Strip Club fun for an Empty Nest couple!!!

Ladies especially, let me know if you enjoy this. It gets me off, so let me know if I do the same for you!!!

Married 23 years, things get … old. At one time my wife, Tina and I had fireworks and spontaneity. At one time we looked forward to the night and we experimented. We looked for ideas, we read things, ordered things and we made the opportunities to make a sex life for the two of us exciting.
I vaguely remember those days. Vaguely.
Now we go to bed to watch the news, maybe watch a monologue and sl**p. Excitement is finding a new restaurant we both like or seeing that we have lost five pounds. Sex is something that we laugh and make snide comments about in jest.
In fact, over the past years, it has become a big joke between Tina and me. Every time we drive past the Cabaret Club, I chide her about stopping in and having some fun. She always looks at me and says something like, “I have your fun, right here!” and she runs a hand across one of her B cup breasts and I play along and…. Yeah, we have grown boring and stale. Problem is neither of us had a clue how to change it.
We are empty nesters. Our youngest moved out a couple of months ago, and we each decided that we needed to make a concerted effort to rekindle the flame and we have ramped it up a bit. But remember, it did not take much to raise the measurements. We had been having sexual contact only once a week (sometimes it was just one or the other of us bringing the other off manually since the other was too tired). So we instituted naked Thursdays, where once we ate dinner, the clothes came off for the rest of the evening. I bought her a new vibrator. We even had sex more frequently and did it in rooms other than our bedroom… at least they were small steps in the right direction.
It was a little stunning therefore that when I made a comment about a 20 something young woman at the restaurant bar with about four inches of cleavage showing that my wife was licking her lips when I glanced over at her. She said, “I wondered when you would notice.” It was not so much the comment that stopped me in my tracks as much as the way she said it. She had been watching the woman first, and not because she thought that I might like to see her, but because she was checking out the rack too!!!
Maybe I should have let it go, but I didn’t. I asked,”So do you find that erotic?” She turned and looked me square in the eyes and said, “It was just an observation. I like to look. Nothing more… Nothing” I ordered another round of drinks and she asked me, “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to suck a cock?” I about dropped my drink!!
I looked over at her and she was not looking at me. She was looking back at the table where the big breasted woman was sitting with three other professional looking women. The lady exuded sexuality. As I watched her, she started to laugh and raised long, slender fingers to her painted red lips. She was hot, but what had made my wife ask such a crazy question? “I can honestly say that that is one sex act I have never considered.” I finally answered, as I turned back to her. “Why do ask?” Finally, she took another sip of her drink and looked at me and simply said, “Just doing a sanity check.” Then she changed the subject and I was left scratching my head.
Ten minutes later, we were seated at a table a few feet from the ladies that we had noticed earlier and when I started to take the seat so I could watch them Tina had already grabbed the back of the chair and said she would like to sit in it. I shrugged and took the other seat.
While I looked at the menu, she kept looking across at the next table and licking her lips. There was no doubt about it, she had a real appetite and it was not for anything in the menu. Tina had d***k a couple of more powerful mixed drinks and usually she was a single beer an evening if not a diet coke woman. She had not eaten any lunch, so I knew that part of what was happening was she was getting d***k, but I was fascinated by the fact that she mesmerized by another woman.
We ordered, ate the meal and talked about a lot of different things but with every lull in conversation her eyes would wander over to the other table. It was not unheard of for Tina to reach under a table and rest her hand on my knee or my thigh, but on this evening, it was almost after she took each bite, her hand was moving up toward my crotch. Our server, a young college k** named Stan, about shit himself when he came to drop off the check, because Tina was rubbing me vigorously and when he realized what she was doing, he looked at her and she opened her mouth in a perfect circle and pushed out the side of her cheek with her tongue!!! I thought I was going to die laughing.
As we went out to the car, she was all over me, and my only regret was not having remembered what order she had drank the drinks, because they definitely had her hot and ready!! I figured the time to strike was now, so I pulled out and started heading toward the house, when I jokingly said, “Hey, the Cabaret Club is right up here….” I then chuckled just like I had probably a hundred times before and to my shock she said, “Why not? Let’s go see some tits!!!”
I nearly wrecked the car. Literally, I was in the right hand lane and the Cabaret Club was less than half a block up on the left side of the road, but there was no way I was going to drive past the place!! 30 seconds later I was guiding the car into a parking space and turning off the engine. I was going to ask Tina if she was really up for this, but when I looked over, I saw her taking her bra off inside her shirt. Once she pulled it out, she then whipped it over my head and then pulled my face toward her breasts that now were free and easy inside her blouse. “Just remember, you get to suck and come home with these tits, no matter what you think you see in there!”
