Bailing out My Niece Lynn from jail.

It was 12:30 Saturday morning and I had been asl**p for about an hour when the phone rang. It was the Roseville police, and they said they had arrested my niece for driving while intoxicated out on the freeway and if I was willing to come and get her, they would rather keep the cells for people who were a little more at risk for doing something worse. I thanked them for the call and told them I would be down within the hour to get her.
Now my niece, Lynn lives about 75 miles away from me, so as I groped for shorts and a shirt, I had a difficult time putting together a scenario that would have her in Roseville on a Friday night. Then it dawned on me. While she lived 75 miles to the East of me, her s****r lives about 45 miles North and West of me, so she was probably on her way to visit her!
So I finally pulled it all together well enough to drive down to the station where I talked to the man at the front desk and told him who I had come for. His face broke into a big grin as he said, “Well, your niece is sure going to be glad to see you. Every guy down in the holding area has been begging us to move her into the tank with them. Seems she was planning on celebrating her 21st birthday tonight up north in the city but kicked it off a little early and… let’s just say, we will be glad to let you take her and settle things in the back down a little.”
Now I was back to the confused state. Lynn had always been the good girl and her s****r somewhat of a rebel. I had a rough time believing that Lynn had even been drinking and driving! That alone was not like her in the least.
So 10 minutes later when another officer e****ted her out into the lobby through a steel reinf***ed door, I had to do a double take. Fresh faced, little Lynn had her hair caked to her head with jell and smoothed back . It was black instead of its normal chestnut brown. She had all kinds of tattoos and marks on her arms and her makeup would have been extreme at most punk concerts!! But there was no mistaking it was Lynn. Ever since she turned 12, Lynn had stood just over 5 feet in height, with huge boobs that no one could hide or ignore!!
And tonight, they were on full display! The white wife beater tee shirt was torn down the front so that her demi cup black bra, which barely covered her nipples was plain to see. She wore a pair of short, seamless spandex type of shorts that barely covered 6 inches of vertical territory and through which her camel toe was obvious. Her legs were highlighted by large hole fishnet stockings and she wore 4 inch high stiletto heeled boots that came midway up the calf and were accented with silver chain!
She looked every bit a street hooker and to say I was stunned would have been the understatement of the year. I signed a bunch of paper work and paid out $50 cash to take custody of her. She never said a word, just hung her head. I could smell the beer on her from three feet away.
When we got outside the police station she looked at me and in a voice choked with tears she said, “I am so sorry Uncle Brice. After work the girls took me out and I figured I would only have a single beer, but people kept buying me more and then Cindy called and said I should come up, she had a concert she was promoting tonight, and when I said okay, she said, just don’t come looking square or you won’t get in. So I borrowed most of this from my friends and they helped me with my makeup and …. I just thought I would shock Cindy…. I never meant to drive d***k.” She continued to babble on about how ashamed she was and I tied my best to guide her in a straight line to through the parking lot.
I got her in my car and I said, “Lynn, we all do stupid things. I’m just glad this is one you are really going to regret in the morning, but at least will live to remember.”
We drove the rest of the way back to my house, with her babbling on and on about stuff and I began to realize that Lynn, who had only had a drink or two once or twice before this evening had consumed several beers (as in probably more than 8) and a couple of shooters!! She was toast! And when I hit the few little hills near the house with the sudden curves right after them a little quickly, she suddenly went quiet. As we pulled into the driveway, she looked at me and said, “I think I am going to be sick….” I slammed on the brakes and she opened the car door and just got out when she became my first front yard barf fountain. I mean she was projectile hurling and I could not begin to believe how much was coming up and out.
I went around the car and helped hold her as she continued to heave for a bit more. She was wobbly at this point so I half walked, half carried her into the house. In the light inside, it only took a moment to see that Lynn was going to need a shower before lying down on anything I owned. So I led her to the bathroom at the back of the house and started the shower on a fairly strong, warm spray. “Take a shower. I will go see what clothes I can find for you.” As I started out the door, I turned to ask her if she would be okay getting into the shower herself and stopped mid-sentence as two of the most fabulous breasts in the world suddenly dropped into site as she released her bra and it dropped to the floor! Instead of saying anything, I just turned back around and headed toward my room.
