Reunion with my s****r Lindsey (2 of 3)

Chapter 2

I fell back against the tree and barely noticed the rough bark of the tree against my naked flesh. While watching my 38 year old s****r masturbate outside by our c***dhood swimming hole, I had just learned that she was fantasizing about me! I could hardly catch my breath. She was thinking of me in a sexual way! And for all of these years, I thought I was the only one who was wired this way. I never dared to think, especially after that one day, that she might think of me (or anyone for that matter) in a sexual way!

When I looked back around the tree, I saw her walk into the water up to about mid thigh and then execute a perfect dive into the water. Her body seemed to glow in the dimming evening light. When she emerged a moment later, I was surprised first to see how far she had gone underwater and then at just how close she was to this side of the water hole.

CLOSE?!! Shit!! It struck me for the first time since I had found her swimming naked that once she got out of the creek on this side to retrieve her clothes there was no place for me to hide! The field was wide open with corn barely chest high for almost a mile. The tree I was hiding behind stood on the teetering brink of falling into the creek and there simply wasn't any way I was diving naked into any of the weedy and poison ivy filled hedges that grew along the creek. I stood there completely paralyzed, cock in hand, not a stitch on as I realized that I was seconds from my s****r seeing me.

My cock wilted.

Then the most unexpected thing in my life occured. Lindsey called out to me in a deeper voice than normal, a voice relaxed from her recent release, "So little b*****r, did Billy enjoy his show? Did you get off like you used to sitting in the tree outside my window when we were k**s?" I stepped around the tree and looked at this goddess of a woman, my s****r, bronzed and gleaming with the water running down her taut body. I was stunned. The thoughts raced through my mind. "She knew I was watching!" "She knew I was watching back then!" “She looks incredible!" "God, what am I doing?! Does she hate me?" "Was she really thinking about me a few minutes, ago?" My mind was racing so many different directions that it took me a moment to realize that she was standing there naked, just six or so feet from me...and I was naked, holding my now only half erect dick.

She laughed, "The look on your face is priceless!!" Then she took the two or three steps over to me and hugged me. It took me only a moment to regain my wits enough to hug her back, but I was still stunned and thinking mainly, "What the hell is going on here?" She laughed and said, "I saw you almost the minute you walked out of the house I waved to you a couple of times, but you didn't seem to see me and when I realized you were coming here anyway, I thought I'd give you a little show! I hope you didn't mind." She laughed and held me out away from her and looked me up and down like an aunt my look at her nephew at a f****y reunion when she hadn't seen them in years. "You are a lot more of a man than I remember you being my Junior and Senior years in school!"

"You knew back then?" I blurted out.

Lindsey laughed, "Of course! How could I not? You walked around the house with a boner for an hour every time I changed bras and locked yourself in the bathroom forever every time I would sit on my bed and pull my undies to the side! You were so good for my ego, Billy!" She smiled and leaned up and kissed me on the forehead. "Without you and your adoration, I would not have had the confidence to make nearly every man I have ever wanted, drop their pants just for me!"

"But you yelled at me and called me a pervert!" I blurted out, completely confused by her revelations.

"Yeah, of course I did!! I couldn't have you poking around in my room. What if you had found my birth control pills or my vibrator? You would have either told Mom and Dad or used them to blackmail me. I couldn't let that happen so, yeah, I screamed and then when you ran off, I told Mom and Dad to not make a big deal out of it, you had just surprised me. So they let it slide and I had hoped that I would get to continue showing off for you, but you never showed any interest after that."

"You got that right. I'm not certain my cock crawled out of body again for weeks, I was so humiliated." I confessed and then we both laughed. She then lowered her gaze down my thin frame, across my tight abs to my manhood.

"Well it looks like he has come out today, and judging by that string of goo hanging down from the tip, I'd guess he has come out to play!" and with that her eyes came up to mine and her hand circled the base of my cock and firmly squeezed, as she leaned into me and we kissed.

Her mouth opened, and her tongue greeted mine playfully and then withdrew, coaxing mine to follow. Her breath was hot and passionate and as we kissed my hands began to explore her soft curves, delighting at every turn. The flex of her ass, the wet hair at the back of her head. Her breast pressed into my chest. Her inner thigh brushing against the outside of my thigh and then the back of her calf crossing the back of mine. It so good and with each tug of her small hand on my cock, I could feel him springing to life again.

I leaned down and began kissing her neck, her long, delicate throat, and she moaned and then moved to nip at my earlobe. When I traced my tongue across her shoulder then back in across her collar bone, I felt the goose flesh rise on her arms and neck and I smiled. I felt her release my cock and begin to weigh my balls and roll them in the palm of her hand. Her other hand slapped solidly across the naked flesh of my ass as my hands became filled with the glorious mounds of her breasts.

