Joining Mistress for an evening

She stepped out of the shadows and I was stunned that I had not seen here there before. She had sent me a text that had simply been the address to an old warehouse and a time. That was all I needed. I was expected to be there at that time. She need ask nothing else. I looked at the clock and calculated that I just had time enough to finish my work out and grab a shower before I needed to head out.

An hour later I had stepped through the small Judas door in the side of the building, as another text directed. I walked to the middle of the room and knelt down and waited. When she moved, it was like a wraith emerging from the shadows. She had on well heeled boots that disappeared inside the gather s of a fully pleated black skirt. Her simple black top was unbuttoned lower than would be acceptable in most public settings, but from my vantage, exposed only the shadow of cleavage that teased me.

“I’m glad you can tell time and read, slut!” She spat at me. “I hope you have other talents as well!”

“I will do my best for you, Mistress, I replied. Her hand, encased in a long black glove, came up and grabbed my jaw as her eyes drilled into mine. A chill ran through my body as if ice water poured from her grip into my flesh and froze the bl**d that had been boiling with lust inside of me.

“That is going to cost you. I did not tell you to speak and I do not need to know what you think. You will do what I tell you and only what I tell you, is that clear?” I nodded my head and her hand released my jaw only to strike me hard across the cheek. “Damn, you are stupid. You talk when I do not ask you to and when I ask for a reply, you shake your head!! Maybe you are just too stupid to do this.” She paused and I wanted so badly to plead my case, but I did not. I was learning how to play the game. Finally she said, “Are you too stupid to do what I tell you?”

“No Mistress, I will do whatever you tell me to do.” I said and then looked down at the floor. I heard her smirk and saw the shadows of her hands moving toward her top. I could just imagine her freeing her breasts and I wanted to look up at them and see them but I remained subservient and stared down at her boots.

“Look at my girls, they are feeling neglected.” I looked up and wondered why they would ever be neglected by anyone! Her breasts were full D cups that were round and capped with large pink areolas that fed into nipples that I knew from experience could grow to nearly an inch of succulent flesh!! I subconsciously licked my lips as I gazed upon her soft mammary flesh. She was holding their mass in her hands and rubbing a finger over the nipples that were growing even as I watched.

“You want to suck on these, don’t you, you pathetic slut.” I quickly answered appropriately and her eyes lit up and a small l laugh filled her small frame and shook her breasts in an intoxicating fashion. Then she back toward the other end of the warehouse and let out a loud whistle. Immediately, a car’s engine came to life and lights came on as it moved toward us. It stopped with the back door even with me.

“Crawl into the car and sit your butt on the floor. Face this door then lay your head back on the seat.” With that she opened the door and I obediently crawled into the car and did as I was commanded, all the time wondering who her driver was. She closed the door behind me and then opened the back door on the other sid of the car. She had her skirt pulled up to the waste and I caught a glimpse of her naked thighs and shaved quim just before she said, “Before you get to lick my breasts, you are going to have to show me just how good a clit licker you can be…. Now get your face down so I can sit on you!”

To say that I was contorted in ways that the human spine was never intended to be, would be an understatement! But the scent of her arousal motivated me to find a way to get situated and get started. My mistress had a beautiful body that smelled of lilacs and sex and the combination filled my mind with desire and lust for her. She shifted after we had been driving a few minutes and in a voice husky with her own passion she commanded me to lick her ass. Now I have never done anything like this before, but there was little choice as her puckered hole descended over my mouth and her full ass cheeks secured my face in place. I had to work hard to breathe and not lose focus. But soon my tongue began to venture further and further into her crease.

Tentatively, I probed her ass and I her my Mistress moan. That was all the motivation that I needed and I began working harder to get to an angle where my tongue could open her back passage. I felt her hand upon my chest and then working inside my shirt. She grabbed a nipple and without warning pinched and twisted my nipple hard. I I let out a gasp of pain and she laughed and began a series of pinches and twists that I could tell were going to leave bruises for days!

The car slowed and I heard a garage door open and then close and finally the engine to the car turned off and a door opened. I then heard my Mistress’s door open and she said, give me the blindfold. And when she got up, she put a blackout mask over my eyes before allowing me to sit up. She then helped me out of the car and she and the other set of hands began taking my clothes off of me!! I was fairly certain I was in a home garage, but I had no idea who the other person was and my heart pounded as I felt the two sets of hands removing my shirt, shoes, socks, pants and then underwear. They then fastened cuffs around my wrists and ankles and a collar around my neck which was then used to lead me away from the car and into the house.

I was told to just stand in the middle of the room and I heard lighters being ignited and smelled vanilla candles coming to life. Then I listened as I heard sucking sounds as if someone were nursing. The kisses and sucking came from my left and I longed to look and see, but I could not. I heard clothes dropping to the floor and then someone sat down on the bed and the sucking began anew with revived fervor. I could hear my Mistress cooing encouragement to whoever was worshipping her breasts. My imagination ran wild, trying to project the sounds I was hearing into a reality.

“Come here,” I heard her command and I knew it was to me. I stepped tentatively toward where I thought I heard the sound coming from. A hand suddenly grabbed my cock and pulled me another step forward. “Put your hands behind your back.” I did as I was commanded and her gloved hands moved down to my balls.

I was just really feeling aroused and my balls were starting to rise when she gave them a good yank followed by a slap! I was so shocked I almost bent double!! She moaned and said, “Oh, you have to wait. My hubby gets the day off and gets to have fun. You, on the other hand, are going to pay dearly….

And so it went. I could hear the noisy sounds of someone feasting on her flesh and her moaning in response, while she would build my excitement and erection up, only to slap my balls or stop touching me all together or slap my prick hard. It went on and on and the things she said grew ever more lurid and obscene. It was so surreal, but I did my best to just stand there, listening and becoming more and more excited by it all.