I kept telling myself to get a grip. This girl was d***k. She was my b*****r’s step-daughter!!! I had known her since she was 4 and she was 9 years my junior!!! She was not some slut or bimbo I had picked up at a bar, she was f****y!!
And yet, there was a part of me that said, “Yeah, and she is one HELL of a babe!!”
I found myself standing in the middle of the bedroom and I realized I was going to have a tough time clothing my niece. First of all, when my ex moved out 18 months earlier, what clothing she had left behind, I burned. Secondly, while she is on the petite side, I am over 6’ 4” and 230 pounds.. Even my tee-shirts were going to flow over her form….
I looked through the drawer and found a black tee-shirt that was long and I decided that it might be the best choice, and I walked my way back to the back bath. I knocked on the door and there was no answer, so I opened the door a little and peered in. I could see the shape of her body through the curtain, and it immediately hypnotized me. She was brushing her teeth, very slowly and carefully. The shadow that played across the curtain appeared to be guiding a rod in and out of her mouth, and the visual was sensual beyond words.
I could feel my cock swelling inside my shorts. In my haste to get to the station, I had gone commando and now the zipper was rubbing the underside of my cock. u*********sly, I reached down and rubbed the head of my cock with the palm of my hand, and the pressure sent a shudder of pleasure racing up my spine. I walked two steps into the room and hung the shirt on a towel peg just outside the shower and quietly retraced my way out the door.
I really needed to pull it together!! I mean, she was a k**. At least I told myself that, and then I realized that at 21, she was hardly a k**. She was a woman, and one very incredibly beautiful one at that! I wanted to see more of her, without the curtain. I also berated myself for being such a degenerate and pervert, but I could not help myself.
I finally started back up the hall toward my room, when the water stopped and I heard Lynn say, “Hey Uncle Brice, where are your towels?” “Towels?” I thought, and then it dawned on me. The Bitch had taken all but two sets of towels and they were both in the Master bath. So I told Lynn to wait a minute, and I trotted into my bath and got the clean set and brought them back down the hall.
When I got to the door I knocked and she said, “Come on in.” I assumed she had found the shirt and put it on without drying. I assumed wrong. There stood my 21 year old niece, naked as the day she was born, on her birthday!!
She had a bottle of rubbing alcohol from the cabinet and a couple of cotton balls and was scrubbing away a temporary tattoo that had been on her upper shoulder. Her other tattoos were gone. All but the one on her shoulder and the one on her right shoulder blade. I must have looked like the world’s biggest idiot, because when she looked at me she laughed and said, “The tats were all fake ones we put on at Tina’s. I was going to freak Cindy out, but instead, I guess they got you. Sorry about that. They itched, so I wanted to wash them off.”
She may have thought the tats were what caused me to lose all composure, but the sight of seeing her perfect body, naked, just a couple of feet away from me was almost more than I could take! It had been 18 months since I had touched any woman and now, just feet away from me was very vision of feminine allure and sex appeal and I was on the edge of melting down!!
“Uncle Brice, could you help me?” she asked and my voice cracked as I tried to reply in the affirmative. She did not seem to notice as she turned her back to me and continued. “That tat on my shoulder blade itches and I can’t get to it. Could you get it off for me?”
I gulped. Could I get it off… for her?! My God, try to stop me!!! I knew what she meant, but as my eyes took in the naked hourglass shape, covered with perfectly tanned skin with its tiny tan lines right above the widest part of her hips… All I could think of was getting off in a completely different manner!! She suddenly lifted the bottle of rubbing alcohol to her shoulder and a cotton pad and I realized she was watching me in the mirror. I swallowed hard again, and mindlessly reached for the items she offered and stepped right up to her.
I started to wipe at the ink and it was obvious that it was going to take more pressure than that. I looked in the mirror and saw her eyes were still on my reddened face. “It’s okay, Uncle Brice. I’m a grown woman now. I can take it. Scrub harder.”
Now I have no clue whether she really knew what she was saying or she was just inadvertently stringing these phrases together, but the one thing I did know was that with each passing moment it was becoming more and more difficult to not think of little Lynn and her 21 year-old perfection as anything but a piece of meat!!
So I started to rub a little harder and she lost her balance, and I put my arm around her and steadied her warm soft naked flesh against my body. It was a moment of divine agony! When she got her feet under her, she said “Maybe I should brace myself against the vanity.”
