Step-Daddy Bill

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Mom met a guy last year right after I left for college and they got married at Christmas. I met him the night before the wedding and I was really surprised. Mom had told me he was the stud of her life, and I had figured he was younger than her, but I could not have been more wrong. Mom is an admin assistant to the CEO of a big company nearby, and at 39 has a killer body, so I assumed he would be about 35 (a very yummy age if you ask me), but he was 44 years old!! He was shaved bald and built like a wall, but I had really hoped to see her with someone my age.

That first meeting came and went as expected. Mom and Bill kept disappearing every few hours and then reappearing with Mom looking a little worse for wear and Bill wearing a smile and everyone else had no doubts about what was going on. That said, when my summer job on campus got cut at the last minute due to budget reductions, I was not overly excited about going home. Afterall, there were not a lot of guys in the small town Mom had moved to that were going to be worth all the work I put in on my body.

I had gotten Mom's good looks. We are both about 5'9", long waists, low hung tits, flat bellies and wide hips. I am a 36 C while Mom is a 38 D, and we each love to wear halters and low cut tops, since we have more space between our shoulders and cleavage than most women. The effect is usually laughable, as guys have to work hard to keep from losing their contact lenses in our cleavage! Mom wears her jet black hair short, but I like to wear mine long and do more things with it. I guess I am still a little girl in that way even at 20!

Well there was one good thing about Bill's house, it had a huge swimming pool! Every morning before Mom takes off to work, she swims laps. Bill only drives to his work in an IT department twice a week. The rest of the time he remotes in from his home office off of their bedroom. That meant that I had a pool for my use every day!!

It was my third day home when I noticed a movement at the window of Bill's office as I got out of the pool. I played it off, at first and then I thought what the hell and before I laid down on the chaise lounge, I took off my top and turned around, pretending to soak up the sun. I could just imagine the old fart sitting in his office, stroking off, and I smiled. In fact, as I felt the sun playing over my body, I realized that the flesh around my clit was tingling and I thought for a moment about really giving Bill a show, but then decided against it. I was probably being enough of a tease as it was.

I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew was I heard a splash and I sat up quickly and realized that Bill must have come out and walked right past me! He was underwater, at first and then surfaced and started to the far end of the pool with strong strokes. I relaxed back and wondered what he thought as he walked past me. I could just imagine the moral struggle he must have had, looking at his step-daughter naked except for a tiny bikini, vulnerable and asl**p. I chuckled as I looked about to make certain he hadn't cum on me or anywhere around me!!

Then, as he approached this end of the pool I noticed something was wrong. I couldn't say exactly what, but as I looked at him swimming I knew that I should be picking up on something. He stopped barely 8 feet away from me, and rested his elbows on the edge of the pool. "sorry to wake you. Sometimes when I get a mental block on a problem, it helps to get away from the computer and do something physical." His eyes looked straight and level at mine. It was a look of total comfort with my appearance. In fact, I almost looked down at myself just to verify that I really was topless!

"That's okay," I said, "I probably should turn over anyway." I sat up and began to stand up when Bill launched himself up out of the pool and I knew immediately what my eyes had been trying to tell me. Bill was not wearing anything!

Now I had expected him to stare, but I just sat there staring. First of all, Bill looked like a wall...a huge, bronzed wall! I found out later he wears a 54 jacket and 36 inch pant waste...and the curve of his muscles above the waist were surpassed what was below!! Now I had seen probably 20 different guys junk, and some of them have been circumcised, some not, some have been long and loose flaccid and other almost stubby. Bill's cock looked obscene. It was huge. It had no hair around it. And the nut sack that it rested on looked like it was carrying a couple of tennis balls! It was almost scary!!!

He walked straight toward me and I started to panic, and then he stepped past me to the table on the other side of me and picked up a towel. As he rubbed it over his head, I got a view of a powerful ass that again, stunned me. It didn't have a single hair on it... nor a tan line. He turned and looked down at me with a wicked grin. "Heather, if you like tan lines, that's fine, but you can drop that sling shot of yours if you'd like." I stuttered, looked down and stood up, facing the pool. I had expected to tease him and I was the one that was completely flustered.

But I was also determined to not be a little girl about this either. So I pushed my bikini over my hips and only bent over as far as I had to in order to get my suit free enough to let gravity pull them down. I wasn't ready or certain I wanted to show my step-dad my pussy.

