Interracial Orgy at the lake

My wife and I were walking back from the lake on the Indian Maid path that almost no one at the campground used anymore. It had been so hot earlier in the day that the cool breeze coming off of the lake was a welcome relief. We liked walking the path even though it was not as well cared for and took about 10 minutes longer to get back to the campground. That extra remoteness occasionally came in very convenient when the wife decided that doing things on the wild side would be nice.

But tonight it was different. We were just walking along, hand in hand, really not even talking when we each heard it at the same time. It sounded like a small c***d. We both stopped and looked at each other uncertain of what direction it had come from. Then we heard it again, but it did not sound quite right to me. My wife held a finger to her lips and pointed up the trail to where there was a cut off to an otherwise inaccessible cove that we had made use of on occasion.

As we moved around a large tree three people came into view and with the sun just setting behind them. It was truly an incredible site. They were all in their twenties and beautiful Two black guys and a superb little blonde with big boobs. She was sitting on a huge fallen tree and had a huge cock in each hand. The guys still had their shirts on and their shorts lay in piles at their feet. The girl’s shirt was open to the waist and still had a pair of very short gray shorts.

I looked over at my wife and wondered whether we should give them their privacy, but one glance at her told me the answer. She was staring intently at the scene unfolding before her and biting her lower lip. She had told me before that she had always been curious about what it would be like to have a big black cock, and I had always known that if I wanted her to watch porn with me all I had to was make certain the flick had a black stud in it and I had company!! Now she was just 10 feet away from two huge black cocks in all of their glory!!

I moved behind my wife and she never took her eyes off of the trio in front of us. The guys were holding the blonde’s hair back from her face as she turned first to one of them and then the other. She was purring now as she took one of the rods into her lips and then let a loud popping sound out when she would turn to attend to the other. The shorter of the two guys took off his shirt and revealed a body that was absolutely chiseled! He had muscles that I had never known I was supposed to have!!

The other guy was taller and built like a stick, but when he took his shirt off, his cock looked even more like tree limb. When the blonde would turn to him, there was still enough cock left that she could still hold the cock with her hand!!

I was rubbing my cock against my wife’s excellent ass. I reached around and lifted her magnificent D cups. In our late thirties we have stayed fit by hiking and bicycling on nearly every weekend, sometime with the k**s and sometimes, like this one, while the k**s stayed with their grandparents. I really think my wife has a better body now than she did when we were first married. As I ran my hands down her flat belly she leaned back into me, I could feel my cock harden. I love the scent of her hair and I breathed in deeply as the blonde expertly built the passion of the two young studs using both her hands and an expertly talented mouth.

My wife took my hand in hers and moved it inside the elastic waistband of her shorts. Her pussy was already wet and I slid a finger in and coaxed the natural lubricant out and up around her clit. She continued to stare at the couple while she pulled her own breasts free of her bra and shirt. I brought my free hand up to quiet Shanna’s moans which were growing to match those of the other three. She instead, took two of my fingers and began deep throating them in time with action we saw in front of us sending me to an ll new level of excitement!!!

By now, my cock was aching for release and humping my wife’s ass through my shorts and hers was fun, but not exactly fulfilling. I whispered in her ear, “I want to fuck you so badly.” And without another word, felt her hands first move to push her shorts down over her hips and then reach back and undo the belt and fly on mine!

The two black guys stepped back from the girl and helped her get naked in a hurry. Her white hands and arms were moving in stark relief over the bodies of her lovers and their large black hands roamed over her flesh. She moved so that the tall thin guy with the huge dick was behind her. She then bent forward to allow the stud access when she froze. She was looking straight at my wife and me!!!

I froze. I was torn between grabbing my clothes and sprinting away and picking up my clothes and walking away with my dignity in shreds. None of us moved for a moment, and then to my surprise, my wife stepped into the little sandy clearing, right up to the shorter black guy, and kissed him deep and passionately.

That broke the ice and the slim guy shoved the blonde forward, facing right toward me and began feeding her tight pussy his massive schlong. She looked up at me and with a single finger called me to her and I did not hesitate as I moved up to her. She looked at me and said, “Mmmm I like seasoned white meat too. Let’s have a taste of that cock!” I looked over at my wife who was sliding down the wall of a man and as she began to take his fat cock into her mouth and figured what the hell.

This girl knew how to suck cock! Her tongue was playing over the under side of my cock each time pulled back, and when I shoved forward, I could feel her tight throat muscles relax just enough to allow my cock access. I reached under her and felt her tits, hanging full and free beneath her chest. They were full and solid and when I touched her nipples they responded so beautifully, puckering, hardening and lengthening, begging to be sucked!

