Kay's Unforgettable Night on the Stage

Kay shared with me something that happened over the weekend. She then asked me if I could re-tell it in writing in a way that would let people know what she experienced. So I tried to put myself in her ... body, and this is what I wrote. She says it I got it almost perfect!

Ladies, especially: Did I get it right? Let me know with your comments!!

I just sat there staring. Everyone else in the room dissolved into oblivion. I had d***k too much, the music was loud, and the flickering lights… it all played a part in my mind. But none of it really mattered either. The only thing that mattered was him.

He was Adonis reborn. He was tall, dark, and young. He was young enough to be my own k**. And he had singled me out and pulled me up on stage with him from all of the screaming women. Like I said, it was unreal. His suit had fit him perfectly, and his shirt was starched white. He even had on expensive dress shoes. At least he had when he helped me up the steps.

Everyone had cheered and yelled. He led me to the center of the stage, gently holding my fingers. He seated me in the chair and then it started. The low pounding and pulsing music. It was primal and it took me far from reality. In truth, such a man would not be taking his suit jacket off and throwing it past me into the wings of the stage. He would not lean down and whisper in my ear, “relax, you are going to have the time of your life!”

He wore a scent that reminded me of leather and his breath was sweet and smooth. I almost fainted as I tried to inhale him. Then I looked up into those golden eyes. They were somewhere between gold and honey and were both full of fire and energy. He licked his lips as he looked into my eyes, and for some reason I found it almost impossible to swallow. Hell, I couldn’t even breathe!!

He stood up and faced the audience and began to slowly rotate his hips. He was moving seductively and I watched as he began pulling his shirt out from under his pants and belt. I bit my lower lip because I wanted to see his ass and now the shirttail hid it from my sight. I looked up and saw that his close cropped hair was shining and speckled with beads of sweat. He was working hard. He was working hard for me.
My heart pounded and I watched with detached curiosity as somehow I saw my hands moving of their own volition. They felt the smooth power of muscle moving within the seat of his pants. He looked back over his shoulder at me with a smile that was owned by the devil himself. He winked at me and then he reached and took hold of my hand and moved them to the front of his hips.

I stood up to get better purchase and he slowly nudged my hands upwards. They were under his shirt, and I felt the small gathering of hairs at his navel. My fingers wanted to travel lower, but again he nudged them higher. That path was good too, so I took it. My fingers lightly traced the ripples of muscled six-pack and felt the details that the women in front of us could only imagine. They screamed but I touched the reality of his hot flesh and I shuddered.

My hands then found the incredible power of his chest. His pecs were bigger than my husband’s biceps! This stud oozed the virility of youth and the power of a sexual b**st. He unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and everyone in the room could see my pale white flesh contrasting against his molten brass skin. There were screams and yells and I wondered if some of it might be my own, but I had no idea.

He lifted one of my hands to his mouth and he opened the palm of my hand to his mouth. He then passed his tongue over my palm and coated it with his spittle. I had never known that spit could burn!!! It blazoned a brazen river of lust and desire up my arm to my heart!! I could feel it pulsing throughout every millimeter of vessel in my being. He then took my hand and placed it on the front of his ha pants and I felt for the first time, the stirring of his monster!

He leaned back into me and I pressed my breasts against him. My heart pounded out the staccato of desire to take off my bra and cast aside my blouse and to feel the smoothness of his flesh pressed against my nipples that seemed determined to bore through the cloth. His face rose to the ceiling, and he whispered back over his shoulder to me, “Just do what’s natural baby. Tonight you star with me.” So I did. I turned my face into the side of his neck and slowly traced my tongued from his shoulder to just behind his ear!!!

I could feel his cock jump in my hand. He was awakening and summoning the b**st from the nest of pubic hair I could feel through the layers of clothing. Releasing my hand, he began to pull out his belt and then to undo his zipper and finally the button on his pants. He nudged my hand to his hip and I reluctantly acceded to his direction. I know the disappointment had to have shown on my face to the crowd.

But that disappointment was replaced quickly as I felt his trousers drop to the ground in a single smooth motion to puddle at our feet. Then, after only the slightest hesitation he bent forward in half in an exaggerated pose, hiding his manhood from the hungry eyes of women that strained to look at what I had been holding. For them, it was delayed gratification… for me, it was heaven!!