"Nice ass. Just like your Mom. But as white as that flesh is, you better let me put some sun screen on it or you won't be sitting comfortably anywhere for the next few days." I looked over at him and noticed that his giant member seemed to be awakening and I murmured my thanks as I lowered myself face-down onto the chaise.

I felt his big strong hands on my lower back a minute later. They were well lubricated, with the tanning lotion as they smoothly moved over my flesh. He squeezed my ass cheeks and then said, "Can't ignore this white stripe, now can we?" I turned my head and looked toward him and almost shuddered. His cock was not the most thick I have ever seen, but it was about 1/2 erect and easily an inch longer than any guys cock I had seen before. My step-father rubbed the lotion at that moment over my puckered virgin ass and I moaned.

Bill didn't act like he even heard a thing, but he continued to work the coconut scented cream into the lower part of my ass. "I need a little help here Heather. If you could spread your legs a little I could get you covered a little better. "I didn't care at this point. His cock was rising, and my pussy was starting to get very wet from the heat that was building deep inside my womb. I spread my legs more than was necessary and I heard him chuckle. "That will work nicely, my little girl."

His hands left my skin and I almost protested. Then I heard the lotion squeeze out and a moment later his hands began working the lower curves of my ass and then the soft flesh of my inner thighs. I wanted to lift up my ass and invite his hands to reach beneath me. I needn't have worried about having to invite his touch though. Within a minute, while one of his hands played over my ass cheeks, the other slid beneath me, between my thighs and parted my tender pussy flesh.

I buried my face in my towel and bit down on the cotton in an effort not to cry out in rapture as his fingers probed and teased my flesh. I was making no effort at all to now hid the fact that I want himto continue and I raised and lowered my ass on as my fingers attempted to draw his fingers into me. When I felt his other hand move from my ass, I was disappointed and turned to see what he was doing.

His cock was both beautiful and menacing. He slowly stroked the monster with his hand and I was shocked that there was shaft showing on both sides of his hands, and his hands were huge! I reached back and grabbed the head of his monster and brought him up toward my face. Then I took the head of his dick in my mouth.

His hand slid out of my pussy and as I began sucking and licking on the ridge of his head, I felt a finger opens my sphincter. I tried my best to relax and concentrate on sucking on him. I turned on my side and his finger slid out of my ass, and I was shocked at how the emptiness of it all disappointed me. I began to pump his now iron rod with my hand as I worked his mushroom top head in and out of my mouth. His hands were playing with my breasts and pussy. There was not a place that I had ever had touched and received pleasure from that he did not find, and send me soaring even higher with.

Without a word, Bill leaned down and picked me up. I clung to his huge shoulders and he lowered me down onto his massive prick. With the tanning lube and my own natural lube, I slid down his staff until I thought I could take no more. Then He dropped me another inch! I threw my head back and moans racked my body, as his cock ravaged it. I felt him lift one of my breasts to his mouth and I he then lifted me back up the length of his cock; he sucked my nipple into his mouth and savagely bit on the flesh of my areola! I put both of my arms on his shoulders to rise up higher, and then he slammed me back down.

My head spun as over and over again, he lifted me up and repeatedly impaled me. Each time, as I neared the root of his cock, the skin covering my clit would draw back and at the last moment slam my most sensitive nub into his lower torso. I could hardly breathe and just as I was certain I could take no more, Bill pulled me down one last time and then roared!

His cum shot up into me and immediately began to run out my raw cunt lips and down my thighs. I squeezed and his member would vibrate deep in me and within a couple of these inner most movements I felt the racking waves of orgasmic pleasure pour over me and my own cum washed what was left of my step-father's seed out.

He laid me down and stumbled toward the pool where he turned and dove into the pool. I laughed, and as he surfaced a few yards out, he called to me. "Damn, is your Mom going to be excited to know what a tasty woman she has for a daughter! I bet she will make you cum even harder tonight when she gets home!!"

If you want to hear about what happened that night, let me know... Leave me a comment!!!

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9 months ago
Harder than ever.
2 years ago
That story had me hard as a rock in no time!!!
3 years ago
mmmmmm more
3 years ago
Yea very hot.
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outstanding & yes more
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Very hot
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damn hot story, cant wit to hear more.
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Very Horny i am now!!
Very Horny i am now!!
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Excellent story
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Yep its 03.55 in the uk, iv just finished work and its got my intrest
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not bad kept me intrested 6/10 hope there will be part 2