Comforting my s****r....

I could tell my little s****r was frustrated as she hung up the phone.. “That was Jim. He has to take care of closing the store tonight. One of his workers called in sick…Again.” She turned and looked out the window over their back yard. I just watched.

I have always loved watching my s****r. She is 3 years younger than me, and we were always best friends growing up. I taught her how to kiss, when she came home from school upset because one of the boys said she kissed like his grandmother. I had been her e****t to the mall on many occasions, and trust me, she needed one!

She has long blonde hair, big boobs and a face that would have looked perfect in Bavaria, serving up beer to all of the men. Her eyes were big and brown and her nose tiny and just freckled a little. All the way through High School, guys were just about willing to do anything to get a crack at her. And I was her hero, protecting her.

But I did not want to be hero, I wanted her myself.

When she got married between her Junior and Senior year of college, I wished her well, but feared what would happen. Her husband is a work-a-holic. He is a nice enough guy when he isn’t at work, but for the last 23 years, those times have been rare. Over the last 4 years, it had gotten worse.

Jenn, never really talked about it, but I knew about the evenings where she had made plans for them to spend some of the money that he brought home, only to pay the baby-sitter for watching the k**s while she went to the bar alone. Over the last year or so, since I moved back into town, I had gotten to see how lonely she had become, especially now that they were empty nesting, and he still worked all of the time.

Jenn turned partially back toward me and the sunlight streaming through the window drew my eyes toward her. She was wearing a plain white blouse, and thd a silky black skirt that fell to just below her knees, but she might as well been naked. The swell of her large breasts was perfectly silhouetted beneath the shear fabric and the dark outline of her legs was plainly visible as well. What had at first been a longing to comfort my little s****r shifted ever so subtly to a desire to be near her.

I moved across to her and wrapped my arms around her, joining my fingers together over her stomach. I felt her hands come up to lay on mine in an endearing fashion. Her hair smelled so fresh and clean, and then the whiff of expensive, perfume wafted up to me as well. She rested her head back into my shoulder and we moved comfortably together, fitting perfectly.

It may have been an hour it could have been 10 seconds later, time had no meaning as we stood there, silently enjoying the comfort of being with someone that cared. Someone that loved us for who we are. I moved my head slowly to the side and lightly kissed the crown of the back of her head and she gave a small purr of satisfaction.

I glanced down and realized that we had moved a little in our embrace. Now, when I looked down at the side of her face and beyond, the swell of her breasts were easily brought into focus. What was more, at least one button and possibly two of the top buttons had come open, exposing the creamy whites swells of the tops of her breasts. The dark cleavage within the white silk and fancy bra looked so feminine and so perfect. I could breathe in the scent of her perfume now more clearly and as I glanced at her face I could see a peace on her lips that had been long missing.

It didn’t take long before I realized that we were swaying together, as if moving to an unheard ballad. Our bodies still melted together as one, seemed to move of their own volition. I tried to think of anything else, but the swelling in the front of my walking shorts was growing by the minute.

I began to search my mind for things to stop the embarrassing situation from progressing. My s****r needed comfort. I was there for that. The last thing that she needed was the complication of having her own b*****r get all horny and hungry for her. But I could not help it. As if intended exactly for this one purpose, my cock suddenly lodged in the cleft of the top of her ass!! There may have been 4 or more layers of fabric between us at that strategic point, but I knew where it was and there was no denying I was enjoying it as her as moved slowly across my cock!

She then did something completely unexpected. She raised my hand in both of hers and lightly kissed the back of it. It wasn’t so much a kiss as it was an intimate touch. Had I not been so mesmerized, watching the moment, I may not have even felt the soft touch of the two lips brush ever so slightly against my hand.

She then turned my wrist, so my palm was toward her and slowly she kissed each of my finger tips in the most loving fashion I had ever experienced. I was transfixed by the moment, unable to breathe and nearly unable to think. I was barely conscious of the fact that she was changing the motion of her hips from mine, so that now my cock brushed across more of her ass before fitting so perfectly in the dark cleft. My eyes wandered down to her blouse and was again drawn to the beauty of the full, creamy mounds of her mammaries.

It was then that she caught me. I realized that she had kissed my thumb and looked at me, and my gaze had been fixed inside her blouse. I felt the bl**d flush to my cheeks as my mind raced with what to do, what to say. Our eyes locked.

