A Visit From Santa

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Okay, I admit it. I had d***k WAY too much at the Christmas party and did some stupid things, but I never dreamed in my wildest dreams things would go to where they did!! I mean, I am glad I did not do anything really stupid in public and I am thankful that Jim and his wife drove me home, but what happened after the door closed and they drove off, just defies any rational explanation this morning.

My husband Bill, has been overseas working for the last two weeks and won’t be able to fly back from China for another two months. To say it sucks would be the biggest understatement of the year!! We Skype and chat online and all of that, but I am so tired of sl**ping by myself in our King-sized bed and worst of all, never feeling a man’s warm body next to me to curl up against. To press my boobs against. To make my lower lips wet and to make me shudder and… well, you get the picture.

Before he left, we went to an adult toy store and to be honest, I was shocked. I had never in my wildest dreams realized there were so many different dongs, vibes fake cocks or whatever you want to call them!! Some, I have to admit, I stared at thinking either, “That would never fit ANY woman for pleasure or, “Now how the hell do you find any pleasure in THAT?!” But eventually, we found “Little Billy” as I christened him, and he was my substitute while “Big Bill” was in China.

But Little Billy only left me more horny and soon I started going out of my mind wanting sex!! I mean, it has only been three weeks and I cannot walk by a breathing male between the ages of 18 and 75 and not think, “I wonder how he is hung?” So when I was sitting on Santa’s lap for the department pictures, I vaguely remember putting my hand on the old Elf’s crotch and finding he was quite happy working that night!! In fact, while the camera person got everyone organized I handed him to a full erection that I only barely kept from attacking right then and there!!!

Unfortunately, Jim’s wife wanted to go home soon after the picture, and since they really were the only other people heading my direction, I piled into their car and accepted their hospitality. Actually, I acted like I was asl**p and once we had driven five minutes I heard bill start moaning, and then, after she looked back at me a couple of more times, “Mrs. Jim” took off her seat belt and was in her husband’s lap, sucking his cock like a noisy whore! I was so jealous, that I reached in my shirt and unhooked my front hooker and played with my D cup tits! I saw Jim’s eyes about bug out of his head and then he adjusted mirror as he drove with his wife giving him a blow job and I knew he was looking now at me. I slid my blouse off of my shoulder and ran a hand up my skirt and gave him a show above the waist while I came only seconds after he did and just a minute before he pulled into my apartment complex.

I didn’t bother hooking my bra back up and just barely got my blouse closed before the Missus looked back at me to verify that I had not caught her. I played d***k and she put her seat belt on and a minute later we pulled to a stop in front of the apartment. I made Bill get out and “wake me from my “stupor. And then he walked me up to my door. As we walked I whispered to him, “I wish your cock had been in my shaved pussy instead of your old wife’s mouth there Jimmy.”

He looked over at me and I looked up to see that we were not making eye contact. He was looking down at my chest, so I opened my shirt up for him to get a better look and said, “You could have had them, stud…” With that, we reached my door and I handed him my keys and he struggled to put the key in the lock. I laughed and once he got the door open I moved into him as if to kiss him and said, “And here is what you could have had.” And with that I brought my left hand, still covered with the juices of my cum and pushed three fingers into his mouth.

The bastard’s eyes flew open and then, despite his wife watching from 30 feet away, he sucked and licked my fingers clean before I laughed and went inside.
With my back against the door, I turned the lock and ran the fingers that were only moments ago in my coworkers mouth, back into the wet slit of my pussy and began frigging my clit furiously. I could feel the walls of my pussy clamping around the nothing that was there and I ached for a cock. I could not believe how horny I was and then I was it as if it was the first time. On the mantle was a peppermint stick, one of those white ones with red and green spiraling around it, about a good cock with around and 18 inches long.

I will tell you what, Ole’ St. Nick had nothing on me as I ran to the fire place, grabbed the hard candy and started to run it up between my now wet thighs. But then, I thought about all of that sugar and a urinary tract infection and… well you know, so it was off like a flash to the bedroom upstairs to get one of my husband’s “rump riding” rubbers.

