Hubby eats creampie for first time, wifey has expl

You may notice on my profile that my wife is a bit uptight about sex. This a damn shame because she truly is hot, a beauty to behold, and has not always been so uptight. In our early years we played a lot, never outside of marriage, but lot's of fun within. With the advent of c***dren all of that slowly went out the door and it got to the point where sex was rare. Porn was my best friend. All the k**s are gone, and here is this damn fine looking woman that says she won't masturbate, suck dick, no toys...HOWEVER....she loves for me to eat that pussy. Lately she has been a little on the horny side (finally!). I have been interested in eating my own creampie for a short while and came up with a possible plan. We had a couple glasses of wine. This makes her a little less inhibitive. Started as we usually do, light kisses on the neck, working my way down to her tits, playing kneading and sucking, going lower and probing her soft wetness with my fingers, and then making my way down to park my face in my favorite parking place...between her soft thighs. As I licked, her clt starts to swell, then I insert my finger and find that wonderful G-Spot, I tease her, let her get to the edge of orgasm, then back off. Instead of letting her orgasm, and then fucking as we usually do, I moved north without letting her orgasm and we went to fucking. I came....I started out inside and then partially withdrew to get some cum on those lovely swollen pussy lips. I then pulled completely out...BUT...she had not had enough...she pushed my head down to between her thighs....and I went to eating that creampie. NICE! My cum mixed with her hot pussy juices really did not have a bad flavor. The raw sexiness of eating slick, wet and gooey was awesome. AND then she came, and came, and came! As we lay in each others arms, she told me that was the best orgasm she has had in some time. Maybe she is not as uptight as I think. I just wished she worshipped cock almost as much as I worship pussy. I am really looking forward to the day when she whispers in my ear, "Stick that in my ass." Like she used to...
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2 months ago
Nice story... I've been eating my own creampies for a LONG time. So damned GOOD. So HOT, too.
5 months ago
Joe loved it I love eating cream filled pussy make her cum she gives me a squirt.
1 year ago
Love that stuff!!
3 years ago
Trying to make this happen with my gf... it's a work in progress.
3 years ago
I love to eat my own cream pies. My wife finds it very arousing and will cum fast and hard.
3 years ago
Enjoyed reading.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story! As far as pics and such just start out slowly with her. Once she sees the response she gets, she may start getting into it more.

3 years ago
I hope to upload some piks of her as soon as she will let me take some nudes.