After about five minutes, we finally opened the doors and headed in. I do not see how people come into places like this during daylight hours. It was so dark just inside, that I almost did not see the guy in the cage to the right of the door until he said, “That will be ten dollars for you sir, your woman gets in free.” I reached into my wallet handed the man a ten and turned to see that my wife had already stepped through the zig zag walls that hid the interior of the building from the entrance.
I stayed there in the corner of the shadows and watched her. Even in bright day light, she looked good for 43 and in the shadows with only dim lights to occasionally play over her features, her figure was the most outstanding feature, and she looked like a girl half her age from that perspective. I was not the only person who thought so, because a huge mountain of a man moved out of the shadows and though the pounding music covered what he said, I could tell he was more than happy to direct her to a couple of tables down near the front.
She laughed at something he said and put her hands on his forearms and then leaned her body into his arm, which brought a leering smile at her. He offered her an arm and led her down through the maze of tables occupied by a smattering of men and a few couples to table just feet from the stage, where a man in a purple short was telling a series of dirty jokes.
As I followed my wife and her e****t, my eyes adjusted and I saw ladies moving through the tables, each with pasties covering their nipples and g-strings. There was a redhead near where my wife was going who had to have had DD tits and though they were huge, they still had lift, like a young Christie Canyon, for those of you who remember her!! My dick was instantly hard and I thought to myself that even if no woman even came out on the stage, just looking at the waitresses was going to be good enough for me!
My wife laughed and sat down on a chair next to the stage and I stepped up to the other side of the huge bouncer and he turned and gave me a wink and said, “Enjoy, I know I sure as hell would.” He turned and walked back to his post near the door and I turned at just the right moment to almost get a face full of ‘Christie’ as she came up to offer to get us some food and non-alcoholic drinks (How stupid is it to have a state say you can have adult entertainment but no adult beverages there?). We ordered some cheesy fries and she got a diet and I ordered a coffee, just as the emcee introduced Aimee.
The hard rock music started low and could be felt almost more than heard. A tiny woman with heavy makeup, dressed in biker leathers appeared. She stood near the back of the stage, moving and giving peaks at what was beneath, but very little flesh was seen. Her short cropped blonde hair gave her a boyish look, but the shape of the hips and the swell of even her small tits beneath the white cropped top left no doubt about her sex. Then after a couple of minutes she dove on her belly straight down the middle of the stage and sat up and faced the group of guys on the other side of the stage.
I was a little disappointed then suddenly ‘Christie’ returned with our drinks and I was inches from having a face full of her breasts!! She laughed at the look on my face and then turned to give my wife her drink. My wife motioned with a finger for ‘Christie’ to lean a little closer and they said something to each other. I could have cared less. There was a nearly naked ass, just scant inches from my face. I thought why not, and let my hand drop off the table to the inside of her calf. Her flesh was so soft smooth and warm. She wiggled her ass a little for me and I decided to go for it and I bent and kissed her velvety smooth ass!!
She immediately stood upright and turned and looked at me and wagged a finger in my face as if to admonish a little boy, but the smile on her face let me know that many a man before me had done far worse and while she could not allow it, she was not offended by my advances either. I saw just past her, my wife motioning toward the stage and I turned just as the tiny blond on the stage rolled over on all fours to allow the guys on the other side, what I can only imagine was an incredible view of her snatch and ass. I, on the other hand, was looking past the pimple pocked face to a nice set of small breasts swinging just a couple of feet from me. She had dark, hard nipples that were sticking out like diamond on the top of her soft, solid breasts. She winked at me and blew me a kiss, whirled around and the song ended.
I looked over at Tina and noticed that she was looking around the room. I followed her gaze and noticed that her eyes were moving from nearly naked big breasted servers to the hands of some of the women sitting along the upper tables. Hands of some of the women were plainly rubbing cocks of the men that they were with. She moved closer to me as another song started and she said, “That guy up there by the yellow light has a huge cock!” I followed her gaze and saw a dark haired woman dressed in white Capri pants sitting with a man up, almost hidden from the floor. She had his cock out and was giving him a hand job beneath the table as they kissed passionately and his hands played across her full breasts.
Tina moved her chair more toward me, and her fingers walked along the inside seam of my pants. My balls were tight up against me, but not out of range for her as her fingernails scratched over the rough fabric. Her hard nipples were threatening to poke through the white fabric of her shirt which now was unbuttoned well below her breasts.
Suddenly the lights on the stage came up full and two women, a brunette and a dirty dyed blonde, each with gorgeous C cup tits appeared and began kissing passionately. A couple of guys from the corner of the room brought a bench out and put it on the stage right in front of my wife and the girls on stage began to make their way to the bench. It almost seemed as if they were lovers, completely oblivious of the men calling out to them from the audience and the lights and music that played over their bodies. By the time that the shorter of the two sat down on the bench, she had already opened the shirt of the other and was eagerly sucking the huge nipples that reacted so nicely for her.
