Reunion with my s****r Lindsey (3 of 3)

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Lindsey and I walked back toward the farm hand in hand. As we walked, she confided that her marriage with James was more of a business relationship anymore. Since she found out that he was incapable of fathering any c***dren, she had looked for a way to spend her time and had stumbled upon an ancillary opportunity to her husband's Lobby and consultation business. She turned and looked up at me and said, "No one makes love inside the beltway. They have sex. It's hard to explain, because everyone is having sex, but I think I have finally figured it out. It's all about power, not love."

I looked at my s****r and I couldn't hide my curiosity. "You mean you are a prostitute? James pimp you out to his clients?"

She laughed and I relaxed. Then she looked at me and asked, "Do you have any idea what a man who has a million constituents’ wants? What a man that is writing decisions that will be scrutinized by scholars and students for decades wants? I have to confess, though I studied politics in college, I never dreamed what they want the most."

"What's that?"

"They want someone else to be in control. For an hour, they want to escape the pressure of keeping staffs of 30 busy and they do not want to have to think about whether they are doing something that is right or not. They want to obey. They want to submit." We walked on in silence for a few yards. I could not begin to get my mind around what she was saying. My s****r was bright, beautiful and sexy as hell, but she was not a prostitute, but what did she do. She stopped and I took a few more steps before turning and looking at her. "Billy, ... I am dominatrix."

Had she put her hand on my forehead and given me a shove, I would have simply fallen flat on my back. I could not have been more stunned. This woman that was my s****r, who had just given me so much pleasure, so selflessly was a cruel, leather wearing, whip bearing domme?! No way! Had I not been staring into her face and seen there not just the sincerity but also her vulnerability, I probably would have laughed it off and gone on. But there was something about her eyes. She was looking for acceptance. She was looking for understanding. From me.

I stepped up to her and gathered her into my arms. She didn't move, either to accept my embrace or reject it. She just stood there and allowed me to hug her. After a few seconds, I released her and stepped back to look at her and I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. "I am so tired, Billy. They are not the only ones that want to be released from their stress. I'd do anything to just be told what I am told."

I pulled her to me and when we broke our embrace, she had dried her tears on my shirt and we began to walk again toward the farm. She said she entertained a few well-known Congressmen for her husband and even disciplined one man who would someday sit on the highest court in the land. But for the most part, the men were all a part of the machine. High placed banking officials and aides to the public faces and names I would recognize. There were even women who just for a few hours wanted to be called whore, bastard, bitch, slut and scum and be f***ed to lick her heals and do so many different unspeakable things.

As we stepped into the farm lot, Lindsey then said to me. "Billy, I am so tired of it all that I just want to escape for a while. That's why the swim in the pond and everything else this evening has been so wonderful. You treated me like I was Lindsey. Not Mistress Susan and not as an obedient wife. Thank you." She turned to me and kissed me on the lips. Unlike before, she kissed me softly, almost romantically, and it took my breathe. I never wanted it to stop. Then she said something I was dreaming she might say. "Billy, I love you. I would do anything for you."

The moment she made her confession about being a dominatrix, my mind had kicked into high gear. What was it about the way that we were raised? My s****r was a dominatrix, and I had always dreamed of taking a woman and making her a slave. Vaguely an idea had crystallized out of these thoughts as if she had spoken a magic incantation and brought it into being. "Hey, Linds, can we check out Dad's workshop? I wanted to see something over there before we packed it in for the night?" She looked at me, and I realized to her it had to seem like an abrupt change of topic, but she shrugged and said, "Sure. I have to take a pee though. I hope the toilet in the back of the shop still works."

We walked in and I flipped on the light and began scanning the walls for what I wanted. Lindsey wandered to the back of the shop and flipped on the light to the small restroom and laughed. "I always loved that poster over his urinal! 'Stand up for equal rights!'" then she shut the door. I quickly gathered a handful of items and unhooked the sliding garage door. When she came out, I called Lindsey over and she looked at me curiously. "What are you up to now, Billy?" she asked.

"You owe me. You humiliated me years ago and now it is time for you to pay me back." Lindsey raised an eyebrow and cocked her head at an angle as if to say, "You have no clue...." I ignored her and continued by saying. "Take your clothes off, every stitch and put them on the work bench now." With that I dropped a length of rope from my hand.

Lindsey looked me in the eye and said very evenly. "Billy, if you do this, if you start this, you damn well better do it right." I stared at her without blinking. She reached up and took hold of the bottom of her tube top and while looking me in the eye, said, "I am going to trust you, don't fail me."

She slowly and carefully placed her clothes on the workbench. My eyes played across her soft, unmarked flesh. She was perfect. Full breasts, wide hips, flat stomach and hard muscles all covered perfectly by her tanned flesh. She hid none of it from me and I carefully watched her every move as she turned and walked before me. Then without a word, she dropped her chin and looked at the floor. "Could you move any slower? My God and you call yourself a professional. You are nothing more than a slut." She began to look up at me and I snapped, "Don't you dare look up at me! You know you are not worthy of looking at me!"

