Looking forward to visiting my FEMALE doctor!!!

When a man turns 45 there are a lot of things he should do.One of those things is go to the doctor and get a thorough medical exam. I had always heard this and since I was newly divorced and new in town I just picked a doctor out of the phone book at random. Then I tried four others before I found one that was accepting new patients!!!

So when I walked into the office and discovered that I had chosen a doctor that was a woman, I almost turned tail and ran, but remembered how difficult it had been to find any doctor so I decided, what the heck.

I filled out the endless questions on the questionnaire and handed it back to the lady behind the glass window and waited. I could just imagine the old hag being like a 70 year-old tough as nails broad who was going to torture me. The girls in the office part were pleasant and kind but I was hoping to get in and get out fast.

Then the lady came to me to usher me back to the exam room. She was a tall blonde with a huge set of tat as that I stared at for a moment too long and had to turn sheepishly away from as I passed through the door down the aisle to the dreaded scales. I stepped up on the scales and as I stepped back off of them I bumped into the nurse who dropped her pen. She knealt down next to me and picked up the pen and as I looked down I had the most beautiful view down her nurses smock of two full round clobbes. Her breasts were gorgeous and I immediately felt my south of the belt friend stirring in my pants.

Now it had been six months since the divorce and two months in a new state. My new job had kept me busy and I hadn’t quite gotten into the rhythm of this town, so… let’s just say it had been a while, and my Johnson was more than willing to show its appreciation for what it saw!!!

She pretended not to notice this time and led me knot a room and took my bl**d pressure and temperature and told me the doctor would be in with me in a few minutes. Now we all know what that means. Especially since I had requested a time near the end of the day. I was going to be sitting in the room for the next 45 minutes with nothing to do. So I began thinking back to the nurse and figured a rub or two on the end of my still swollen knob wasn’t going to hurt anyone.

I was smart enough to not drop my trousers and whatck off, but I was surprised by just how hard and how sensitive I was. I was ready to get down to business in no time at all and had just looked down at my watch to see if I would have enough time to finish when there was a knock at the door and the doctor walked in.

She was tiny and beautiful. She was tiny, probably not even five foot tall, and yet perfectly proportioned. Her jet black shoulder length hari was pulled back at the back of her head and her golden eyes shown in her dark latin face. My first thought was, “Crap, I hope she didn’t see me…” and then it was, “Oh my god, she is beautiful!!!”.

But she was very professional, introduced herself and then looked down my chart, and commented that I looked like I was in good shape. Of course, I sucked in the little gut I had at that and was glad I had begun working out after the divorce to work off the stress. She asked me to open my shirt and I did so and she listened to my heart and then had me pull up the shirt in back so she could listen to me breathe.and all of that was fine.

I wasjust thinking that going to this doctor wasn’t such a bad thing when she had me lay back on the exam table and open my shirt all the way down. That was when I realized that there was just a trace of moisture on the front of my pants from where my pre-cum fluids had made their way to the surface. Like I said, she was all business though and tapped my abdomen, asking if any of the taps hurt. I was fine. She told me to sit up and I started to pull my shirt back together as she turned to a stand in the corner and reached for some gloves.

“Hold on there Mr. Smith, we aren’t done here quite yet.” she said. Without turning around, she continued. “ You need to stand up and drop your pants and underwear, I need to check you for a hernia.”

Now I knew I was busted. For those of you who have never had this joy, a doctor checks for a hernia by sticking a finger into the nut sack of a man and feeling around while he coughs!! I was still semi rigid, and as I pulled my underwear down I did the best I could to clean off his glossy head from any remaining moisture from his earlier tease.

Whe she turned around, there was only a moment’s hesitation, but I knew what I saw. She saw my partial erection and bit her lower lip, looked down at her clip board and then avoided my eyes. As she leaned forward to cup my balls I got a glance down her top and I knew the second I did it I shouldn’t have. She obviously liked to lay out at a pool somewhere because inside here shirt could be seen the perfect tan lines of her swimsuit where here creamy flesh met with her darker tan. The contrast was highly erotic and as my mind raced I realized I almost hadn’t heard her ask me to turn my head and cough.

“Mr. Smith, you are 45 this year so we also need to check your prostate gland as well. Turn around and lean over the table please.” Inwardly I goaned. I am as heterosexual as they come, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like having my ass reamed and with my mind already racing down paths it shouldn’t, this was the last thing that I needed. But I obediently bent over as I heard her putting the lube on a finger.

“Now, there is going to be some pressure. You need to just relax. “ I heard her say as her left hand opened the cleft of my ass and a finger on her right hand began to open me up. She knew what she was doing and I have to admit thinking I just wished she would use that other hand to start stroking me. But all too soon she was done and had left the room to allow me to clean up and get dressed.