I looked over at Tina, and I almost thought I should lean over to her and remind her to breath. She was mesmerized by Sapphic love being played out before her and when the taller woman grabbed hold of the seated one’s face and howled. My wife immediately dropped her other hand to her own lap and I could tell she was vigorously rubbing her clit.
I put my arm around her and moved my hand to her breasts and started to play with her nipples and she began moaning. The two on the stage were now naked and kissing everything on the other like there was no tomorrow (I learned later they could not touch each other below the waist, but nearly everything else was fair play). It was hot and the guys in the room were definitely growing rowdy and restless! Just at the point that I was concerned the whole room might explode, the lights went dark and the girls exited the stage, while the crowd exploded in whistles and yellss of all kinds.
Tina turned to say something to me just as ‘Christie’ leaned down between us and said, “We are all set, if you two would follow me.” My wife immediately pushed her chair back and followed her toward a side door. I got up and started to follow these two women. I was clueless, but I figured it had something to do with what they had talked about earlier. ‘Christie’ led us through a door into a dark hallway and into the second door on the right.
She seated us on the chairs to the left of the door and once I closed the door, she said, “Rules are simple. The girls cannot touch either of you and you cannot touch them, but there isn’t anyone here to stop what you two do with each other. Understood?” We nodded, though I still was not certain what was going on. She smiled at me and said, “Enjoy” and she knocked on a door, it opened and she walked out after which a woman who looked to be in her 30’s with a long blonde hair pulled back and woven into a pony tail that went most of the way down her back.
She waited for the door to close, then turned her back to us to look at the door. When she turned back around she revealed a full-figured body. She had huge tits that were pressed to look even larger by a corset. Her legs were in loose fitting leather pants. She looked at both of us and walked over toward us, and said simply. “Screw what that little goodie too shoes bitch just told you. “ With that she grabbed the top of her corset cups and pulled them down so the huge pillows of soft woman flesh rolled over the black material. “Suck my tits and maybe we can all cum to some sort of agreement.”
I looked over at Tina, but she seemed totally under this woman’s spell and she moved forward in her seat and reached for the breast closest to her. I watched in complete awe as my wife’s lips parted and her moist tongue flicked out before she sucked in the flat nipple on the huge breast. When it next appeared, it was puckered and well on its way to becoming over an inch long. It shone in the dim light with my wife’s spit.
I felt the big woman reach to the back of my head and she guided my face to her huge flesh and like my wife before me, I sucked her flesh in hungrily. She had smeared her flesh with a strawberry flavored liquor and the effect was intoxicating. I felt my wife moving her hand to my zipper and within a few seconds my cock sprang forward like it was a pent up spring and she took it in her well practiced hands and began working the precum from the tip down the shaft of my cock.
My hand moved behind the woman’s leg to her ass and I felt her reach for it within a moment or two and I thought that I was in trouble, only to feel her raise it to her mouth and she coated my index finger with her spit. Once it was thoroughly coated, she moved my hand behind her once again and placed the tip of my finger against her asshole!! I looked up into her lust-filled eyes and she nodded at me with a faraway glassy look in her eyes. I did not need any other encouragement and within seconds she was pushing back onto my finger’s first knuckle.
This, combined with my wife stroking my cock, had me rushing headlong toward an orgasm like I had not had in years. I raised my other hand with the intent of rubbing our third’s clit and was stunned to find my wife already had fingers deep inside her and was rubbing her stiff sensitive nub with the flat of her thumb in a manner that was quickly sending the woman over the edge!! So I dropped my hand between my wife’s thighs and found her panties no barrier to my fingers, as I moved the soaked cotton to the side and began frigging her!!
Within a few minutes and all too soon, I felt my cock start to spasm and I shot wad after wad up at the woman standing in front of me. That seemed to be the magic signal because immediately, she buried my face and my wife’s into her breasts as she roared with an earth shaking orgasm. My wife released my cock and began ramming her cunt hard with a hand covered with my cum and before the big woman released us, she was beginning to feel the first wave of her own orgasm crashing over her!!!
The woman released our heads, and leaned against the wall as she fought to gain back a livable breath and heartbeat. Tina and I kissed passionately and we were only vaguely aware of the woman moving to the door she had entered through, reaching into the dark recess and returning a moment with two towels. We broke our embrace and my wife stood up and my wife laid her arms around the other woman and began kissing the woman tenderly.
I wiped down the lower parts of each woman and then myself and we all pulled up our clothes. Tina gave the woman several bills and they kissed again and the lady said, “When you come back again, be certain to ask for Satin. The next one like this will be on the house!”
We thanked her and exited the other door, certain it would not be long before we visited the Cabaret Club again.

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