I walked around her and let my fingers lightly move across her skin. It was warm and soft. There was a musky smell about her mixed with the earthy fragrance of the pond. I took her right wrist and tied a loop of clothesline rope around it. Then I did the same with another end of rope. Lindsey was surprised, I could tell, when I stepped in front of her and she realized that her hands were each tied to a separate piece of rope. I then led her to garage door and climbed the step ladder leaning just to the left of it. There were all sorts of places about 9 feet up on the wall to hook things to, and I chose one and pulled my s****r's arm up and tied it up, though she had a lot of slack in the arm. I then moved the ladder to the far end of the door and where the pulley attached to the door, I tied the other end of the other rope, again leaving a good little slack.

I got down off of the ladder and put it back in its normal storage spot. At this point, I caught Lindsey looking at me and I could tell she thought I had screwed up. Then I moved to the end of the door and began opening the door! Lindsey's head whipped up and looked at me and said, "Billy, you can't! I'm naked! You..."

"Did I tell you that you could speak? That little outburst from you, who should know better, is going to cost you dearly!" I continued moving the door until it was completely open and Lindsey's arms were both now stretched out wide above her head. She was looking into the shop and looking out beyond her, I realized that night had fallen fully across the farm. The cool night air came in and Lindsey's nipples began to lengthen as they crowned her now lifted breasts. I moved under the rope and came up behind her and reached around and cupped her breasts.

Leaning near her left ear I whispered, "I am in control and you will obey me and you will like it!" I then kissed her lobe and began biting and licking at the smooth flesh of her neck, sending all kinds of shudders through her body. "That's it my slut s****r. I want you to show to the whole world, what a sex-starved slut you are. I want them to see the cheerleading whore I grew up with." I then licked from her shoulder up to just behind her ear and she groaned.

Stepping back into the shop, I got two more cords and soon pulled her legs apart until she was balanced between hanging by her arms and standing on the balls of her feet. I then got a half a Clorox jug and walked back toward my s****r. She didn't have to see what was in it. Our other had kept her spring loaded clothes pins in that container all of our lives. Lindsey’s eyes raced back and forth from my eyes to the bucket and back, but she didn't say a thing and neither did I. I stopped right in front of her and with my free hand, brought her mouth to mine and kissed her fiercely. Then I lifted her chin with the heel of my hand and licked from the hollow at the base of her throat up to her chin, sending yet another wave of shudders through her body. I pushed her back and the ropes held her as she fought for her balance and I stepped between the ropes so I was behind her.

From behind, I moved up tight against her body and with one hand began to crudely cup and squeeze her breast; the other went against her flat lower belly and began to pull on the hairs of her landing patch pubes. When I sucked on one side of her neck and then the others or nipped at her shoulders, she would jerk one way and then the other but the ropes held firm. My fingers found the flesh of her sex moist and warm, but in mock disgust I said to her. "You are much to dry for a slut! Let's see how we can get some more bl**d to flow down there."

And then I laid down on the ground so I was looking up at my s****r's open sex and I reached for the first clothes pin!

Lindsey had the type of pussy lips you see on porn stars. They were very pronounced and darker than the surrounding flesh. Looking up at them I could feel my cock rising and I only hoped that I had the control to see through my whole, still evolving plan. I pulled on the sensitive flesh of her pussy and starting nearest the anus, began attaching four pairs of clothespins to her beautiful pussy lips that pulled back now to reveal pink, perfect flesh inside, glistening with dew that was beginning to run down the inside of her thighs. I wanted to sit up and taste my own s****r's sweet sex, but I resisted.

Instead, I sat up behind her, removed my own pants and stood behind her once again. Now my unfettered cock found the waiting cleft of her ass and I heard her whimper, "Not my ass, Billy. Not without a condom." I stepped back and slapped first one of her ass cheeks and then the other. "You do not tell me what to do or what not to do! You belong to me and I will use you as I want." I said. Then I moved in back tight against her. My cock felt so good nestled in the cleft of her ass and I wanted to fuck her ass, but I knew she was right and I didn't have a condom with me so that was not going to work.

Then a memory filled my mind. My s****r had always squirmed so when I tickled her. And so the torment began. I slowly dragged finger tips across her arm pits and she jumped. I tickled the stretched flesh of her inner forearms and she wriggled back against me. I explored her body slowly, gently, awakening every nerve ending in her skin in a way I found out later, she had never considered. Soon she was shoving her ass back into my cock, the cheeks of her ass grasping and pulling at my cock, begging for it.

Occasionally, my hand would slide down to flick one set of clothes pins or the others and Lindsey would groan. It was getting to the point where it was clear she was not going to be able to take much more and so I moved around to the front of her and put a clothespin on each of her now rock hard nipples. She threw her head back as I released the second one and let out an a****listic cry and shuddered, almost as if having an orgasm!