Mr. Smith, we have one more test that we need to do in a week. Here is a prescription for a laxative called “Go Litely”. It will make you do everything but go lightly!! No food after midnight the day of the exam and no water after 7:00 a.m. Usually we try to do this exam in the morningin but yours is going to have to be at 5:00, so we will see you then.”

I thought I was going to die. I read the instructions and they were for having a scope run up my out hole right there in her office. It had a special paragraph inserted saying that although the AMA recommened a 12 foot scope that required giving the patient a twilight d**g, she preferred using the shorter scope to keep the patient from having to take the anesthetic. “Great, I am goig to be starved, screwed and on top of it all, made horny as hell by my doctor and not be able to do a thing about it!!” I muttered under my breath as I left the office.

The laxative should have been named, “Go like hell!!” About 30 minutes after I drank the first of three big glasses of the stuff, I made a dash for the toilet and thought that everything I had eaten in the past week was coming out all at once. The rest of the night I made mad dashes to bathroom and drank more of that gritty stuff until by morning I looked like a fountain turned upside down, I was so cleaned out.

In that shape though, there was no going to work, and not being allowed to eat was driving me nuts, so I did something I had rarely done. I turned on the computer and began watching some kinky internet porn. It wasn’t long before I was hard and ready to explode, but for some reason, every time I got close to blowing it all, I stopped and did something eles for a while. It was like I wanted to wait for something special, but I wasn’t certain what.

An hour before going to see Dr. Mesa, I took a shower. My stomach and innards had stopped their murderous clenching, and now I was just starving. I washed everything real well and was shaving my face in the shower when I thought, “what the hell,” and carefully trimmed every pubic hair I could find. I even ran the razor over my ass, and my rational was, “I want her to see or not see whatever perfectly so I don’t ever have to do this again!”

The office was nearly empty when I walked in and the same blonde nurse walked me back to a different room. My eyes about went crossed as she turned to indicate a screen behind which I could peel out of my clothes and put on the flimsy paper gown she handed me. As I took the gown I notice her own button down smock had come open and I could see almost everything on her!!! She smiled and walked out of the door and I wanted to cry.

I had been horny all day and denying myself and now there had been real flesh, less than two feet away from me and I was going to explode. As I stripped off my clothes I made a conscious effort of will to not get erect and slipped on the paper gown and sat on the end of the exam table to wait. And wait…. And wait…..

Finally Dr. mesa came in and apologized for the delay. A mother with a c***d that needed a few stitches had come in just a few minutes after I had and she had taken care of the c***d. “Yeah, whatever, let’s just get this over with.” I thought o myself. She had me lie back on the table and turn on my right side and I felt the cold office air on my backside. Just then, the door opened behnd me and in walked nurse Lee, the blonde goddess.

Mr. Smith, if you would raise your hands above your head, Ms. Lee needs to lock them into place so that you don’t reach back and interrupt the exam. We have had some patients injure themselves by grabbing for the scope, and we don’t want you to get hurt.”

Now those words about scared me to death!!! What is this thing like if people are so desperate to stop it that they hurt themselves??? But I complied and with praticed movements, Nurse Lee had both of my wrists firmly encased in large cuffs that were fastened below the head of the bed. I looked up as she adjusted the tension and took away some of my slack and saw that hough she had fixed the top button of her blouse, her magnificent chest was easily viewed as she bent over for me.

There ws the metallic sound of metal being raised down at the foot of the exam table and one of the stirrups that I always thought were used just for women had been raised up. Dr. Mesa has me rest my heel on that and Nurse Lee secured my foot into the metal as well.

I was now more or less spread eagle on my side. I was just thinking I was glad to have at least a little modesty with the paper garment when it slid off of my upper leg and left me completely exposed. I heard a surprised exclamation of “Oh” from the dear doctor which she quickly revered from by saying, “Thank you for shaving, this will make things so much easier.” Nurse Lee, who was wheelingover a cart barely stifled a giggle, and they both returned to a professional demeanor.

Then I felt the doctor slid a lubed finger into my anus and just hold it there. As I said before, my ass is really sensitive and erotic for me, and that combined with the cool air and being in the presence of two beautiful women resulted in something I did not have to look to see. I could feel my rod growing longer and stiffer.

A few minutes later there was the distinct fragrance of strawberries and I felt a second finger slid into my dark passage and I could not help myself. I moaned. Mr. Mesa had the nurse come around and check on me. Now the blouse was almost completely open down the front and she stopped even with my chest and leaned up to feel my arms, effectively dangling her bra straining breasts just inches from my face!!!

