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I have incest family. I love incest. I have love with my brother and sister with mother and father too. I love dirty and filthy chat.

Do not ask just for the curiosity how my father or brother fuck me. I want to communicate with those who have these attitudes and experiences.
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3 months ago
After three weeks of your 'lack of internet' ...
I assume our third break of over a year has started
I can ony speculate what the real reason is ...
I gave you alternative possibilities for our contact
4 months ago
I kill and fill my free time
by writing my sexy stories
Wish I would write for you
One day we will write some
4 months ago
Eight days of waiting and thinking of you my Love dear
Is like one crystal of snow - in the storm of eternity
4 months ago
Every evening at our agreed time around our midnights
I will wait for you to get back at me in your messages
In between I dream how we will exchange our massages
I send you my sweet kisses: * * * * * - Poet PETER
4 months ago
Please try some normal contacts I suggested Lisa:
by mail, twice at facebok, or get skype - PoPE
4 months ago
Five days and long nights of longing
is long, especially when you're young

Five days we can wait as our hearts
can not stop talking to each others
4 months ago
Typed 'Lisa' is just one of names
which appear often at my profile:
A lovely looking lassie in Sweden
A title of my best-read sexy serie

Only one Lisa really matters to me
Only in short time she'll be at me
4 months ago
Typed, 'Love' is just a word
In hearts which share it ...
It bridges big distances :*
I can't stop thinking of you
4 months ago
Love at first site! ;) :P :D

This is our first site ...
My eyes did not have a sight of you
But love without sight does exist! ;)

Sweet kisses: ***** - your Poet Peter
4 months ago
I think Lisa did inite you out of respect for my taste
noticing your friendly public post at my wall recently
Lisa is here only at rare times in the night basicly
to chat with me - no time left for watching anything
4 months ago
why have you ask me to add you as a friend you have not made any comments on my videos and by the look of it not on anyone else vids so no !
4 months ago
nice pic baby
4 months ago
thank you for invtie me
4 months ago
To all guys admiring my Lisa Love:
don't bother to write at her wall
as she'll not be interested at all
4 months ago
I admire the depth of your love or me, Lisa LOVE
I can not be more happy than with your true love

I will wait for you to meet and stay with me
I hope it will happen in a few months my dear
I can wait for a year or longer for my dearest
4 months ago
I changed plans for our Wednesday:
I will write you more messages now
I hope you have time to read them
while I will be off-line - your Peter
4 months ago
check out my page and add me
5 months ago
Lisa love, thank you so much for getting back at me
Lisa love, we both look forward to much more here ...
Lisa love, I love to write poems for you about us!
Lisa love, I wish you all the best: ***** Poet PETER
1 year ago
Couple Bi from day one, into it all with anyone, any age, anywhere. Nudist's love nude beaches, family friendly nude resorts, campgrounds, groups, and all of us (she is Mom to young girl) are tan all over, shaved smooth and hairless, and raised this way, "RELATIVLY" speaking!
1 year ago
Lisa love, please write back to me next time here!
You missed my fresh messages while you were online.
You also failed to respond to my earlier writing.
You amaze me, as you wrote so sweet in your last.

Sweet kisses anyway dear: * * * * * Poet Peter
1 year ago
1 year ago
Lovely Lisa, how nice to write again with you a bit.

Nice to know we both look forward to next occasion!
I wish you well from far, fine friend * Poet Peter
2 years ago
Would love to chat sometime :) Invite ?
2 years ago
Hi Lisa, I hope to see you here soon again!

So much has happened to me here and I wrote
many new poems! I'm amazed myself! ;-)

Let Winter not catch you my dear friend.
Greet you from old Amsterdam by its logo:
X X X - Poet Peter Pan
2 years ago
Miss you, my dear friend! Hope all's well, dear?

Send you sweet kisses: ***** - Peter Pan
2 years ago
you are my kind of kinky family love girl.. would love to chat with you about our experiences.
2 years ago
2 years ago
I am a mature man, 56 years old, exhibitionist, bisexual and into teens, also get very turned on by incest...
2 years ago
let be friends
2 years ago
Very sorry for the loss of your best friend Alex.

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