Indian Princess at Graduation

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I walked into the foyer to the large auditorium with the rest of my f****y to see my s****r graduate from college. I was not happy to be there. She had “squeezed” a four year degree into six years and was graduating with a huge debt over her head, and Mom was just so proud of her. I had gone to vocational school in High School, performed a 2 year internship with a networking ass and now was pulling down more as a computer security supervisor at an online retail operation than the rest of my f****y combined.

My plan was simple. Get separated from the rest of the f****y. Sit by myself in the back. And once everyone was in and the graduates seated on the stage, I was going to skip out and play on my smart phone until this celebration of mindless indebtedness was over.

We were an hour early and there were already dozens of people there, milling around but it did not take a college graduate to figure out that the place was going to be packed. Getting separated from everyone was going to be easy in this setting, so I began looking around for my opportunity.

That was when I saw her. She was standing about four or five feet on the other side of the water fountain. She was obviously from India, with perfect brown skin, black hair that almost shimmered blue in the streaming sun smokey almond shaped brown eyes. She had on a crisp white button down blouse that hugged her body more intimately than a lover, and a tasteful black skirt that fell to just below her knees, from which two perfectly shaped legs appeared, mounted on at least three inch high heals.

As much as her appearance would have probably been sufficient to capture my attention, it was the tip of her pink tongue that just peeked out between her painted red lips that caused my heart to skip. She then sucked in her bottom lip, dipped her chin just a bit and slowly blinked while looking directly at me!! I swear to God, I have never in my whole life seen a more perfectly sensual sight in my whole life.

Now I am not usually very forward, but I was horny as hell that day, and for whatever reason, I impulsively blew a kiss her way. The corners of her mouth curled up, ever so slightly and once again her tongue briefly wet her lips and then she casually brushed her blouse open, showing the beautiful contrast of her skin and the white fabric. I know my eyes had to have popped out as her motion gave me a brief glimpse of the top of her cleavage. She silently laughed, and turned toward her f****y. I was about to chalk it up as a non-event when she turned and looked over her shoulder at me and then as she said something to one of her f****y members, her hand moved behind her and smoothed the fabric skirt to her ass, revealing no hint of a panty line!!!

By now there were several people coming in and I decided it was time to make my separation move from my f****y. I excused myself to go to the restroom and began to make my way through the crowd toward the restrooms, just beyond the water fountains. As I went past the Indian beauty, I realized that she was a few years older than me. She might have been 30 or so, but there was no diminishing the incredible sensuality that this woman had.

I was contemplating rubbing my hand on her ass as I walked by, when she suddenly took a half step back, right into my path and we bumped into each other. Was it my imagination, or did her hand briefly grab at my crotch? I could not be certain, so instead I mumbled my apologies and she simply smiled nodded to me.

By the time I undid my zipper at the urinal, I was sporting a good solid hard on. It was not to the point where I had any problem taking a pee, but, the sexual tension had definitely had its affect on me. I went to the sink and splashed some water on my face to get a grip. The combination of my over active imagination, my desire to find an excuse to not sit and watch a boring graduation service and me being horny had certainly created an illusion that could by no means be real.

When I stepped out of the restroom, I was shocked by how crowded the lobby had suddenly become. There really was no way for me to get back over to my f****y and I pulled out my phone to send a text to my Mom to let her know I’d try to catch up with them at the end. I had just het send when someone to my side bumped their body into me. I looked up and was looking into those deep dark brown eyes that were so sensual and full of lust! She simply said to me, “ Stay behind me,” and without a waiting for me to respond she turned back around and took two stepped back toward her party but not all the way to them.

Within moments, the gap between her and her f****y was filled by a few bodies. The room was now filling up and you could not move without bumping into someone. Standing now just inches from my Indian princess, I was struck by the curvaceous nature of her body. Her breasts were full and round, her hips were well rounded and I now realized she could not have stood even 5’ 2” tall even in her heals.

And now I could breathe in the intoxicating scent of her and it set my bl**d on fire with lust. I closed my eyes and breathed in another deep breath with my eyes closed. Then I felt the space between our bodies disappear and my throbbing cock found a proper connection with the cleft valley of her sweet ass.

There was no question about the motion, it was intentional. And if there had been any, they were erased as she brought one of her hands behind her and I felt her fingers brush over the front of my Dockers. “MMMmmm,” she murmured as she raised her chin and looked back over her shoulder at me. I looked down and was treated with a view down into the full cleavage of a woman who was beauty personified.

For the next 15 minutes, in a crowd of people so think, movement was impossible, we ground our bodies together. I managed to massage the side of her boobs and she humped my cock with her ass. When the doors opened, the crowds moved toward the door, but she steered me to the wall. Once the crowd thinned, she guided me back to a discrete door, that led to a narrow hall. She seemed, as always, to know what she was doing, so I followed without a word.

She stopped and looked back through the hall, then opened a door and motioned me inside. I went into a tiny office and stepped to a metal desk and turned around to see her locking the door behind us. She turned to me and our mouths pulled us together like two electric magnets and our bodies melted together. She wasted no time with niceties, but immediately tugged my belt open and had my pants down over my hips. I fumbled with the buttons on her blouse and then pulled it and her bra strap down over her shoulders.

She hiked her skirt up with one hand and with the other, reached around my shoulder and neck and pulled herself onto my hips. My hands went to her now bare ass cheeks and lifted her up, as she aimed my aching cock at a slit that was so wet. When lined up, she lowered herself on my cock clear down to its root!! As she leaned back from me, I bent my head down and took one of her hard, dark nipples in my mouth and suck. She breathed in sharply and then clasped my face into the soft flesh of her breast, nearly smothering me, as her hips methodically worked her pussy up and down the length of my cock.
We were not in that office more than five minutes when I felt the first waves of her orgasm begin rolling through the walls of her pussy. The clamping motion of her tight wet pussy, hungrily swallowing the entire length of me sent me over the edge and she bit into my shoulder to keep from screaming in ecstasy.

I turned and set her on the desk and barely kept from collapsing completely. About a minute later, I looked over, and saw her working her breasts back into a more proper configuration within the bra, and then buttoning up her top. She smiled in a sly way at me and said, “that was very nice, Thank you!” She then reached and guided my mouth to hers and we kissed deeply one more time. She opened her eyes as we broke our kiss and then smiled, patted my lips and turned toward the door.
At the door she stopped, turned and handed me a business card. “I’m usually available for private tutoring after 2:30 on most days,” was all she said and then she turned and let herself out.

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8 months ago unlikely as this is, was dam hot
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Very good thanks for sharing.
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Mmm nice love dark nipples
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This Is Priceless & Classic 5☆
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i need a private tutor like her