and filled her wet hole. The man pulled his cock out and put the girl down to Jan's cunt and she began to lick the cum from her. As she was cleaning the cunt the man spread her ass cheeks and pushed his huge cock into her ass. The girl was getting ass fucked with that huge monster cock as she ate pussy. This went on for about another hour and then the man pulled his cock out and pushed both girls onto the bed and layed between them and took turns sucking their tits. The camera caught every suck he did as his mouth covered the huge mounds.

They were given two hours before the next scene would take place.
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2 years ago
hot story
2 years ago
2 years ago
Really enjoyable, LOVE the start, doing the step daddy is sooooooooo horny..
I hope you post some more.
Cheers Bert
2 years ago
AWESOME I loved it I would love to hear more of this!