When we were young, the tight brown nipples had sat proudly and pertly at attention begging for attention that I longed to give. Now, they fell at the end of heavy, full woman breasts that had suckled two c***dren. But to be honest, I think they were even better now than I had imagined them being then. With each touch of my tongue, each suck of my lips, the nipples tightened and new bumps and puckers appeared. She moaned and cooed thinks like "Oh God, that's it! Suck my tits! Take your time that feels so good." My hands lifted and squeezed the full flesh and I used my thumb to assist in moving the bl**d that was deep in the flesh toward the nipples, causing them to get harder and fuller and more sensitive with every passing minute. It was boob man's paradise, as I moved from one glorious breast to the other and even took both nipples into my mouth at once for a bit, a move that brought about the comment, "Oh Billy, suck those girls, oh my god don't ever stop."

It was she that broke this action as she stepped back and then knelt to the ground in front of me and took inventory of my cock. Years ago, I learned that running after swimming was brutal on the f****y jewels if they stayed wet, and the thing that kept them wet the most was a pubic bush. Since that time I have kept my package clean shaven and I don't think that Lindsey had ever seen a naked man's meat. She held the tip of my cock before her face and slowly looked at it from every angle. Then she slid her hand down so that the heel of her hand was touching my scrotum and her fingers formed V on either side of my cock. Then she leaned in and stuck out her pink tongue and began to slowly trace a vein on the bottom of my cock up to just under the rim of my head. It was an incredible feeling made all the more intense when I looked down at her and saw she was watching my face, with her eyes turned all the way up at me in the most seductive of ways! Her tongue moved a little to the left and then a little to the right, tracing the full mushroom cap of my head, but it always returned to that incredibly sensitive quarter inch of flesh, at the center, causing my own eyes to roll back as I grabbed hand holds of her hair for balance.

It was at this moment that she began to stroke my cock with her fingers in this V. I had never had any woman do this to me before and at first, I thought, "what is she doing?" but after a couple of strokes, I realized she was building my cock up! It was amazing but I could feel the bl**d from every part of my body being drawn straight to my cock by her fingers as her mouth teased my straining member. By now the pre cum was flowing and I felt her trail her tongue up to the slit at the tip and lap at the fresh offerings to my goddess! She smacked her lips and said, "Billy, you taste real good, I think I might have to have some of this." And with that, she popped my head into her mouth.

Now I was in heaven. Lindsey knew how to suck cock like a champ. She spent a lot of time at first; just polishing my knob, but then she began to steadily fuck my cock with her mouth. At first it was only a quarter of my rod and then a third and then half, sliding in and out of her red lips. I could see her reaching between her legs and rubbing vigorously and that just had me going even crazier.

Suddenly she squeezed the base of my cock painfully hard and then thrust herself so that I wound up with my aching to blow cock head was lodged deep in her throat. Her throat gripped at my cock and her tongue seemed to beg for me to shoot, but her hand kept me from blowing my load as each mind blowing second slipped by and my mental grip on reality was shredded. I was almost to the point of screaming when she pulled me back out and coughed. She didn't release me and I wanted, no I needed release so badly. "I have never had a head that large in my throat before," she gasped. "I got to have you in my cunt. Can you hold on long enough?"

I was not certain I wouldn't cum right then if she released me but I must have said something that convinced her that I could because she did let go of me and laid on her back.

Usually, I eat a pussy before I stick anything in, but there was no waiting this time, I got between her legs and she pulled the folds of her flesh wide open. I didn't risk going slowly; I just lined it up and slammed myself fully into her. Lindsey let out a scream and every muscle in her core clamped down on me like a vice. There was no pulling out or even back at this point. For a moment we were locked in a love knot. Then her hand slid between our bodies and she began to vigorously rub her clit. She eased her muscles just enough to allow me to pull back and I slowly thrust in and out of her, barely maintaining my control. Then she lifted a breast toward me and said, "Suck it Billy. Suck on my big momma tits!" And I knealt and no more than took a couple of good deep sucks on it before I felt the first waves of an orgasm ripple through her pussy and I slammed my cock deep into her.

We both came hard. I tried a couple of times to pull back to thrust again and each time the sensations for us both were incredible! I just kept feeling my cock shoot more and more stuff deep inside of Lindsey and her body shuddering in an oceanic tide of pleasure. Suddenly I felt her squirting our juices out all over our thighs and my nuts. It was the first time I had been with a woman who ejaculated and it caught me off guard, but the orgasms for both of us continued to ebb.

I collapsed on top of her finally and she playfully kegled and I moaned then tried to flex my own cock inside her which caused her to arch her back up. We did that a few times, laughing at each other's reactions and finally I pulled out. We both went down into the cool water and rinsed off and then put our clothes on and we walked together back toward the house hand in hand as the sun set.

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Why couldn't i have had a sister like this.
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