Working out with my Uncle...

Uncle Ron is a former Special f***es bad ass who left the service 6 months ago and his wife 2 months later. He is retired, even though he is only 47 and most people would guess him to be probably 10 years younger. When I graduated from High School earlier this summer, Uncle Ron showed up and when Dad found out that he had been living out of his van for the last 6 weeks just moving from camping area to camping area, it was decided he would move in with us for a while.
Now at 5’8” and 145 pounds, I am not fat, but I wanted to get a little more ripped before heading off to college and Uncle Ron volunteered to help me. So we agreed training would begin the next morning at 7:00. “You want to get started before it gets too hot,” he told me and I agreed, so, I set my alarm for 6:30.
I was on my way back to my room when my groggy uncle opened his door and stepped out dressed in just his boxers. He is just a couple inches taller than me, but it was like coming face to face with a brick wall! His shoulders looked to be twice the size of his waist and his abs were ripped even without trying!! He mumbled an excuse me and then moved a hand over his crotch and my eyes followed. He had a tent pole lifting the front of his boxers out in a way that one hand was not going to hide and I found myself biting my lip and staring as we each stepped to one side of the hall.
10 minutes later, we were out in the back yard doing simple calisthenics. Toe touches, jumping jacks and wood-cutter chops, as he called the exercises. Then we went on a run. Now I had run track, so I could cover a mile, but Uncle Ron stepped the pace up faster than my teammates had when we warmed up and by the time we reached the park, a little less than a mile away, I was ready to walk home and crawl back in bed!
I started to walk past Uncle Ron and go to the drinking fountain and he reached out an arm across my abs and with hand on my hip furthest from him, and stopped me cold. “Naw, naw, naw, there little Missy. We do not run and then suck down water. I just got your heart rate up to where I want it, we can’t stop now!”
I didn’t tell him, but having him hold me like that would probably have gotten my heart rate up had he chosen to do it when we were in the hallway!! His arm was like iron and his hand held me in a way that made me want to surrender to him completely. I looked up into his face and he was smiling down at me and there was a glint in his green eyes that was nothing short of mischievous! I laughed and tried to spin out of his hand and he easily caught me and held me against his hot , powerful chest.
“We do it my way, dear, agreed?” he said quietly in my ear and I surrendered. “Okay, then, down on your back and let’s get started.”
“Started?!?!?! I thought we were going to warm down!” I protested. He just laughed, offered one of his hands and helped lower me to ground. I looked up at him and for the first time in my life looked at my uncle as a man and not a relative. His dark full head of hair was nicely cut, if a little short. His jaw has that military square cut to it but his eyes were the most amazing thing. They glittered green in the early morning light!
My vantage from sitting on the ground in front of him was not so good for gazing into his eyes, but it had some other benefits!! He wore his military exercise shorts which are way too short to be stylish, but revealed his powerful and sculpted thighs that led down to calves that rippled with power. But then he barked out orders for me to lay back and the fun really began.
He said we are going to start by doing leg lifts. He had me lift and then spread them. I heard him cough a little and I looked up at him. He was standing at my feet and before he raised his head to look into the sky. It was then that I realized that he had probably gotten a good view up my shorts!! I smiled and decided this could be more fun than I had thought.
My intention was just to flash him and tease him, but Uncle Ron is not some 18 year old boy. He is a man. So as we went through the various motions of the exercises, he did not just stare, but he kept moving so that he could be in position to see the next moment. Meanwhile, I was working my ass off.
30 Minutes later I was ready to die and he was just laughing at me! We sat at the park picnic table when I asked him, “So what happened with you and Aunt Sherry?” He looked at me for a moment and then looked back straight ahead into the distance and he said, “Well, it’s a little complicated, but it basically boils down to the fact that she was not able to satisfy me well enough and got tired of me banging her for an hour at a time and then wanting to do it again later in the day.”
I know my jaw dropped. I just sat there staring at him trying figure out if I had really heard him right. His face suddenly split into a big grin and said, “I also got some swamp land for you to buy if you want.” I jumped up and slapped at him and he easily deflected my slaps and then caught my wrists and before I knew it, he had stretched both of my hands straight out and I stumbled forward straight into him.
He let go of my wrists and his hands quickly went to my waist and he was moving be back before I even realized that 2 seconds earlier, Uncle Ron’s face had been planed between my breasts!! I felt my nipples pop and mumbled an apology and turned away from him without saying anything else.
He suddenly was behind me and his arms wrapped around me and he just kind of absorbed me into his frame. I melted back into him and was aware within a few moments that his cock was coming to life. He nuzzled into my hair and I almost forgot that we were out in public. He whispered, “Missy, you do not know what you are messing with. We had better head for home.”
I didn’t want him to let go of me, but he did. He surprised me by slapping my ass and said, “Let’s go girl. You have worked hard and if you don’t get lazy on the way home, I will help you with the warm down.” We turned and ran home and by the time I hit the yard, I fell face-down on the grass and I was sure I would die.