She leaned over at the waist and put her hands on either side of the washbasin which had the effect of forcing her to lean over just a bit and now her perfect ass was rubbing against the front of my shorts. “Now try it.” She said, and I caught a hint of smile on her face as I looked over her head in the mirror.
I stepped up and began scrubbing a little more successfully this time at the temporary tattoo. While my hands worked above her waist, my mind and eyes were below the hips. Even the first time I had seen my wife naked I had not thought she was as perfect as my niece. Her ass was perfectly rounded and symmetrical. The cleft was clean and shallow as there was not a lot of extra fat there, but the hips were still wide and full. In short perfect.
I looked up into the mirror and she was biting her lower lip, and watching me with a look that was nothing short of lust. Without saying anything else, she leaned forward, resting her elbows on the smooth counter. Now her pussy would be available and as I thought about that fact, she backed her ass into the front of my shorts very deliberately and began to grind herself back into me.
“Uncle Brice,” she quietly said in a voice that came as if from a dream, “I just want to thank you for getting me out of jail tonight. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you for getting you out in the middle of the night?” There was no mistaking it now. She knew she had my bl**d boiling and she was making it clear that she was available.
I pressed my hips into her ass and began to meet her grinding motion. She pushed herself up straight and I breathed in the clean scent of her wet hair. I kissed the crown of her forehead and my hands held her hips loosely in front of me. Then I felt her hands taking hold of my wrists and raised my hands up the front of her body to the bottom of her breasts. Her head moved to my left shoulder and then looked back at me opened her beautiful, thin lips that served as the entrance to her tiny mouth full of perfect white pearl teeth.
As our lips met, all question of propriety left. Nothing in fact had ever felt more right than that embrace. Her tongue moved in ever so perfect concert with my own and the dance of the two small muscles. Her lips wrapped around my tongue and pulled me into the perfection of her essence. I open my eyes and see my hands weighing the full round globes of her breasts. The nipples were hardening between my index fingers and thumbs and to my amazement the small buds grew out and hardened into dark nipples of incredible sensuality.
Our mouths break their lock and I begin kissing from her chin back toward her ear. She moans and leans more solidly back into me. Her hand reached into the void of the small of her back and down to the top of my shorts. She begins polishing the head of my cock through the rough fabric of my shorts. I alternate kissing, sucking and biting the sensitive flesh that makes the transition from her graceful neck to her square shoulders.
She turns around and grabs the bottom of my tee shirt and while I raised it up and over my head, she made quick work of the zipper and belt on my shorts. Before my shorts even hit the floor she was pressing her soft body into my hard muscles and her breasts were so wonderful, pressing into my bare chest.
The heal of her hand came up to my chin and pushed my face up toward the ceiling and she began roughly sucking on my lower neck and sucking her way down to my nipples. I pushed into her and she sat up on the counter of the vanity and then took my left nipple between her teeth. I wanted to scream both in pleasure and pain. The sensation was truly mindblowing!
Her legs spread and she reached for my throbbing dick and guided it into the crease of perfect flesh between her legs. I slowly fed my cock into her wetness until only a single inch of my shaft remained outside of her. She put her arms around my shoulders and began to pull herself up my body. Then she demanded quietly in my ear, “Fuck my cunt. Fuck me hard!”
I bent my knees just a little and then slammed more of me into her than I had realized I even had!!! I felt more than heard her moan as she desperately devoured my cock with her pussy. For that moment in time, everything froze. My cock was buried in the most delicious slice of woman pie in the world and the ripples of her muscles inside of her worked to accommodate the intruder!
Slowly and then building, she would pull herself up my body and then slamming herself back down again and again , over and over onto my cock. I picked her up off of the counter and stumbled with her wrapped around me and turned and slammed her into the door jam of the bath and then the wall of the hall!
The cum was rising ever more into my torso. It burned deep in my belly as it longed to fill her belly with my liquid fire. Suddenly she threw back her head and yelled, “Oh my God!!!!” and at that moment the velvet flesh of her delicate sex became an incredible vice of passion that began pulling out every drop of my cum deep into her!! I stumbled in my effort to stay upright and slid down the wall.
The next thing I realized was my eyes rolled back down out of the top of my head and there hanging a fraction of an inch from my face were the gorgeous globes of Lynn’s huge boobs. “Uncle Brice, that was incredible!! Suck my tits, I want to continue cumming all night.
Who was I to decline such a request?

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