The guy behind her was beginning to take charge and was f***efully pounding his way deeper and deeper into the little blonde and she was f***ed to release my cock or risk breaking her nose or neck against my body. I moved to her side and reached around her continuing to play with her tits. She came into a more upright stance and I began sucking on those nipples that were so dark now against her pale breasts. She was delicious!!!

Out of the corner of my eye I could see my wife taking the other guy all the way down her throat and grabbing the guys ass and holding him to her. The guy had his head turned up to the darkening sky, his hands resting on her head. She pulled back and with two quick strokes of her hand, sent the man over the edge as she sprayed his spunk all over her chest.

I released the girls breasts and went over to my wife and leaned down to her. She seemed dazed and then looked up at me as if from far away and said, “That was awesome!” I laughed and began rubbing the jizz into her breasts. “Can I fuck one of them?” she asked. It was so funny. I mean here we were naked in front of three strangers, each having engaged in oral sex and she was asking in such an innocent voice, “Can I fuck one of them?”

I said, “Go for it, but you better hurry or you will have your work cut out for you reviving them.”

She did not hesitate. She got up off of the ground and walked over to where the other guy was drilling the blonde and put her hand on his chest and said something. Whatever it was that she said, I will never know, but the guy pulled out of the blonde, turned to my wife, who immediately put her arms around his neck and as if they had done it a hundred times, she wrapped her legs around his hips and he began to feed the monster cock deep into her soaking cunt.

The blonde walked over to me and looked me in the eye and said, “Make me cum with your tongue and I will let you have whatever hole of mine you want.” I led her over to the tree and knelt down between her thighs. Her sex smelled so clean, so hot and passionate. Her sex lips were swollen from the pounding they had already taken. I did not waste any time teasing her slit, she was well beyond needing any of that. With two fingers I pulled back the flesh from her sensitive bud and d**g the length of the flat of my tongue across it. She shuddered convulsively and I knew immediately what she wanted.

Some women like to have their clit sucked, others like to have it flicked with the tip of the tongue like a switch. This little blonde wanted direct, steady pressure, with little rubbing friction motion. I was an expert at that!! I began with medium pressure, letting her hips set the tempo. As I felt the tempo increase I began pushing a little more firmly and soon her hands were holding my face against her beautiful pussy as it first began to pulse and then erupt with pussy juice spilling out of her freely

I pushed two fingers deep into her and felt the walls of her pussy quiver at their invasion. I used the moment to look over at my wife who was just receiving the final thrusts of slim young stud as she was awakening the shorter guy’s rod with her hand.

I moved up the girl’s body and she kissed me and then licked some of her juices from my chin. I then took her face in both of my hands and said, “You still up for anything?” She said, “Anything.” I thrust my fingers more deeply into her wet pussy and said, “Good, cause I want your ass!!

I got up away from her and she went down onto all fours. I moved to her side and began kneading her breasts that hung down so nicely and began dragging her lube from her pussy to her ass and gave my rod a thick coating as well. With my right hand I began working a finger in and out of tight little ass as my left hand wandered down to her bald pussy and began roughly pressing the soft flesh around it to give her just the right amount of friction to keep her pussy producing. After a second finger had opened her rear passage it was time.

I moved in behind her and looked up to see my wife also on all fours, getting reamed. I knew all too well that it was her pussy, not her ass getting filled, because in our 20 years together, she has never allowed me to do what I was about to do to this blonde. I placed the tip of my cock tight against her dark ring and let her push herself slowly back onto it. It didn’t take long before my balls were tight against her pussy and I just held myself at that point, feeling the tightness of her ring of flesh.

Then I pulled back and was amazed at the sensation her sphincter squeezing all of the bl**d in my cock up to its head!! I slammed back into her and withdrew slowly until the hood of my cock encountered her asshole and I slammed it back in to depth again. My wife began to scream and then buried her head in the earth as an orgasm shattered her. The guy behind her arched his back smacked her ass hard and repeatedly! I just kept slamming faster and faster into the little blondes ass and it was only a few moments later that I filled her with what felt like the largest load I had ever shot through my cock!!!

One of the guys laughed and grabbed his shorts and the girls and flung hers to her. She numbly picked them up and the three of them got dressed and walked off toward the lake. I retrieved our clothes and after a few minutes of intimate kissing we finished our eveni

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