Reunion with my s****r Lindsey (1 of 3)

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Chapter 1

My s****r is two years older than I am and all of the way through high school she was it. She was the homecoming queen, football cheerleader and straight A student. You know her. She was the stereotypical blonde, 5'5" 125 pound knockout that had it all going on and all together.

I was a bookworm that hung out in a chair in the front room where no one else hardly ever sat and was president of the chess club and member of the debate team. Mom used to run me out of the house in the summer, not just to get sun, but just because she felt I needed more exercise. I would reluctantly go outside, but even out there I had a favorite place, sitting on a thick branch of the huge maple in the side yard.

Everything back then was built around one thought though. It was all about sitting where I could see Lindsey, especially in her bedroom! I was discreet and hid behind my thick glasses, but inside I had my priorities, and she was at the top of my list. When she came home from cheerleading practice, I would climb the maple, the one she though shielded her room from prying eyes and wait until she would come into the room wrapped up in a towel that would unveil her body.

Lindsey was not just another pretty face, she had a killer body. Her belly was flat and her breasts rose from her chest to contrast to make them look even larger than the B/C cups that I knew them to be. She kept her hair a little more than shoulder length, but where it mattered, the hair was well trimmed and dark. There were times when I would nearly fall out of the tree, stroking my cock and blowing my nuts as I watched her rubbing her lotions into her soft skin. There were other times that I thought she knew I was watching and in my mind I knew she wanted me too.

Then came the day a few weeks before she graduated when she came home to find me coming out of her room. She yelled at me and wanted to know what I had been doing in her room. Then she saw a pair of her white cotton panties with colorful stars of various sizes on them, stuffed in my packet. She yelled for Mom and called me a little pervert. I ran away, knowing that when she picked up the panties she would find the huge glob of wet spunk I had just deposited in them while sitting on her bed. I wanted to die, but when I came home a couple hours later, no one ever said a thing. In fact, the moment was never spoken of and I never intruded on her space again.

That was 20 years ago. She went to college, married a poli-sci major who took her to Washington D.C. to be the trophy wife of a high-priced lobbyist. I went on to college, discovered the joy of being a tri-athlete while getting my degree in computer sciences. I moved to Arizona where I married my own trophy wife. We have rarely seen each other over the past two decades. She and I visit our hometown twice a year. We alternate who makes the trip in for Thanksgiving and the other one goes the next month for Christmas. Occasionally, we have shown up for a day or two in the summer at the same time, but to be honest we have gone our separate ways.

Then she called last January. Dad had installed a generator at the house after last spring's ice storm left them without power for five days. Sometime between that time and this winter, a bird built a nest in the exhaust pipe. When Mom and Dad lost power earlier in the week, they went to bed in a house that had power and heat... and they never woke up.

We were stunned and when we all met at the f****y home in Illinois, there were lots of tears, hugs and sharing of memories. It was strange, but Mom and Dad's death opened deep painful wounds in both of us, and yet seemed to heal us at the same time. Over the last six months it has been a rare three-day period where we haven't spoken on the phone or shared emails. We both discovered that while we were each living our own version of the American dream, it was not all that it had been cracked up to be and while the exterior of our marriages looked idyllic we both felt like we were missing some undefined element of happiness.

Our parents died with nearly nothing in the bank and owing nearly nothing, so the estate was wrapped up easily enough. We each took a few things but agreed that for the most part, everything they had owned would be sold at auction, house, land, tractor, household goods and farming equipment. A date in August was selected and an auctioneer contacted so we could be settled out before the school year began for either of our families.

As chance would have it though, Terri, my wife and James, Lindsey's husband, both had things come up the week before the auction and it wound up just being the two of us showing up just 7 days before the auction.

There was a lot to do and the humid hot weather was not something that either of us was used to. In fact, Lindsey disappeared for a couple of hours and returned from town with a tube top that I thought to myself certainly would not have looked right as a part of her beltway wardrobe! I also must say, that while it may not have played well in DC, 175 miles from Peoria it looked fantastic!!

After we went into town for dinner, she said she was going to go for a walk and I decided I'd check out the news and see what I had missed in the business world. When she hadn't returned 45 minutes later, I decided I would go see if I could find her.

About a half mile from the house a fairly shallow creek cut across one corner of the farm and I figured that would be a good place to start. But I was shocked when I got to the creek and started toward the one part of the creek where it deepened, to find my s****r's clothes, all folded and laying neatly in the grass.

Those old feelings of lust, wanting to see my own s****r began to flood me. I had long ago rationalized that my feelings toward my s****r were sick and wrong, but now reality was there. I knew she was naked; just on the other side of the bushes, and my cock was getting hard and growing long. My bl**d began to pound through my head like I was finishing a 10k run and my breathing became shallow. There was no way I was going to just go back to the house. No way was I going to just turn away. I had to see her, but.... what then?