I peeled back the foil and rolled the condom onto the confectionary delight and flopped back on the bed for my own delight. I don’t know whether it was the booze, having watched Bill and his wife, teasing him or the using of something as innocent as a Christmas candy in my cunt, but within a very few minutes I was cumming as hard as I had for months even before my enf***ed abstinence!!
In fact I drifted off to sl**p, and this is where things get weird.

The next thing that I remember I was naked and in my bedroom, but … somehow I was tied spread-eagle against the wall where the dresser sits. (I have no idea where the dresser went, but the mirror was still there, because I could see the room behind me.) That was when I saw Santa, standing in the middle of my bedroom and he had one of those old fashioned buggy whips in his hand. It was a flexible stick; maybe three feet long with a light-weight cord attached at its end and on the other end of the cord was a leather tassel that was swishing through the air with the casual flicks of his wrist.

“Ahhh, you are finally awake. You have been very naughty this year Sandy Barber and with the price of coal, giving that would be a reward, so instead we have different ways to handle the naughty girls this year!!” With that, he landed the first brush of the leather thong on my bare ass!! It really did not sting, but I jumped anyway, just from the surprise of it. I heard a chuckle that I knew was the Jolly Old Elf’s but I also knew was nothing like the one I had imagined as a little girl!!

The leather touched my bare flesh again and again, quickly moving from my shoulders to my knees and back. Each one of the touches were not even mildly painful, but combined they caused my skin to warm and within a minute I was beginning to sweat and feel my flesh warm and become ever more sensitive to each lick.

After a few minutes of non-stop wrist flicking, the sensations began to move more toward a mosquito and then a bee sting. I pulled and struggled to avoid the flashing whip, but I could not move at all. I looked in the mirror back at the man, and his cheeks were flushed and his brow, beaded with sweat. At the corners of his mouth, a smile was just visible, as if he was concentrating deeply upon the task at hand, but the sheer enjoyment of what he was doing could not be hidden.

Then he stopped and he moved up behind me and let the buggy whip fall to the floor. “Your skin blushes so well,” he whispered in my ear. Then I felt his hand at the top of the cleft of my ass as it slid all the way down between my hyper-sensitive cheeks. His finger only hesitated a moment as it made its way over the bud of my butthole. Before I knew what was happening, his fingers were opening the folds of my pussy. “You are such a wet little slut, aren’t you? I guess we will have to set that in order too.”

With that he stepped back from me and my wondering eyes beheld with fear, as he undid the thick belt around his waist and folded it over. When I blinked again, I saw his belt shrink and it was only a little more than a couple of finger widths and maybe a foot and a half long. He then d**g the soft leather across my hyper sensitive flesh and it reminded me of velvet, so soft. “You are going to like this, my c***d. You are going to like this a lot,” he breathed into my ear and I shuddered.

Then he stepped back and with an underhand stroke, landed the leather strap on the bud of my asshole and it whipped its way underneath me, covering my whole pussy with a sudden snap and stopping just short of my clit!! I let out a squeal!!!

I have NEVER associated pain and sex. I thought that such things were so opposite in nature that there was no way possible that they could ever go together. And yet I found myself panting as his slaps caused the bl**d to come to the surface of my most tender flesh!! I knew this could not be real, but I had no idea how I could ever dream up such mixed emotions and feelings. My pussy was on fire and felt the folds of flesh engorge and swell, wanting to grasp and hold something deep within itself.

After what was probably no more than a couple of minutes, the man in red went to my night stand, where a glass of ice cubes sat. His fingers collected a piece of ice and then he moved up right behind me and allowed a few drops to fall upon my hot ass cheeks. I moaned. The contrast of my warmed skin and the ice water was incredible and I heard the moans from deep in my chest, boiling up through my very soul and out my mouth.

What he did next was cruel, as he rubbed the frozen cube across my burning labia and I thought I would faint!!! Back and forth, up and down he moved the ice as I squirmed and moved but I was no match for my bonds. Then, without a word of warning he slid what was left back toward my puckered asshole and he f***ed the tapered icicle missile inside my dark passage!!!

As I moaned under his touch, my tormenter leaned over my shoulder and nibbled upon my ear before saying. “You are even more naughty than I knew!! It seems this may require a little more than I thought at first.” He then trailed his tongue down my neck to where it flared out for my shoulders where he sucked a love bite before saying, “Yes, you need the North pole treatment.”