And then she slowly lowered my hand, guiding it, not back to her waist, but inside her blouse! They guided my fingers to cup beneath the bra and to take the weight from the fabric. I knew her breasts were large but seeing one fill and overflow my one hand, and feeling the weight of her breast, even if it was through her bra, was truly magical.

A low moan escaped from someplace deep within her and I bent and gently nibbled the top of her ear. She clutched my hand to her more firmly and pushed back against me with a purpose as my cock once again moved between her ass cheeks.

I was kissing slowly down her ear, across the sensitive flesh, barely touching her flesh and igniting small bonfires of desire and pleasure down the side of her throat.

One of her hands dropped to my pant leg and soon had raised the hem of my pant leg. I felt her lightly drag her nails across my upper thigh, in a manner that sent messages of sexual lust thundering into my brain. She shuddered as my lips touched the angel light hair on the nape of her neck and my tongue just barely parted my own lips to taste the pleasure of her flesh.

She turned to face me and without a word, lifted both of her arms around my shoulders and the back of my neck and our mouths met in earnest passion. Eyes closed, our lips, and our tongues played a delicate ballet of lust and passion with one another. With one hand she held the back of my neck down to her as her other began to feel the weight of my balls. She raised her chin and I trailed a line of kisses and love bites down her throat as my left hand moved behind her and released the catch on her bra. The moan that I heard and felt play through her throat was filled with an a****listic hunger for sex.

She released my balls only to finish the undoing of the buttons on her bra and within second, her blouse dropped to the floor, followed a moment later by her bra. She then turned her attention to taking off my own shirt and my hands used the opportunity to feel the weight of her large full breasts. As my thumb rubbed across the dark pink flesh of her nipple, it immediately stiffened and raised to meet the challenge of my digit. I felt her pull my shirt off of my shoulder and suddenly she leaned forward and sucked hard, nearly biting my own nipple!!

I am not the most experienced lover, and maybe that explains a lot, but I had never had a woman do that before. Not with the hunger, the passion the unabashed lust that Jenn had. I could not differentiate between the pain and the pleasure and then I simply abandoned any desire to recognize the difference and just accepted both!!

It was all feeling so good that I almost did not realize that progress she was making on my shorts until I felt them along with my boxers being worked down over my hips!! As she pushed them down , her mouth worked its way down my torso until my fully rigid cock encountered the underside of her chin.

She knelt before me and looked up at me with upturned eyes. Her brown eyes revealed a bonfire of sexual passion burning deep within her and there was no way in hell I was even going to think of cooling it. With one hand I guided the back of her head toward my now throbbing cock and with the other I lowered the point of it to slide easily between her lips.

The incredible sensations that raced from my cock, burst into my skull and drove every conscious thought into oblivion!! Her velvet lips wrapped warmly around my sensitive flesh and then she sucked me slowly in, until the top of my he filled the back of her throat. Slowly she pulled back and then drew me once again into her. My cock began going deeper into the back of her mouth, opening her throat and then she moaned as I almost filled her with my member and the vibrations rattled the very core of who I am.

Without any word of warning, I pulled out and stepped back, with my head reeling!! I lifted her to her feet, turned her toward the kitchen table and lifted her flimsy black skirt up over her hips. She reached between her legs and grabbed my slippery rod and guided it toward her equally well lubricated slit and with one violent thrust, I was buried balls deep into Jenns hot pussy.

We stood there locked for a moment. I could feel her muscles , deep within her sex, trying to determine the proper grip on the intruding cock and my cock twitched and moved ever so slightly in response, sending its own messages of lust to her brain.

I slowly pulled back so that just the head of my cock was there. I felt her fingers now vigorously rubbing at her own sensitive clit. That was all it took. I began to slam my rod deeply in and out of her steaming sex over and over again. Her juices coated my balls and began to run down my thighs.

Her moans and groans began to turn to louder cries until as I made one last thrust, her cunt clamped down with such ferocity that I felt as if it was turning me inside out as I came in waves, shooting steamy streams deep within her womb.

When the world stopped spinning, she invited me to stay for dinner, and gave me a deep kiss, She then said coyly, “and if you are a good big b*****r, I have a special dessert for you!”
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Great story!!
Thank You for sharing it with us!
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Pretty hot!!
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Wow that was Great!! xx
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Oh .. oh, wow!
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i agree with sometimes...
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One word sums it up, "excellent"