What a surprise

This is a true story that happened the other night.
It all started with me getting in from work after working overtime. The first thing that struck me was the house was very quiet. My wife Ann was sat in the living room watching the TV.
“Where are the k**s?” I asked her.
“ Oh they are having a sl**pover at their friends so we’ve got the house to ourselves. Are you tired?” she said
”No but I will go for a relaxing bath” I said.
I went upstairs and started to run the bath. I was looking forward to relaxing in it but my mind began to drift to spending a nice quiet evening with Ann and perhaps cuddling up later.
As soon as the bath had run I stepped into it and immediately the rigours of the day began to ebb away and I began to drift into a very relaxed state.
I had been laid there for about 10 minutes when I heard the stairs creaking and knew it was Ann coming up them. Then I heard her go into our bedroom. I lay in the bath quietly and could hear her moving around in there.
I heard the wardrobe door open, then the drawers in there. She must be getting changed to relax for the evening I thought.
I lay back in the bath and relaxed a bit more. Perhaps we may make love later I thought, no k**s to interrupt.
After about 5 minutes I heard the bathroom door open. “Are you going to be long” Ann said through the door.
“No not long” I said.
“That’s good” she said and I heard the door close again.
I got up out of the bath and began to dry myself. I felt my cock begin to harden as I thought about why Ann wanted to know how long I would be. What had she in mind?
I wrapped the towel around me and open the bathroom door. The light was on in our bedroom and I could smell the scent of perfume on the landing. I slowly opened the bedroom door and the sight that greeted me stirred a hardness further in my cock.
Ann was laid on the bed. She was dressed in a wench outfit which was very see thro on the top so I could clearly see her 36B tits and nipples showing. I could see that the nipples were very erect. She also had black panties on and a black garter belt with black stockings.
“Looks like your pleased to see me” she said, looking at the bulge under my towel and licking her lips.
“Why don’t you come here?” she said.
Her perfume filled the air as I moved round to the side of the bed and stood alongside her.
She reached her hand out and slid it up my leg and thigh. I felt her reach my balls and begin to caress them.
“Feel good?” she said.
“Yes” I groaned.
Then I felt her hand stroke up my cock and start to move up and down.
“Want me to be your little slut for the night?” she said looking up at me.
“Do I need to tell you?” I said.
She moved her hand and gently unwrapped my towel to reveal my 8” cock proud and erect for her.
Slowly she lowered her head and flicked her tongue on the very tip of my cock. Precum oozed out and she licked it off. Slowly she circled the tip of my cock with her tongue, all the time looking up at me with her beautiful blue eyes, which were filled with pure lust.
“MMMM tastes good” she said.
Her tongue then licked up and down my hard shaft, feeling every contour and twitching as it pulsed at her touch. She then dribbled some spit from her mouth into her hand and began to work her hand up and down my cock while her tongue still circled the tip.
She then took my cock and began to rub it up and down her stockinged legs. The feel of the nylon on my cock started to make it harder. She knew I loved stockings and especially black ones.
“You are a dirty little whore” I said.
“Yes and I know you love it” Ann replied.
My hands wandered to her tits and I began to caress them through the thin silk of her wench outfit. Her nipples began to harden and she looked at me and said “I need you now”
I laid down on the bed beside her and noticed her favourite dildo laid on the bed. I picked it up and began to rub it on the outside of her panties, which were already wet. She was obviously very turned on. Her body rose off the bed to meet the head of the dildo but I withdrew it.
“Not yet. You need to be begging for it before I satisfy you.” I said.
I moved on the bed into an almost 69 position so that I could pull her panties to one side, and my cock was up near her face. She took hold of my cock again and began to lick and suck it.
While she did that I pulled her panties to one side and slid the dildo into her wet pussy. She let out a little gasp of pleasure.
“Fuck me with it while you cum in my mouth” she said.
I noticed she had opened the cleavage of her wench outfit and was massaging her tits and nipples.
With my other hand I reached up and began to massage them as well.
She bent her head down and began to suck one of her nipples as I played with the other. There is nothing more horny than watching a slut suck her own tits I thought.
She suddenly left her tits and began to handplay with my cock before opening her lips to take my cock deep into her mouth.
“MMMMMMMMM” I gasped.
She was now sucking hard on my cock and I could tell by her intensity that she was getting very wet in her pussy. She gave a little shiver as an orgasm swept over her.
This brought me to the edge and I warned her I was about to cum as she never swallowed.
She briefly withdrew my cock from her mouth. “No I want you to cum in my mouth” she said and started sucking again.
“You dirty little slut” I said and she sucked harder and I began to thrust into her mouth. I also pounded the dildo into her pussy as she ground her hips up and down towards it.
I could then feel the wave of cum shooting up my cock and she shook as it spurted into her mouth.
She sucked and sucked until there was no more cum left in my cock and then licked her way around my shaft to get every last drop.
“Ann that was wonderful” I said as she shook from the orgasms pulsating through her body as I finished her off with the dildo.
“The night is young” she said with a seductive glint in her eyes.