He turned his head and said, “Boys, get the chairs!” I saw the two elves then over by the door for the first time. They were maybe four feet tall at the most, and very slim, but also unmistakably male, and they darted out the door in a flash, only to return a second later, each with a wooden, straight-back chair in their hands. As I watched, they placed the two chairs facing each other and then tied their front legs together so that it almost made a bench with chair backs at either end.

Santa led me over to stand behind the chairs. Without a word, the elves each took a length of ribbon and fastened my ankles wide to the outside of the chair legs. With a hand on my back, Santa pushed my torso forward and I found that the back of the chair was the perfect height for keeping my lower body straight. The elves, once again, quickly and efficiently went to work and in the twinkle of an eye, my hands were made fast to the far chairs back by more Christmas ribbon.

I looked back between my breast, which hung large and free beneath me, and saw what I could not believe. With the belt gone from his suit, Santa’s pants had been kicked aside and my eyes saw the fattest cock I have ever seen!! I swear to God, the shaft was almost as big around as a can of beer and the head of his cock was even larger!!! “You are so wet, this should be a fun fuck my naughty girl.”

I looked down and the elves were now sitting on either side of me the floor with their backs to the chairs. They had shed their pants, and one of them had my baby oil and was lubing up his cock with that, while the other was using my body lotion to polish his rod! Their cocks were normal in girth, but probably nearly 15 inches in length. They looked back at me, at just that moment and they laughed and rolled their heads back, right under my breasts and those little imps each latched deeply onto my nipples and began to suck my nipples down their throats!!! They sucked, in such a way that their tongues seemed to milk my nipples while their mouths and lip covered teeth clamped and pulled fluids from deep inside my body that had never been there before and I could almost feel milk spraying down their throats!!

That sensation was interrupted as my lower lips were parted wide to accommodate the huge cock of old St. Nick. He paused only a moment… and then began pushing his monster into me and I could for a moment understand what a chimney went through when the Jolly fat man with a sack of toys went up it. But from the sounds coming from the bearded man behind me as he worked himself deeper into my wet flesh, he enjoyed going up me far more than any chimney!!!

He started slowly to move just a little in and out of me at first, but steadily built the tempo and the thrust into my body. I have never in all of my life felt so full and the two elves continued to do things to me with my breasts that no man or boy had ever done to me before. In fact, I think they could have made me cum, just by sucking on my boobs!!!

I came in a thundering climax and I must have passed out for a minute or so, because when I came to, the elf that had used the baby oil on his cock had slid himself under me and was smearing more oil on my tits, as the other stood in front of me, pushing his fuck stick against my lips!! Old Saint Nick had built up quite a rhythm behind me and was pounding me from behind like a jack-hammer. I felt “Baby Oil” elf squeeze my tits together while pulling on my areolas and nipples in an erotic fashion that was only heightened by the feeling of his long meat moving up and back through my cleavage.

I opened my mouth and I could feel the throbbing of the other elf’s cock in my mouth as he worked it deeper and deeper into my mouth and throat!!
There was a sudden other shocking sensation as Santa began opening my sphincter with spit and the tip of a thumb. Within a minute he was knuckle deep in me as he began roaring his lust and he slammed his body one final time deep into me!

I felt white hot jets of jizz shoot between my tits and onto my belly as the elf beneath me screamed and then my mouth was full of cum as well! All three of them just kept blowing load after load into me and all over my exposed body until my mind spun completely out of control, and I passed out again.

When I next opened my eyes, the room was back to normal and Santa and his elves were gone. I smiled to myself as I thought in amazement how wonderful and amazing my over-active dream had seemed.

Then I rolled over to go to the bathroom and the flood of cum ran down my leg. Then I saw the green sack sitting on the floor by the bathroom door. Out of the mouth of the bag, flowed a wonderful assortment of adult toys, beyond my most rich imaginations!!!
Thank you Santa!!!

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2 years ago
O god i wish something like this would happen to me
2 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Good story. The santa angle was good and could have been a stand alone ztory. (Typing on my phone. Sorry vof typos) either way, my cock is now throbbing after reafing tbat. Thanks.
Please che k out mine. : )
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Great fantasy. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
mmmmm...great fantasy...and great writing!