Don't Pick Up Hitchhikers Part 2

A few months passed, and I found it easy to lose myself with Nadira. She was mesmerizing, and I physically could not bring myself to leave her alone and wanting when she beckoned.

I was at work one night, and my mobile went off.

“I’m bored.” Nadira had texted me.

“Sorry, you know how bad I want to come over, I’m stuck at work.” I replied.

A few seconds later, she responded, “Then I’m coming for a visit.”

My throat sank at the thought of her showing up, trying to play grab-ass. I had to resist, for appearances, but I needed her.

She showed up, and we made our way to my tiny office, sandwiched between a corner office and one of the accountants. It was late, so the normal workers were gone, and all that was left was the crew that worked on international times to keep up with accounts, a few s**ttered throughout the building.

She nearly threw me into my chair and straddled me, her long hair falling on our faces. She grabbed the sides of my head and she pushed her lips against mine, hard, and I let my mouth fall open to let her tongue in. My heart was racing as my hand moved up the side of her thigh and over to her jeans’ button, one hand on her ass and the other fiddling with her zipper. She straightened out her back and crouched upwards, letting go of my lips.

“Please,” she whispered, “my clit’s begging for your tongue.”

I let her sit down on the desk in front of me and we shimmied off her jeans. Her hands went through my hair as I blew on her cotton-ensconced clit. She was warm, inviting, and I was starting to get high off the scent. Nadira squeezed my head again, but I stopped her from making me give her what she wanted by playfully biting her thigh. She squealed as I turned to bite her other thigh, letting my fingers push against her, revealing how dripping wet she was getting. My nose grazed her clit as I felt her lean back, balancing on her arms. She was nearly grinding against my face now, calling out all the obscenities of frustrated sexual tension. I licked her, slowly, once, and tried to hold my face just far enough away from her as she cursed at me more, pleading for the beginning of the end.

Her hips popped up as I moved her panties off, exposing the delicious cunt I’ve come to know and love. I dove in again, flicking her clit just the way she liked. I grabbed her ass and f***ed her closer to me, she squealed again at the v******e, her hands going through my hair once again. I f***ed my tongue inside of her, juices blanketing my senses. I finally opened my eyes and she was splayed, my computer monitor knocked to the floor, probably making a crashing noise while my mind was sucked into Nadira.

The closer she got, I moved my tongue away from her labia and back to her clit, giving it the attention she started verbally screaming for. After a few moments, she screamed out in ecstasy, nearly ripping the hair out of my head. My fingers rubbed her down for minutes until she was done, gasping for air as the rest of her body tried to relax from the tremors her muscles were pulsating.

I looked up at her, wiping my face clean. Her breath had her breasts moving up and down out of her bra, visible through the tight shirt she showed up in. Her hands were clenched between her legs, feeling around her juices and my saliva that now covered every inch of her from above her clit to past her asshole. She smiled and laughed, “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

I rested my head on her stomach, listening and feeling her breath.

“I was talking to Luke again,” she finally said.


“I thought I needed to, but the idea of having his c***dren really turned me off again.”

“I hope I don’t, darling.”

She laughed again and she stoked the side of my head, “if anything, all I need is you. Get up, Kacey.”

I moved at her command and she motioned us towards the floor. I laid back and closed my eyes as she worked off my pants and panties; she knew I was already wet. She pushed my legs and let her fingers glide against my labia, lightly exhaling on my clit. I squirmed and asked her to keep going. I felt my back arch under the pressure of her tongue as I surrendered my mind.

Nadira built me up and finally knocked me down as she climbed up, meeting our clits. I relaxed my spine and tailbone and grabbed her by the hips as she started grinding. She started moaning and grabbing at her breasts. I reached up and pulled her out of her shirt, nearly ripping off her bra. She shoved my head and f***ed my mouth against her nipple.

“Please,” she cried, “don’t stop.”

We stayed like that for a few minutes until the feeling was overbearing. I laid back down and she became relentless, screaming out as she came along with me.

She rolled off to the side and laid down, placing her limp hand over mine.

“Ready to go home yet?”

We left the building and got into my car, planning to pick hers up the next day.

“So what happened at Luke’s?” I said without looking over.

“Baby talk happened.”

“And of course you said no.”

“I don’t want to be stuck to a man for the rest of my life.”

“That’s not what that means.”

“He proposed.”

“So you said no?”

“He’s boring and transparent. I like complication, like what we have. I love you as a person, I only thought of him as a dildo with a pulse.”

I snorted loudly and reached over to grab her hand. I kissed it and smiled.

As soon as we were back inside her house she was pulling on me again, begging me to watch a ‘little show’ she had choreographed herself. She led me to that library couch and left me alone as she changed in the other room.

Nadira finally appeared in the doorway, in a pink lace babydoll and those old-timey pin-up stockings with the seam that follows all the way up the back of the leg. To my utter surprise, she started dancing: arms graceful, legs quick and skilled.

She stopped, the look in her eyes eager for approval. I stood up and embraced her, whispering in her ear how wonderful she was at something so very few can accomplish. She hugged tighter, and I pulled my head away to look in her bright eyes. She was lit up, biting her lower lip, her eyebrow twitched, and she smiled wide. Her lips pressed in once again, and tasted like the vanilla lip balm she seemed to invest in. My hands moved up her back slowly to the single tie keeping the lace lingerie on, as her hands travelled up the inside of my shirt and found my breasts.

I threw the light fabric on the floor as we pushed each other towards the couch. She laid down and my mouth found its way from her lips to her nipple, sucking as it grew stiff. Her back arched as my hand sorted through the layers of fabric to her clit once again, her favorite part of her body, she told me. I motioned circles as I pulled my lips away from her and watched her face change with the light pressure. Her eyes closed, moaning sounds escaping from her throat, she quickly whispered to shed the layers.

She moved her legs as I repositioned myself, grasping the hem of the stockings and working them off her legs. I grabbed the purple dildo she kept on the bookcase behind the couch and held her legs open as she squirmed.

Her eyes opened and she grinned, “Do it” she mouthed.

I let the tip of it brush against her clit a few times and she bucked. I moved the ribbed dildo down to her labia and teased her some more, until her legs had wrapped around me and she was trying to thrust against it.

It sank into her, the tip the first few thrusts I gave it, she sighed loudly. I slipped the whole thing in at once, surprising her, and pulled it out completely, admiring how wet she had gotten and how it was clearly visible on her pulse-less friend.

It soon became harder to shove all of it in. She would tighten around it as the thrusts grew faster and frequent. I reached up and messaged her clit again, throwing her over the top into a screaming orgasm. The dildo was pulled out and my fingers kept moving until all that was left of her were twitching muscles and a soft moan. I leaned to the side resting my head on the couch, and watched her slowly open her eyes. She murmured something wordless and I leaned over her as she wrapped her arms around me as I did the same, both of us asl**p until way past sunrise the next morning.

Hope you liked it!
Ya’ll want a Part 3?

100% (3/0)
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2 years ago
awesome & yes a part 3, 4, 5.....
2 years ago
Oh yes, please give us Part 3!
2 years ago
Yes part 3!!!!