a very pleasant suprise

Hi I thought you would like to read of my latest escapade. Last week I was feeling particularly horney so I dressed in my favourite white frilly panties with black stockings and white suspenders. I put my track suit bottoms on and a polo shirt.

I set off to our local dogging lane in the hope that I might manage to give a couple of guys nice head and perhaps feel a cock up my bottom as well.

On arrival I found no one around so I moved over to my passenger seat and removed my tracksuit bottoms in anticipation. A van then came and parked behind me. After a while I thought I'd test the water and opened my car door and placed a stocking clad leg in view of the van.

That did the trick a gorgeous looking guy of about 30 got out and walked down the drivers side of my car. He looked in the window, you should have seen his face when he saw me in my white panties and black stockings. He said wow that looks sexy and inviting.

I said get in and I'll please your cock for you. Once in the car he pulled down his denim jeans, his cock was already hard and was encased in white Calvin Kleins. I forbid him to take those down saying I'm in charge sit back and enjoy. I ran my tongue over his hard cock thru' his white underwear. his moans could be heard so I sat up and kissed him passionately and told him note to make too much noise I then pushed my tongue into his mouth.

He ran his hands over my stockings and suspenders and played with my hard cock through my white panties.

With my passenger door still open I stretched out on my seat so the I was lying on my tummy. I eased his white underwear down and began to deep throat on his beautiful hard cock. I tried to get as much of him in my mouth as I could. He was loving it and gently held my head in position.

I then felt another pair of hands on my stocking clad legs and my pantie covered bum. I didn't mind one bit i just carried on giving my adonis a blow job he would remember. The person behind me lifted my waist slightly to ease my panties down my thighs.

I then felt a lovely tongue pushing up my anus, I was ecstatic with pleasure. After several moments the person behind stopped french kissing my bum hole. I then felt a cock head at the entrance between my buttocks I reached behind and pulled my bum cheeks apart to assist in the access of my love chamber. I neveronce took my lovers cock out of my mouth.

I then felt the cock push right inside me filling me with pleasure. The person behind continued to give me a slow but deliberate buggering with a gorgeous cock.

My lover then said give him a good buggering Jane, I'm about to shoot my load down his thoat. It then dawn on me that my lover from behind was in fact a lady.

My lover filled my mouth with several jets of gushing cum the effect of which had me spurting all over my knickers and stocking legs. After we cleaned ourselves up I finished off the lady with an intensive pussy licking session which had her cumming stong on my tongue on several occasions.

I found out afterwards that they were man and wife and were out looking for a different type of fun. I have met them since and have managed to have his cock up me in front of his lovely wife but thats another story.

Bye for noe.
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7 months ago
that was fantastic made cum all over my panties I even got my dildo out to help me cum
1 year ago
The lady behind you had a dildo? Did she wear a strapon? Very hot story.
2 years ago
hot story