I completely lost all idea of time but after a very long time, she said, “I want to do something else. You look tired, so lay down. “ she then tugged me toward the bed and I did as she said and laid down across the bed. She had me roll onto my back and then she leaned over me and dropped a large breast and erect nipple right into my mouth. “Suck me hard.” She commanded and I did! I felt her husband step up beside her and now the sounds changed as I heard her take his cock in her mouth and begin sucking.

Within minutes, I could hear her moaning as she did her best to swallow his shaft down her throat while smothering me with her melons! The flowery scent of lilacs now mingled with the raw essence of sex and desire to become an irresistible, a****listic pheromone that drove all of us higher. I felt my Mistress remove her gloves and she stopped sucking on her husband long enough to tie her glove tightly around the base of my manhood. She then resumed sucking her man, while I strained to take more and more of her breast into my mouth and I sucked hungrily from her breasts like a starving infant!! I nibbled back on the areola , and sucked on her nipple and felt every crevice and smooth part of her perfect breasts with my tongue.

I heard him building to a huge orgasm and momentarily there were spatters of his man seed splattering across my chest and I was so jealous. My Mistress had raised up and taken most of his load on her chest and I could hear her murmuring to him her appreciation for his generosity, while they kissed.

Then to my surprise, she rubbed sperm covered breasts across my face and then down my chest. The heat of her lover’s passion provided the perfect lubrication for her to slide across me and bring her now boiling sex closer to my face! Back and forth she moved and I licked at her flesh, relishing the raw sensuality of the moment. Then she climbed up on the bed and lowered her pussy down upon my face and I could sense that while she been satisfying the desires of her man, he had been building a raging caldron deep inside of her pussy with his fingers! With a renewed hunger, I threw myself into the work of trying to bring my Mistress off.

I felt her lean forward and kiss my cock and then tease it with her tongue. I moaned into her sex, desperate for her to deliver me into the little death, but then she raised up and then I felt the splash of a hot liquid being poured over my privates as she laughed at my desperate attempts to flee the hot wax. Time and again, I would feel more of it poured on my flesh and wash shocked as my cock not only did not shrivel up and hide, it felt as if it grew harder than I had ever been before!

She began to increase the pace and almost desperation of her rubbing her pussy on my face. Her fingernails began digging into my stomach and chest drawing deep scratches that sent me squirming again and caused her to grind ever more aggressively on me… Suddenly she pitched forward and slapped my belly and chest with open handed slaps as her juices erupted out of her onto my face and I did my best to drink them in, thankful for the protection of the mask to my eyes!!

Then she fell forward, her long hair falling across my thigh and her divine mouth only inches from my now aching cock. The bl**d pounded through my veins as if I had just finished running for my life for miles! Then a sickening thought hit me. What if this was it? What if she were done and now I was to just go home? I could feel my erection begin to flag for the first time in hours and I was terrified at what might be.

She then sat up and reached over and pulled off my mask. I blinked, even in the dim candle light of the bedroom. Slowly her image came into view, as she said, “Wow. That was incredible! “ Her husband stepped up from behind her and reached around and cupped her breasts, that were already showing some evidence of the love bites she had received. “I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he said and he leaned over her shoulder and she raised her chin to kiss him.

“There is still one thing I want before you leave,” my Mistress said. “After building your cock to this point, I want to drain your balls and prove to you once and for all that I am the best cock-sucking Mistress a man could ever have so you have no doubt about just how fucking lucky you are!” Her husband bent down and kissed her once more and said, “If that is what you want, you better get busy before you have to start him from scratch!”

We all looked at my package, still tied in the cloth of her glove, the strings trailing pre-cum over my balls and thighs. She reached down and undid the knot and rolled over and took my semi-erect dick in her hand. Slowly, she began, tasting my nectar with the tip of her tongue. She looked up at me with those “cum fuck me hard” eyes and the slid her tongue to the underside of my rode. She moved slowly up to that most tender of places where the head of my cock and the shaft on the underside form a small v shape and she pursed her lips and began to nibble and lick with a talented combination that not only had me hard as granite again in seconds, but had me nearly thrashing on the bed, yearning for releas!

She then swallowed my entire cock. My mistress has very small facial features including a small mouth, and so halfway down my shaft, I felt the tip of my cock entering the tightness of her throat!!! She kept slowly taking me deeper and then she did something that made her mouth and throat perfectly massage my organ!!! I was certain I was going to blow my wad right then and there, but just in the nick of time she pulled me back out and after catching her breath, she began licking and teasing me once again.

I looked over her husband had two fingers sliding in and out of her wet slit, while his thumb on his other hand was one knuckle deep in her ass. At that moment, she decided to take, my cock for one more ride on her deep throat highway and there was no holding back. My growl turned into a roar and then a primal scream that threatened to rip my voicebox out of my throat. I barely was cognizant of moving my hand to the pearl of her clit and just as she began to let me slide out of her throat I touched her treasure just right to send her screaming oaths and thrashing as her husband hammered into her unmercifully!!

As my mind came back and my heart began its slow reversal back to normal, I saw her husband duck into the bathroom. A few moments later, my Mistress rolled up onto my chest and said, “Don’t ever do that to me again, or I might just bite your lovely cock off!!! We laughed and kissed and then slowly began pulling on clothing.

She drove me back to my car and grabbed my hand as we rolled to a stop. “I wish to God, that I didn’t live 3 hours away.” I whispered as I gave her a kiss and we nuzzled. She pulled back and looked me in the eye and said, “Well, just as we were leaving, my wonderful husband said to let you know that I have earned a hall pass. Maybe we can meet halfway sometime soon?”

“I certainly hope so!!!”
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