A night of service to remember

please let me know if you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed living it!!!

I just wanted to say thank you. Last night was incredible. Standing there naked and blindfolded, hearing the door open and closing, the murmurs and not knowing what would be my fate, was incredible! I felt so helpless and yet all that I had on was the blindfold.

Then you it began. The touches were so soft at first that I jumped. They did not hurt, but they startled me. The scent of the women as they approached and ran their fingers over my shoulders, or traced my collar bone became my way of knowing what to expect. The woman with the rose scented perfume, had thorns for finger nails, and when she d**g her fingers across my abs, the sensations ranged from a tickle to the point where I questioned whether she had drawn bl**d.

Then the smell of cheap cigarettes assailed my senses and I imagined an older woman, grabbing my ass with both hands. She did not play. She knew what she wanted and she grabbed my fleshy ass and slapped her hands again and again across my ass. Then she began spreading my ass cheeks and dragging a fingernail roughly across my puckered hole. She laughed a deep, throaty laugh.

The woman that drank beer came up at that moment, I remember it distinctly. I was just thinking about turning to face the cigarette smelling woman when a strong hand reached out and grabbed the front of my throat. I held myself motionless, not knowing what to expect, and certainly not expecting the open hand slap that came or the next or the next. The not knowing made my heart race! For a moment my fear almost caused me to take off the blindfold, but you had told me to trust you and if I took off my blinders by myself I would be proving myself unworthy. So I trusted you. I felt the spit hit my chest and then the hands roughly lifting my limp cock while the other circled my sack and pulled my testicles as far as they would stretch from my torso.

My hands were then bound together but instead of having them lifted above my head, you strapped my wrists between my ankles. It didn’t take long for me to imagine how exposed I must have appeared in that position. My ass was sticking up high, while my face was just below waist height. It was not a very dignified stance.

Then a heavy woman who smelled of a sweet cologne, backed her ass into my face, while another woman stood behind me and began to slowly slap my ass. First one cheek, then the other felt the stinging slaps of her open hands landing on my quickly heated flesh. All the while, the fat woman kept telling me over and over again, “Get your face in there deep bitchy boy and lick my hole. That’s it you little whore, like my brown hole!”
I did my best, because I wanted to be their whore. I wanted to be your slut. I wanted to satisfy every woman who would let me touch them. The stings of the slaps reminded me that I was not worthy, but unbelievably lucky to be there.

I felt the smoker walk up to my side and reach in front of my legs and grab my cock and started to slowly milk my cock. I don’t know what she used on my tender flesh, but within a minute or two, my skin began to heat and then burn. There was nothing I could do. She continued to stroke me and despite the pain of the beating my ass was taking and the sensation of the chemicals on my cock, I could feel my flesh betraying my arousal. I was growing every harder with a need for release.
The fat woman stepped away and another woman grabbed a handful of my hair in each hand and lifted my face just enough to jam it into her cunt. I did not have to lick her hidden lips to make them wet. She was soaking and the smell of her desire filled my nostrils and further heightened my desire to be used.
Hands of several women then grabbed my hips and spread my ass cheeks wide. Then I felt a well greased finger begin sliding a thick substance up and down my ass crack and then it began working little by little, this lube deep into my virgin puckered hole!! I groaned at the new sensation and the laughter and comments made me feel so inadequate. I was not only your slut, I was the whore for several women and they were enjoying defiling every bit of me.

In my hobbled condition, I was guided up against a low table’s edge and then the hands pushed me backwards over the table. More hands raised my feet into the air as I rolled onto my back. Suddenly mouths were on my mouth, and biting my shoulders and other people positioned me with my butt almost falling off of the table. Then I heard those words. “Fuck his ass hard!”

I felt the head of a dildo against my asshole and before I could protest, the first inch of the hard object stretched me tight ring open and began filling my dark back passage. The laughter and cat calls drowned my protests. You were all urging her to go deeper, while I questioned if you could possibly do so!! And then the phallic shaft began to work it’s way deeper and deeper into me, sending my mind spinning with exhilaration and guilt, desire and revulsion at my own eagerness to accept your treatment.
Now hands were running a warm wet cloth over my cock and the burning sensation was gone. A string was instead wound around my balls and the base of my cock. They were wound tighter and tighter and just as the cock in my ass began to slide out, soft hair slid sensually over my abs and then my cock felt the moist pleasure of a mouth, swallowing me!! A few seconds later, my cock was pulsing into the moist piece of heaven as the tip of my cock became wedged in the throat of the woman.

It was then that a woman straddled my face and began to lower her bare sex onto my face and ride my tongue, screaming obscenities that would make a sailor blush!!

On and on it went. I was rolled onto my side and my hands released from their ankle connectors and then I was stretched out on the table. Different ones continued to take turns beating and fucking my ass while my mouth was offered breasts, fingers, ass and pussys in an unending procession of sexual service.
Finally the cords around my cock were cut and within a few minutes, my balls exploded sending jet after jet of lust up and out the length of my cock in such a delicious release of lust and pleasure. The approval of the women was evident by their comments and the way they rubbed the quickly cooling cum into my chest and legs.

Then I heard them file out, and I was alone. My body had never felt more alive. Every nerve in my body had been assailed. Then the door opened, and you walked over and released my bonds. Then the blindfold was lifted and I beheld the face of my fallen angel and her pride in my performance gave me more satisfaction.
You led me to the shower and you helped clean me up and then you let me sl**p beside your naked body and service you until you were content and ready for sl**p.
It was all so beautiful and I cannot wait to serve you again….. Thank you Mistress L.

94% (8/1)
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I don't think too many like BDSM stories as I haven't found any others so far.