Hoping for the Best Part 2

Sitting at my desk, I couldn’t help but to look up at her. I could see her through the glass doors of her office, typing away diligently on her laptop. She caught me looking at her a couple of times. I tried to pull away, but it was so hard because she was leaning forward and her breasts were resting on the desk in front of her. From where I was sitting, I could clearly make up the stretching of her button-up blouse, the outline of her bra, and her firm, erect nipples.

And I wasn’t the only one in the office that noticed this holy event. Mike walked by, fresh cup of coffee in hand. He stopped abrublty, faced Juli’s office, and tilted his head, admiring the show.

Mike asked me, “Does she know she’s doing that with her tits?”
“I don’t know,” I replied, “but it’s distracting me from my work. Getting paid to look at her boobs all day is damn near acceptable.”
“Isn’t she your ex?”
“Yes, but to each her own.”

Right after I spoke, she looked up. I looked away faster than Mike could, and he was caught in her line of fire. From what he told me afterward, Juli gave him the look of death and he nearly ran back to his cubicle, hoping to avoid a confrontation from the very eager-to-fight supervisor.

I looked back over and Juli made eye contact. I didn’t look away this time, and her facial expression changed from one of annoyance to confusion, to a sort of slyness.

Also confused, I turned back to the laptop on my desk, hoping to quickly forget the awkward stare.

A few seconds later, a message popped up on my monitor, coming from Juli: “Like what you see? I should have you fired for sexual harassment.”
Further confused, I replied: “I’m sorry for staring. If there’s anything I can do to prevent my termination (paperwork, extra hours) please let me know. I’m really, deeply sorry.” I thought that could solve the issue.
Another message appeared “There is something you can do. Come to my office as soon as you can.”

I walked over, expecting her to have a pile of papers in hand that needed to be filed. Instead she sat at her large oak desk, her swivel chair pointed at the door, and her legs slightly open, sheltered by a pencil skirt. I asked sheepishly, staring at the floor “Yes, Juli?”

“I’ve known you for a long time right? And besides for a short, disaster-filled relationship, we’re friends?”
“Yes, I guess so.”
“And friends help those in need.”
“Of course, what can I do?”
“Remember that time you were working on your homework and I snuck under your desk?”

I knew exactly what to do. Without saying a word, I looked around, knowing everyone in the office would be leaving for the day within the next 5 minutes, making sure no one would catch me, and snuck under her desk, in a space large enough for me to sit down in. She rolled her chair back into the desk, and I slowly began to zip down the side zipper of her skirt. She propped herself up to let me take off her skirt and lace panties, and sat back down. My hands moved up and down her smooth calves, kissing her knees. My hands ventured further, past her shapely thighs and upon her butt, squeezing her and listening to her gasp at the feeling.

Juli’s legs slowly parted, as I kissed up in between her thighs. By the time I reached her deprived, needy area, she was already glistening wet, looking almost like glitter underneath the trace amounts of florescent light escaping into the desk.

Her clit was swollen now, bright pink and exposed. As soon as my tongue touched it, her legs squeezed around my legs and her hand was on the back of my head. “Please, I want to cum all over your face.” I pulled away and murmured “I want you to cum all over my face.” She writhed underneath my hands again.

I pulled her closer, exhaling hot air, listening to her moan. I started tracing out our names against her labia. Soon after I started on her clit, waves of orgasms hit her, as waves of her squirting cum splashed me.
She let me out from underneath the desk, and she stood up. “Sit,” she demanded, “Now I owe you something, I hope you’re cum-hungry.”

I obeyed and she sat facing me. Her cunt, still dripping, was staining my skirt. As we kissed, her tongue, soft and slippery, played with mine, spreading her taste. I didn’t want the moment to end.

She began to unbutton my blouse, and played with my painfully eager nipples. She then undid her blouse and bra, exposing the formerly admired twins. She elevated them so they were level with my mouth and I sucked one of her nipples as much as I could. Her hand went through my hair again, dictating the movement of my head.

She pulled away and we were kissing again, but deeper this time. I felt her hand on my stomach. It went down into my skirt, and her fingers were gently messaging, getting me wetter and wetter. I heard her smirk as she rubbed me down harder. I let go and came, tightening around her magical fingers.

We grinned at each other as she got off of me. I stood up as she slipped her skirt back on, fixed my appearance, and walked out of her office, admiring the emptiness of the cubicles that surrounded us.

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3 years ago
fantastic! i wish i had caught you two....
3 years ago
Those at work romances start strong and usually crash n burn. This one seems to have some fire in it. Wondering what web your tangled mind will weave next? Thumbs up.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Niiice! Love the fact that Mike appeared with a fresh cup of coffee. xD

But damn, I already took care of myself once earlier today, and now I feel like a second round comin' on thanks to you, lol. xD
3 years ago
very good