To be continued………

I lay back on the bed feeling wonderful after Ann had sucked my cock until I came in her mouth. She was still laid next to me in her wench outfit with her black panties pulled to one side. She was slowly moving her dildo in and out of her pussy and I could still smell the scent of her orgasm from her pussy.
Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring downstairs.
“Who can that be?” I said looking at Ann puzzled.
“Don’t worry. I’ll go” she said and got up from the bed.
She put her black gown on from the back of the bedroom door and I heard her going down the stairs.
I lay back thinking I hope she’s not long as I could feel my cock beginning to stir again.
Then there was voices. They seemed to be coming up the stairs. Giggles and whispers.
I quickly grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me just as Ann came back in the bedroom. She had Debbie with her.
Debbie was an old friend of ours. She was younger than Ann. What would be described as a BBW but very horny and we very often sat together as a threesome and talked openly about sex.
She was dressed in a tight black lowcut top, black skirt and what I imagined to be black stockings. I could see her 40DD tits straining at the black top. I had always had fantasies about her tits since we met her and secretly had tried to catch glimpes of them when she came to see us. I had even brushed past her at times just to feel her tits rub against me.
“We didn’t expect you to come round tonight” I said to Debbie.
She looked at Ann and smiled. “Ann invited me. And told me me to dress up” she said.
My cock stirred under my towel. Did she mean what I thought she meant?
“Looks like I arrived just in time” Debbie said and sat down on the bed beside me.
Her hand wandered to the towel wrapped round me and she began to stroke my cock through the towel. My cock jumped and she looked at me with a knowing look in her eyes.
“Do you mind?” she asked Ann smiling.
“Be my guest” Ann replied.
Debbie leant towards me and pressed her lips onto mine. Her tongue pressed into my open mouth and I could feel her grab my cock in her hand as our tongues circled each other in our mouths.
Now my heart began to beat. Two hot sluts wanting my cock and my attention. The evening was getting better and better.
I put my hand on Debbie’s stockinged thigh and started to slide it upwards. It slid under her skirt and I felt the top of her stockings and bare flesh. She sighed. It then reached her pussy and I slid two fingers in as I discovered she had no panties on.
By this time Ann had sat the other side of me and was stroking my thigh up my leg. She took hold of the towel and slowly removed it.
Debbie gasped. “My god his cock’s as good as you told me” she said.
“mmmmmmmm” Ann replied. “Big hard and 8” of pure pleasure”
I removed my hand from up Debbie’s skirt and reached out to touch her tits through her top.
“You always wanted to touch her tits haven’t you. I’ve seen you looking at them” said Ann.
I blushed but I could tell she didn’t mind me looking and even touching now.
“They are gorgeous Debbie. Do you mind showing them to me?” I said.
Debbie took hold of her top and pulled it down and her tits flopped out into my hands. God they felt good and her large nipples were erect.
I bent my head down and began to lick them. God I had waited for years to do this and I planned to enjoy it fully.
She now pushed me away and lay back on the bed.
She pulled her skirt up to reveal her stockings and wet pussy.
Ann now leant over and flicked her tongue onto Debbie’s pussy.
I could tell they had done this to each other before and those nights that Ann went to Debbie’s house each week began to make sense.
Ann moved away and told me to straddle across Debbie.
“Give me a good titfuck” Debbie said. “Love cock between my tits”
I didn’t need asking twice and I lay my cock between her cleavage. It felt so good. She pushed her tits in from either side onto my cock and my cock was engulfed into them.
Meanwhile Ann moved up the bed and perched herself on the top of the headboard so that her pussy was just in front of my face. She opened her legs and pulled open her pussy so that I could see right into it. I arched my head towards her waiting pussy and I could smell her hot juices flowing. I lay my face near her pussy and my tongue flicked out to taste her pussy lips. Yes that tasted good. Ann was running her hands up and down her stockinged legs and I knew how she loved the feel of them on her legs. I then moved her hands off her legs and began to feel them myself. How I loved a slut in stockings. Big turn on.
Then I took her clit into my mouth and began to suck it. Ann shouted “Lick me you stud make me cum again.”
I looked down as I thrust my cock between Debbie’s tits. God what a scene. My cock between 40DD’s straddling a hot slut in black stockings and licking a hot pussy dressed as a wench in stockings. I would really remember this night.
As I thrust between Debbie’s tits she bent her head down and licked the end of my cock as it emerged from the top of her tits. Her tongue probed right into the eye of my cock and licked the precum that was dripping out.
Ann was now writhing on my tongue and I could feel her orgasm building. My cock began to throb and I knew I was about to cum.
Debbie smiled at me as she felt my cock throbbing between her tits and knew she would soon have hot cum spurting on her tongue and all over her tits.
“Come on I need hot cum on my body now.” she said.
Ann was fingering her clit as my tongue probed her hot pussy and then her orgasms exploded and I could taste her juices in my mouth. My face was drenched and I could feel it running down my face.
This sent me over the edge and my cock unloaded its cum all over Debbie and into her open mouth.
Both little sluts gasped with delight and the scene was complete. Two sluts pleasured by me and sighing.

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1 year ago
Great post you're a lucky bloke
1 year ago
nice :)
2 years ago
Great story line....
every man's fantasy! :)
2 years ago
GREAT story!
3 years ago
It's good to have an understanding wife. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Wow you boned your wife. What an unbelievably exciting experience.