I moved to the side of a tree and quietly moved a couple of branches from the bush next to it up just in time to see the two beautiful globes of my s****r's ass break above the water as she began swimming away from me. Yeah, she was 38 now and not 18, but she still looked fabulous. Her boobs had grown to full C-cup size. But even earlier in the day, I had noticed that her fuller, mature hips now made her into a truly sexy woman. Seeing them as they slid under the water, sent my cock rising to full attention and as she surfaced a few seconds later and flipped onto her back, my heart caught in my throat. Her feet found bottom and she stood up in water that was a little less than four feet deep, pulling her hair back from her face and squeezing it out, lifting her perfect full breast into full view as the water cascaded down and over them!!

She looked around suddenly and I backed behind the tree and held my breath. All of the guilt feelings from being caught years ago flooded into me and I wondered for a moment what the hell I was doing. After a few minutes though, I decided I was just being stupid and I carefully peeked back around the side, just in time to see Lindsey as she took the last couple of steps onto the sandy little bar that was on the far side of the creek. She looked like some goddess emerging perfect from the creation. She was bronzed evenly without a single tan line, courtesy no doubt to a tanning bed in their house. Her dark hair, pulled back against her neck only served to emphasize the graceful lines of her neck and how it flowed out to square shoulders beneath which moved two exquisite breasts.

Now I was probably 40 feet away from her. Not exactly the best seat in the house, but it was almost like being there! What details were hard to make out my mind quickly filled in. She knelt down on the sand and examined it, and then I saw her smile. It wasn't a wistful one like when she picked up a piece of pottery that she and Mom used to bake pies in, it was more of lecherous lusty smile that anticipated something long awaited. She shifted her position and was soon lying back against the flood stage bank of the creek and had her legs splayed out right at where I was standing.

Well, I decided what the hell, looked around and not seeing anyone at the farmhouse almost a mile away, I dropped my own shorts and freed my aching cock. I smiled at the sight of the pre-cum mess in the front of my underwear and smeared some of it across the head of my cock before slowly polishing it into my sensitive skin with the palm of my hand. I am 6 foot tall, and still slender, though surgery helped me get rid of the glasses a couple of years ago and training for triathlons had helped me attain an athletic build I would never have dreamed of when I had lived here. There was an added benefit to being in shape. The muscles that helped hold an erection attach to the ab muscles and since my abs were solid, my erections were still strong, hard and probably longer than I had as a teen ager. So as I lifted my hand to my mouth to get more lube for what was ahead, I gave a good little bit of spit, because there was a lot of real estate to keep wet.

Meanwhile, as I glanced back to my s****r, she was getting things wet herself. She was slowly moving her hands over her breasts, circling her small dark areolas with her fingernails and letting her head fall back in shear abandonment as she teased and pleased herself. One hand would clutch one breast while the other would start tugging on the nipple of the other. I could almost catch murmurs of her moans that escaped from her exposed throat. She was in a sensual and relaxed paradise and I was sharing it with her.

I longed to trace the path her one hand blazed as it slowly trailed down her torso to just below her navel. She lifted her head and her breast with the other hand and began to suck on her breast. She made no effort to hide what she was doing. It was perfect. It was innocent.... It was so erotic. I could hear her hum just and coo and occasionally suck. Her mouth and hand so mesmerized me that I almost failed to notice what her other hand was doing.

She raised her knees up and let them fall to the side and I could only imagine how the movement caused her pussy to open. Unfortunately, from this distance, I could just make out that it looked like she was shaven except for a small "landing patch" just at the top of her V. I could see her hand slide down and slowly, subtly begin moving. At first, that was it. It was just her, sucking her breast and the hand slowly searching her nether regions like a lover exploring a new land. My cock longed for more. With its one eye, it wanted to see the pink petals of her inner flesh. It wanted to see the wet drops of nectar collecting in the soft folds of flesh that guarded the entrance to her pleasure core that I had looked at when we were little more than k**s. But instead I slowly stroked my cock, enjoying the sensation of my nuts rising a little with each passing minute.

Her hips were the first sign that things were progressing. She began to slowly rock and then with more urgency as her fingers uncovered each of her most sensitive spots. I could imagine the warm humid air of the evening passing over the sensitive nub of her clit as she pulled back the flesh around it. My own hips moved of their own accord and in time with hers as she stopped sucking on breast and instead pulled tight the flesh of her breast and shook it lightly by the nipple. Her head dropped back with a moan that was now easily heard over the creek. Her hips were rising off of the sand now to meet the imagined thrust of her lover and within a moment I heard her in a muffled scream say, "OH, YES!!! Shit, fuck me hard, Billy!"

I was stunned. In fact, my hand stopped stroking my cock in mid motion. All I could think was, "I'm Billy!" Her husband is James, I am called Bill by most people these days, but to her, I had always been Billy! She was having an orgasm, thinking about me!!!

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