Step Dad Bill (Part 2) Mom and I

Mom came home and dropped the supper on the kitchen table. Bill followed her into her bedroom and they talked. I grabbed a piece of chicken and headed for my room and was there for about two minutes before it hit me like a lightning bolt. Bill was probably telling my Mom about what had happened this morning. Once I went in and got cleaned up, I had headed out to the mall and then met up with some friends and to be honest, I just had not wanted to think about what was going to happen when Mom found out.

I was staring at the computer screen when there was a knock at the door. I turned around and saw Mom coming in. She had changed out of her business attire and was dressed in a red halter and short shorts. Her tan and black hair allowed her to look more my age than hers. She looked serious though and I felt my stomach drop through the chair.

She walked over to my bed and said, "Heather, we need to talk." I thought, "Oh crap and locked my screen and went over to Mom.”I just was talking to Bill, and he said that you might need to talk. He told me about what happened this morning."

I was just staring at the floor. How could I have been so stupid! I was flirting with my new step-dad and one thing led to another and... Shit! What was I going to ever say to Mom. I turned and looked at her and found a half smile on her lips and it caught me off guard.

"It's okay, honey. I told you he is a stud." She smiled at that and I just stared at her just completely perplexed. Then she added, "But Heather, I am angry about one thing." I knew it, here it came. "I really wish you both would have waited until I could be there too!"

With that, Mom reached across and moved a strand of hair from my brow. It was one of those gentle loving moves that said, "I love you," louder than words ever could. "He said that you were quite a woman and made him roar! I told him, 'of course she did! She is my daughter!"

I laughed with Mom, and said, "I'm sorry Mom. I didn't mean for anything to happen. I was just going to tease him by showing him my tits and I fell asl**p and...." Mom put her index finger over my lips, to quiet me and said, "I know dear. He is a sucker for tits, trust me, I know!"

Her hand dropped from my chin to the top of my cami style top and the finger she had touched my lips with now moved with perfectly manicured nails over my soft flesh. She then said, "And to be honest, I am too!!!"

She moved in and our lips met softly, almost not really. She stopped and when I opened my eyes, I looked right into hers. She moved in toward me again and as I moved to kiss her, I found her soft tongue and it teased open my lips and stole my breath. Our kiss lasted forever and yet not a second even passed as time stood still. When she broke the kiss, I was surprised to realize that I had moved my hand to her thigh and hers was now cupping my breast. This time she closed the inch between us and hungrily probed her tongue into my mouth. I relaxed back and found myself lying on my back, with my Mom leaning over me. Her hand was now moving freely over my breast that she had lifted over the top of my camisole and was pulling the nipple out in a fashion that was both rough and exciting.

I tentatively felt the weight of one of her breasts and was surprised by its weight and size compared to my young breasts. Her flesh moved easily under my touch with in her halter.

Mom rasied herself from me and took hold of the bottom of her halter band and raised it up and over her head. Then she leaned back and pulled me toward her. "You can make it all up to me by sucking on me first!" Her voice was low and full of lust in a way I had never heard her speak She guided my mouth to her full breasts that were capped with dark nipples that were already jutting out over half an inch and I latched on.

Now I had never even made out with any of my friends or any other girls before and the thought of sucking on my own mother would never have crossed my mind. But as I felt her tender nipple grow between my lips, I felt my own pussy lips begin to grow moist and full of desire. With my hands I was stretching her other nipple much as she had done to me earlier and the sound of my mother groaning excited me all the more. I wanted my Mom. I wanted all of her. I shifted so I was lying across her and began sucking on her other nipple and felt her slide her thigh between mine.

We were soon drying humping each other's thighs and it felt so damn good. Humping guys thighs early in relationships always left me feeling so unsatisfied. Humping my mother's thigh, while sucking on her massive tits was so much better than making out with any guy had ever been.

Mom suddenly shifted her weight and flipped me onto my back. As we both laughed, she sat up and turned to me and removed my shorts from me, while I removed my top. Mom stepped out of her shorts and then walked around to the other side of my bed and then leaned over me, dangling her tits in my face. I began again to suck on her full breasts and felt the unbelievable sensation of her gently sucking and kissing my nipples. Again, the difference between how boys had handled my breasts and my Mom made love to them was like night and day. The sensations shot feelings of rapture to my brain which in turn sent signals to my pussy to release more and more floods of my wet juice flowing.

As if reading my mind, I felt Mom's fingers move down and open up my soft fleshy lips between my thighs. I stopped sucking for a moment and Mom moved so as to place her breasts on either side of my face and then she playfully swung them back and forth into my face, slapping me with their mass. I couldn't care less. Mom had moved the flesh at the top of my pussy so that it was all gathered around my clit and she was pinching my clit softly through the folds of my own flesh. I had never felt anything like that and before I knew it, I was having the waves of an orgasm crash through my entire body and I buried my scream in Mom's breast meat!!

As the waves of pleasure began to subside, I heard a chuckle from the doorway. "Ladies, once you clean up a little, I just coming up to let you know, I have the top off of the hot tub and drinks on the counter for you both." Bill was standing there naked, filling the doorway. His cock was not fully erect and still looked longer than anything I had ever seen. His hand was moving almost as if by it's own volition over the length of the massive rod.

Mom stood up and looked at Bill, her face was flush. "You bastard, I was going to introduce Heather to the joys of eating a real woman's cunt." she said as she playfully flung one of my pillows at Bill. He just laughed and walked on out of the doorway toward the back of the house.

(Stroke my ego and let me know what you think of this story and I will let you know what happened outside!!)

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9 months ago
Mother and daughter, how I wish.
2 years ago
so far , really interesting , pretty hot!
2 years ago
amazing story it would take much more to fill in lil parts and you would have a book
3 years ago
am hooked
3 years ago
Gotta say something about what happened outside
3 years ago
More i want more.
3 years ago
hot damn lil'lady your just teaseing us please more
3 years ago
Nicely put together. The transition to what mum has to offer was handled smoothly in this section. But I wanted more of the colour, texture, scent of mums clothing as it came of. Wanted more of the experience of taking Bill's hard one up her fanny in Part 1. Tell us what mum feels about what Bill has to share with her and why she gets of on her daughter who tells us the story. Great development of the theme.
3 years ago
3 years ago
That is an awesome story. I am so fucking hard.
3 years ago
I'm sure we're all stroking more than just your ego after reading this. Please continue this hot story. Thanks.
3 years ago
thats a hot story, I want to hear what happens in the hot tub.