Uncle Ron picked me up and put me over his shoulder like I did not weigh a thing, carried me in the front door and down into the f****y room.
The house was silent, Mom and Dad had left for work and we were alone. He unceremonially dropped me on the floor and then stripped off his shirt and tossed it onto the stair railing. His chest glistened with sweat and his abs looked delicious. “Lay back and lift your left leg,” he told me as he then caught the back of my heal and raised it up in the air. I was cheating with my leg on the floor and without warning, Uncle Ron knelt on my knee that was supposed to be flat on the ground and then held my other heal higher and higher.
I was really getting stretched, but more than that, my Uncle was basically kneeling on me, pinning me to the ground and was spreading my legs to their ultimate opening. He then ran a finger down the back of my thigh and said, “Is it tight back here.”
And before I could stop myself I said back, “Among other places.”
Uncle Ron looked me square in the face and without blinking, trailed his finger inside the leg opening of my shorts and said in a real quiet, husky voice, “Like here?”
I thought at first he was going to just rub my cunt, but he brought my leg down and moved between my thighs. His finger hooked the edge of my panty and pulled it to the side. His face bent down close to my sex and he drew in a deep breath. “Your pussy smells so hot, I think it needs a cool down too!” Without waiting for me to do or say anything, he brought his mouth to my lower lips and gently sucked in on my lips and pulled them out.
Now I had one of the guys at school go down on me once. He thought his tongue was supposed to be a good substitute for a dick…. It wasn’t. But Uncle Ron knew what to do with his tongue, as it traced the valleys of my sex lips and pulled and teased my flesh unmercifully. I wound my hands in his hair and crushed his face to me, dying for him to touch my clit, but he was not to be rushed. “In time, Missy, in time…” he said and then kept up his exploration.
Within minutes my hips were coming off of the floor and I was dying for a release. Then he put his hand on either side of my slit and pulled out, opening me up in what I can only imagine was the most obscene way possible!! Then, his thumbs moved to the tender flesh on either side of my clit and pressed in and down on it!! My clit popped out magically into the air and he murmured his approval and took my nub between his lips like a miniature cock and gave me a blowjob and a half!!
It didn’t take two minutes before I was cumming and screaming! I wanted to never let him go and I could not stand to let him continue to driving me to the brink of insanity! He was relentless and then from someplace within me a gush of hot fluids sprayed out of my gaping pussy as it squeezed dying to be filled!!!
He released me and when my eyes uncrossed, I realized that we were not done! Uncle Ron had removed his shorts and was aiming his cock threateningly at my still quivering pussy. I moaned and closed my eyes and a second later, I felt his cock begin to enter me. I was soaked like never before¸ but Uncle Ron fed his monster into me slowly and I found my body trying to speed him up. After what seemed like forever, I felt him hit rock bottom and felt his hard body rub against my clit. The feeling was out of this world and I arched my back and screamed. My eyes flew open but I don’t remember seeing anything.
He just held his cock there, deep within me as the shock waves of another orgasm ripped through my sex. I felt his mouth come down and his lips sucked my right nipple into his mouth. The distraction brought my quivering to a slow end and that was when he began. Slowly at first and then building both in tempo and f***e, Uncle Ron pounded his man sized cock deep into me.
I lost count of the number of orgasms I had, but about 15 minutes later he slammed his hips hard and deep into me and moment later, I felt more fluids being f***ed out of me as he grit his teeth and cursed and pounded the floor beside me!!!
After a moment he pushed back off me and then slowly pulled out and just sat there collecting his wits. I moved at first intending to go to the bathroom but then I changed my mind. I spun around and took his now soft cock between my lips and sucked!! His hands immediately grabbed my head and at first I thought he was going to stop me, but after taking a deep breath, he relaxed his grip and let my tongue flicker over his flesh as it began to twitch in my mouth.
I had him almost hard when he pulled me off of his cock and moved to my side so that I was laying on my side and his fingers found my pussy, wet and ready.
About 5 minutes later we were both screaming and cumming like crazed a****ls as we each shot bodily fluids everywhere!!! W e both collapsed into heaps. And after a minute, he said, “Not a bad work out for day one.” We both laughed and I have to confess, I can hardly wait to work out with my Uncle again tomorrow!!!

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8 months ago
not sure why so many down votes. i thought story was hot.
1 year ago
great story I want him as an uncle
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
WOW. That was incredibly HOT. I had a niece I used to fuck when I first got out of the Army until she got married and moved away. A few years later she told him and while I was visiting them, we had a threesome.
3 years ago
very good story. if you cum that much i wouldn't mind fucking you myself
3 years ago
3 years ago
Wow that was so good you got me going i would like to meet your uncle thanks
3 years ago
nice... you have a good story there. I wish I could have taken my niece that way.
3 years ago
Please post comments... It's what makes me....HOT