Punished for a trip to the Strip Club

Torrie is one freaky bitch and I love her, but she can sometimes get pissed off and then watch out. Anything goes!!! The other night is a prime example of it.

Seems she found the card/receipt from the Brass Ass in my pants pocket the other day while I was at work. When we were texting that afternoon she asked if I had ever heard of the place and I denied it. Stupid move. But somehow I had it in my mind that maybe she was asking because she wanted to go with me and check it out. She isn't above checking out the competition and has been known to point out a nice rack before my radar picks it up!!! But boy was I wrong.

When I came in the front door, my mind set had me totally misread the situation. She was standing in the doorway to the dining room in a pair of her shortest shorts and a wife-beater tee shirt of mine tied tight. Her bronzed skin and big boobs made that top look awesome and I was certain this was going to be one of helluva night to remember... and it was. Just not the way I was thinking.

Well, I got the instamatic, automatic hard-on that I had been mentally working on day and as she came up to me, I was about half way up the flag pole, when, WHAM. She brought her knee up into my crotch and I fell to the floor in front of her grabbing my nuts and gasping for air! "So you have never been to the Brass Ass before, hmmm? The GPS in the car says you were there Saturday, you lying sack!" she said as she moved behind me.

I opened my eyes just as the hood I sometimes used on her in role playing came over my head. I started to reach up and stop her and she said, "Oh no, my boy. You lied to momma. That cannot and will not go unpunished. Now, when you get done sniveling about your squashed sack of nuts, you need to stand up." I did and I felt her put a choker dog chain over my head and around my neck and without another word, she led me forward into the dining room. I was

fairly certain I was standing at the head of the table when she said simply. "Strip."

It wasn't planned, but it was starting to dawn on me that she was role playing. She was going to dominate me, and was using the strip club visit as the premise for it. At least that was what I was hoping so, I didn't hesitate. I kicked off my shoes, dropped trouser and took off my shirt in record time. Then she pulled the chain across where I knew the table was and she told me, "Now get your ass up on the table and crawl across it." When I hesitated just a

moment, she gave the chain a hard jerk and I got the message and started to crawl across the table.

Now half-way across, I about fell on my face, because I moved my right hand forward and there was no table there, only air, and she laughed as I caught my balance. I figured she had turned the table sideways or something but she said, "Reach out further, you piece of scum." and when I did, I realized she had pulled the table apart to add in the leaves, only; she hadn't put in the leaves. I reached across a good foot gap in the table when she told me to stop.

So here I am, doggie styling it on my dining room table, naked as the day I was born above a gap of a foot on the table. She tells, me to lie down and let my fuck stick hang down below and I got all sorts of images of her sucking my dick from below in the gap and I was quickly recovering from my nut knocking!! I got flat on my belly with my hips over the gap when I felt a strap pass across my back and heard her messing with it and suddenly I heard the zip of the slack strap being pulled through something metal and I was too late to react when I heard the first crank of the come-along pulling the strap tight across my back, fastening me tightly to the table.

Now I didn't put up too much of a fight, I figured I whatever she had in mind coming to me, but I did make her work to catch my hands and tie them to corners of the table legs. Fighting to keep my feet free was futile and she warned me that it would go better if I submitted, so I did, and soon I was trussed up, with the f****y jewels hanging down between the two parts of the table top like some obscene chandelier. And I was getting turned on.

There wasn't anything I could do now. The mask kept me from seeing anything. My hands and feet had me spread eagle and the strap across my back had me completely at her mercy. And my cock liked that thought... My cock is stupid.

She comes to the head of the table and starts saying things like, "So you had to go see some tittys, did you? Mine aren't good enough?" Then she starts dragging her big boobs across my arms and smacking them against my head. Now Torrie is short, just under 5 feet in height when in her socks, but she has very full D cups that drive me insane and feeling her rub them over me and me not being able to do a damn thing about it was wild!!! She paused for a

moment and then put my fingers against her flesh and it only took a second for me to figure out that my fingers were touching her pussy, only it didn't have a single hair there!! I turned my head and about broke my neck turning trying get a look at her and she just laughed and pulled back, leaving my fingers grabbing nothing.

"You played, Brandon Stuckey, but now you are going to pay." she said and there was a mean sounding laugh, that sounded a little more edgy and possibly just a little d***k to me. Then her finger nails d**g down my back and I tried in vain to squirm away from them but I couldn't. Over and over, from different directions as she moved around me, she scratched my back and slapped my flesh and there was nothing I could do about it. She walked her way completely around me and didn't spare many areas of my back from her harsh attention. It was incredible and then in mock surprise she cried out, "You disgusting wretch. Your filthy drippings are getting on my floor!"

I heard her moving beneath the table and I was ready for the pay off. I was hard as granite and with my cock being the lowest part of my body; gravity was helping it to stay engorged in a very generous manner. I felt her slap playfully at my cock and she said, "I guess I can understand wanting to look at the parts of the body that belong to the opposite sex, I just can't figure out why you weren't happy with looking at mine..." With that she gave my nuts a firm slap and I groaned.

