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Tips For NSA DATING (No Strings Attached Dating)

Here are 5 tips for no strings attached dating. Dating is hard enough as it is. Dating with no strings attached is even more difficult.

To make an attempt at dating with no strings attached, you have to ignore and or suppress certain natural human urges.

You have to keep yourself from getting to know too much about her. You can't allow her to find out too much about you.

You have to make a real effort to keep those strings from attaching. And those emotional strings are the hardest to keep from attaching.

If you want to learn how to date without any strings attached, this is ... Continue»
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Sex Tips for Women Tips for giving Oral Sex

1.Don’t try so hard. Last year, my friend “Bridget” asked me why she couldn’t fellate her boyfriend to orgasm. My response? In a perfect world of Playboy and porno flicks, hummers lead to big, healthy orgasms. You know the scene: some tramp uses a pogo-like motion to deep throat her partner, only to be greeted by the requisite money-shot a mere seconds later.


I told Bridget to ignore the pot o’ pearls at the end of the rain-blow. Instead, I asked her to think of the hummer as the perfect pre-game warm-up. Think about it…What better way to prepare for the plunge than with a good... Continue»
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