Then the procedure began. They fed this huge black rubber scope into my ass for foot after foot and I kept feeling fuller and fuller. Occassionally one of their hands would brush the underside of my balls and hands would rest on my ass or feed more of the strawberry smelling ointment into my ass. All the while, I grew longer and harder.and prayed that they were too attentive with what they were doing in the back to worry about what was going on in front.

About 20 minutes later the scope finally finished it’s slow exit from within me. I had heard comments about wow, that one is large and, the occasional, that one is very wet, but I just ignored it hoping they were talking about what was on the scope. I longed to have use of my hands and run out into the parking lot and beat off, but being the “in control” type of guy I am I just lay there with a raging hardon and bound by three extremities.

“I will be right back.” Dr. Mesa announced, and then said to nurse Lee, “You can begin cleaning him up. I want to check out front first.” With that the door opened and closed and nurse Lee began ushing the cart back around to where I could see her. My jaw dropped and my eyes had to have bugged out of my head. Her smock was completely open and her breasts were pulled out and above the dups of her bra in a most lascivious manner.

“Well Mr. Smith, there are a few things we would like to take care of for you if you don’t mind. It seems you share a passion that Dr. Issie and I enjoy. And with your permission we would like to help you with that fine protrusion of yours in the front.” She just stood there, facing me, just five feet away. I moaned and responded in the affirmative. She laughed at my lust and brought an adjustable stool over to the side of the table.

She sat down and positioned her breasts right in front of my face and began moving them back and forth just within range of my tongue. Her dark areolas puckered and her nipples strained out toward me. The door opened and I heard doctor Isabelle Mesa say in a mocking voice, “I can’t believe you started without me!!! Oh well, I will just have to catch up!!! Oh, the doors are all locked and everyone is gone, so we have the office to ourselves.”

I really didn’t care. I was having the time of my life with Lee’s tits bouncing in and out of my reach. I had no clue what was going on until I felt the good doctors hands on my ass and a soft tongue flickering across my ass!!!

I tried to jump, the sensation was so unexpected and the women laughed. Lee backed away from the table and began to slowly and seductively remove her clothes while behind me the doctor was examining my hairless balls with her tongue and making small bites on the sensitive area between my balls and my ass.

Both women looked and commented upon my nowraging erection, but neither one was touching my cahing rod. Instead the sweet torment continued as my doctor’s tiny hands spread my cheek and her tongue danced across and teased my puckered entrance.

I was nearly in tears with lust at this point, dying for something. Lee came close to the table and stuck two of her fingeres deep into her own private folds of flesh and pulled them out glistening with her juices. She then offered them to my waiting lips and I hungrily licked and sucked at them as a starving man would an offering of meat.

The doctor was now tongue fucking my ass and sending me almost to the very edge of oblivion with carnal desire. A finger and then two opened me up and she continued to probe my clean as a whistle exit. I was so close to coming that I wanted to scream when Lee pulled her fingers from my mouth and instead lifted a long leg up and over my face so that her bare split peach was inches away from my own quivering lips. Slowly she lowered herself closer and closer while isabelle disappeared from me for a moment.

I watched, full of lust as Lee pulled at her nipples and then lowered her woman’s flesh to my waiting tongue. I had been eating for all I was worth when I felt something different. And then the entrance of my ass was f***ed open by something much larger then the doctor’s fingers, more like the scope itself only it wasn’t nearly as long. It was only about a foot long and stropped to her waist!!! I felt her hips against my ass and I wiggled back into her and began to try to meet her thrusts.

I am not certain which of the two had mercy on me, but I felt a hand circle the base of my swollen cock and begin stroking me. It didn’t take long. Lee erupted in a loud orgasm and then I came with a roar that threatened to tear the vocal cords right out of my throat. The good doctor at this point undid my hands and placed them between her thighs where my knowing fingers quickly found what she desired me to have and soon she was lying sprawled across my chest.

I stayed late with the doctor that night. The three of us ordered pizza and finally left the office around midnight after exploring more ways to do more things in a doctor’s office than you can imagine.

That was a year agao, and I can hardly wait for tomorrow, my annual physical is due again!!!
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4 months ago
awesome story
2 years ago
I should be so lucky!
3 years ago
I have to make an a appointment!
3 years ago
5 stars and a hell of lot more if I could
3 years ago
Awesome story. I just had my annual with my female DR and she has the softest hands...
3 years ago
I want the same thing with my Dr. GREAT STORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
3 years ago
i would have my annual every month ...
wow.. crazy stuff,,, wish i was you , i envy what happened to you and how hot they are,, mmmmmmmm
you lucky ole dog
3 years ago
damn i am so hard now