"You are such a slut," she said, "you even liked that. I know you will like this!" With that she took me in her mouth and began to suck on me, and taking me all the way into her throat. That is one of the many talents of Torrie that I absolutely love and I could feel my nuts rising quickly. And then I felt something like the light nylon of stockings rubbing over my balls and she began to rub it over my cock using whatever it was to give me a light

hand-job. She was crooning all sorts of obscene comments to me and then suddenly I felt the nylons go taught around my package!!! She had lightly wound them around my cock and balls in a figure 8 and now began tightly knotting them around me like a fucking cock cage that f***ed my nuts back out from my body and stretched my cock out from me as well!!

I heard her laughing as I was now squalling and cursing and she came to the head of the table and ripped off my hood. She was naked, and I wanted to cum just seeing her naked beaver at my eye level. She put her foot up on a chair and spread her wet lower lips open and began rubbing herself less than a foot from my face. She would stop every once in a while and stick her fingers in my mouth and I would eagerly suck on her fingers to taste her juices. She called me her little slut toy and then slapped my back hard. "You stupid bastard, you nearly made me forget what I was doing!" she said, and then turned and got something and then showed it to me. It was a 7.5 pound weight from my dumb-bell set. "I was going to make use of this!!"

As she walked around to the side of the table I could not think for the life of me what Torrie was up to and then I felt her tug on that stocking that had my cock locked out at full attention, and the parking brake set on my nuts and I groaned. Sure enough, about a minute later I felt a sharp jerk on the jewels and then I could feel it swinging under the table, pulling knots tighter and my cock and balls lower!! To be honest, it was divine torment, because the silky fabric kept brushing my cock like a woman dragging her across your cock and my mind couldn't decide if the signals being sent to it were pain or pleasure, so I go to choose.. And I loved it!!!

She started slapping my ass now, while standing at my side, calling me a slut and bitch and every other name in the book. Every so often, she would take her foot and kick the weight to keep it swinging or catch it with her toes and my breath would catch because I had no idea at this time whether she was playing or not. So I started asking for forgiveness and she just laughed and said, she had already forgiven me, but I still had some consequences to pay. So much for "forgive and forget!

Once my ass was stinging really good from all of her slaps, she came back up to right in front of my face and stuck a dildo in her pussy, just a few inches from my face. Now being a guy that likes to watch (don't we all), this was just incredible. To see Torrie's bald beaver inches from my face being fucked by a big black rubber dildo had me squirming and begging for favors. I could just see as her eyes closed and she began to cum. She pulled that cock out and frigged her clit hard and fast and suddenly there was a flood of her juices spraying onto my face and the table around my face. "Clean it up....now!" she ordered after she sat down on the chair she had had her foot up on, and I began to try to get every drop of her cum off of the table with my tongue that I could reach!!

She took the dildo and stuffed in my mouth and told me to keep it there, once I had cleaned up everything I could reach with my mouth. She then began moving behind me out of my sight. The first idea of what was going on was when I felt the first drop of candle wax hit my red ass. I clamped down on her dildo and screamed a muffled cry as she randomly splashed candle wax on me and laughed. Now she was mocking and crooning about the "poor little voyeur boy not getting off" My pain and excitement though turned to true fear when I heard her crawl under the table and she passed the candle flame back and forth, cooking my wiener.

I was struggling in earnest now and she just laughed and laughed and finally said, "Well, I guess we can't let this swollen purple fruit down here go to waste. Hold still, and I mean it or I will castrate you like I should have done for going to look at those cunts at the club!" I then felt her guide a very sharp, very small blade to cut the stocking!!! I wanted to jump out of my skin, because I knew she was d***k and pissed and I was sure I was going to end up being nick-named "One hung Low" or something! But I survived that with only a nick or two, but that was only the beginning of my pain!

The second the strangle hold on my junk was released, with it being the lowest part of my body, a HUGE rush of bl**d into and out of my cock set me off in sensations that cannot be described! It was relief one second, burning the next, pain, the feeling was both excruciating and ecstatic at the same time. Torrie had no idea what I was going through. But the next thing I could sense down below was her lips wrapping around my cock.

I am not ashamed to say, I lasted less than a minute at this point and I roared like an elephant and finished crying like a baby as I felt that first my nuts and then every other vital organ within me blew out my piss hole. The world was spinning and her mouth just kept hungrily pulling every drop of me out. When I shuddered my last, she got out from under me and stood where I could watch and then drooled my cum out of her mouth and onto her tits!!

"Protein keeps the girls soft and supple." she mockingly told me and she worked the thick goo all over her. "I'm going to get my shower, you be good while I am gone." she crooned and to be honest, I was glad to just lay there.

When she got out of the shower, she woke me up and released my bonds and told me to get showered and get dressed nicely. I was drained and like a wet noodle. As I got off the table I asked, "Are we going somewhere?" and her response froze me in my tracks. "Why yes, I thought it would be fun to make trip down to the Brass Ass."
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