That was it. That was all I could take. So I went to the ladder and untied one of her arms and then the other and told her not to move. When I put the ladder back I moved to within inches of her and I said to her, as we looked into each other's eyes, "Okay, remove one of the clothespins from your cunt." Her eyes flew open and she started to protest and I stopped her saying, "You will do it, or I will tie you back up and leave you here until morning."

She slowly moved her hand between her thighs and undid a single clothes pin. She moaned and bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. The pain of the pressure caused by the clip was replaced by the flood of new bl**d moving into the sensitive flesh and sent all kinds of other sensations to her brain. "Now hand the clip to me." She did as I commanded. I raised the clip up to our noses and enhaled the scent of her juices. "Clean it with your tongue." I commanded and her pink tongue obediently and hungrily snaked out and licked the wood clean. Seven more times, we repeated the process and with each my s****r shuddered more and moaned louder.

It was so intoxicating I didn't see the headlights. I didn't hear the crunch of the approaching car tires. It wasn't until the headlights turned toward us and a red and blue strobe began to shatter the night that I realized that we had company. Lindsey yelled, "Oh God, Billy get me down now!" but before I could do anything a voice came from the car's speaker. "Don't move."

I looked up and saw stars filling the night sky and I cursed at not thinking about the fact that in the country, an open door at a home that was supposed to be vacant would have drawn an inquisitive cop like a moth to a flame. The flashing lights suddenly turned off, and the driver's door to the patrol car opened. "Bill, is that you? What the hell are you doing here, and who is that?"

The voice was familiar, but the silhouette of the man did not fit and the years had changed the voice just enough. "It's me, Randy West," came the voice and I about laughed out loud. Randy had been one of Lindsey's main beau's back in our school days, and about 100 pounds of doughnuts ago, by the looks of things. "What the hell are you doing, and who is that?"

"Game on," I thought to myself even as I heard Lindsey saying, "Billy don't you dare! Billy, I will kill you!"

"Randy, you remember Lindsey don't you? She was always a pain in the ass and I figured I would just teach her one last time that at the end of the night, the prom queen still owes her status to geeks and jocks, but I'm not a jock.... Care to fill that role?" Randy was now about three feet from me, but he wasn't sticking his hand out to shake my hand, understandably since I was naked from the waist down. "Step around here, officer Long and say hello to my s****r and I believe the girl who got away from you."

Randy stepped to Lindsey's side and said, "Lindsey, are you okay? Is this....? Is he doing this to you...? Are you okay with this?" he stammered. Lindsey looked at Randy and then at me. I winked at her and she closed her eyes and an evil grin spread across her face.

"Randy, I'm glad you showed up. My b*****r here is a dick, but he only has one between his thighs and I was really wanting one for each hand." She looked at him and smiled and continued by saying, "But maybe we should turn the lights out first."

Randy was looking at Lindsey like a cross between a man looking at a gallon of water who was in the desert and a man about to go to the electric chair! His gun was in its holster, but he was packing heat and it was pointing straight at my s****r. I kicked the block of wood that I had wedged into the bottom of the door and pulled it partially closed, allowing Lindsey to move her legs. She started to turn unsteadily toward Randy and her legs began to give way. Randy moved quickly to her and she was leaning her naked body into him heavily. I smiled to myself and wondered how much of that was a real collapse and how much was calculated. I reached to the side of the doorway and flipped the light off.

The dark of the country enveloped us, but as my eyes adjusted I saw that my s****r had already applied a lip lock on the officer and his hands were carefully checking her flesh for hidden weapons. As I stepped toward them, my s****r slid down Randy's body and within seconds had his fly open and his cock in her mouth. As I stepped up to her, Lindsey ran her hand up my leg and grabbed my cock and gave it a tug. It didn't take long. Within minutes, Lindsey had us both, hard as diamonds and just as polished. Her hands were pumping a cock while her mouth accepted the other to suck and pump us closer and closer to the brink. Randy suddenly gave an a****listic grunt and my s****r turned her mouth to my cock and I could feel my own explosion building as my testicles came so tight up into me that I thought I would just split in half. I felt the hot sticky thick cum of Randy spray onto Lindsey's chest and my thighs and Lindsey pulled back and aimed my cock right at the front of Randy's uniform!

Within minutes, Randy was saying that for our own good, we probably needed to move our little party indoors and then climbed back into his cruiser and left. We laughed and locked up the workshop and headed into the house. I started to turn toward my old bedroom when Lindsey caught me by the hand and said, "I think we ought to stay together out here tonight, want to join me for a shower in Mom and Dad's room?" What else could I do???

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6 months ago
romantic in a freaky kinky sort of way. luved it. would like to see more.
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more of these two this is so hot & sexy. the big "D" for both & her clients can cum visit them on the farm.
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great set of stories!
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great story! so riveting and sexy