His toned ass pushed back into my hips and my hands moved lightly over the linen boxers he wore. I cupped that ass in my hands and weighed the strength that was in them. I could imagine them pounding his body into my now soaking split flesh. I could feel the sinews moving hot and fluidly beneath his flesh as he stepped out of his shoes, his socks and then his pants. He was grinding into me and building a firestorm of lust within me that threatened to blow my mind into so many chards like a glass mirror shattered beyond repair.

When he stood back up, he took my thumbs and had me hook them inside his waist band. I knew what he wanted. It was what everyone else wanted as well. But I knew what I wanted too. Without a thought of how wanton it would make me look. Without a care about reputation or anything else, I stepped to in front of him, rehooked my thumbs in his waistband and then, bending at the waist, I began to slowly move his boxers down his awesome legs!! He was a god come to life, and I was unveiling him for all to see!!!

His hands came to rest first upon my shoulders, but then, as I bent over further, one went to the back of my head, holding it inches from the posing man pouch that held the monstrous cock that strained its every seam.. He suddenly brought his other hand down across my ass, and the crowd roared its approval, as I jumped in surprise. He landed several more blows upon my skirt covered ass. Each time, he drove me into his dark triangle of glittering cloth.

His scent now filled my every breath and it was pure sexuality. I could smell the scent of his cum, as it mixed with the heady aroma of his sweat. I could imagine his foreskin, pulling back from the bulbous head that poked so rudely at me. But there was also the scent of raw power and lust and of a man that brought out the deepest passion of primordial desire from deep within me.

He pulled me up by my hair and I straightened before him with a pout on my face to look into his eyes. They were a cauldron of lecherous hunger and raging desire. He was as ready for me, as the juices running down my thigh let me know I was for him. This was no longer an act; it was the mating of two primal beings.

He turned me around to face the audience and I felt him pull his steely rod from within its confinement. He began rubbing it the length of his 10 inch cock up and down the crack of my ass and the crowd went crazy, seeing the monster peek out above my hips, only to go back and then reappear. I heard him groaning, and he soon was slamming his thighs into my thighs. I did not care. I gathered my skirt and brazenly thrust my fingers up into my boiling sex and began to frig myself vigorously.

The roar in my mind was indistinguishable. I could not tell if it was sound of my own heart pounding inside of my chest or that of the people watching. I just knew it was driving quickly to a point of no return…and I was more than fine with that!

He suddenly turned me around and f***ed me to my knees. He then stepped right in front of me and I saw the idol of my sexual desire, raging before me, glistening with strands of pre-cum, pooling and sliding along its veined column. He did not ask, he only thrust it toward my mouth, and I received it as any supplicant would. He did not push his whole length into me, for which I was grateful I was afraid if he did, he might pierce the back of my skull! But with a quickly building pace, he popped the head of his cock in and out of my pursed lips.

I pulled down the strings that held the small triangle of cloth dangling between his massive thighs. I then cupped his balls. Those heavy, oblong, seed producing testicles jumped and drew closer to him as my fingernails lightly played beneath them. My other hand went up his chest and I d**g my hand down his hard body, leaving trails of scratches proclaiming my ownership of him, even as his cock claimed my mouth for him.

Then the first jets of his molten lava sprayed out and covered my chine and throat, spilling silver streams of perfection down onto my chest and into the valley of my cleavage, which I only vaguely realized was now open and on display. My own climax began deep beneath me in the depths of my sex, where I once again thrust my fingers, began the tremors that soon built into an earthquake proportion of orgasmic bliss.

That was the moment of suspended reality. I could see the glistening purple head of his cock inches from my face. I could feel the boiling liquids of my own lust bursting from within me down my thighs and onto the stage. I could hear the cheers and screams of those watching, and I could hear my own moans of passion dissolving into whimpers of satisfaction. But I knew it all as if I was out of my body and watching it from someplace above the roof of the strip club.

Somewhere, suspended between heaven and earth, my soul floated and watched peacefully the torrent of emotions and lust that ravaged and ripped through my body.

A moment or two later, I felt him lifting me from the stage and carrying me into the wings. I nestled my head into his shoulder. He held me there, as a manager and a couple of other people said things that sounded like praise but I could not begin to fathom. I looked up into those now dark eyes. The corners of his mouth curled up in such a tender way, that I longed for the moment to never end. He bent down and kissed me, tenderly and spoke softly to me, “Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!!”

I just smiled and leaned against his still naked and beautiful body.

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Whoa!! That was hot!!
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very good
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Truly erotic - thank you